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Play Epic War 4 Epic War 4 May. 24, 2014
My mouse and keyboard repeater is always ready to take on any epic war series. Seriously, take out the grinding part and the game's quite fun.
Play Pixelo Pixelo May. 21, 2014
I find it ridiculous that I can mark squares that I had already put an X on. Sometimes, I accidentally pressed the keys twice and went over my intended squares. Still, if I've already put an X on it, obviously I know it's already wrong and I would only mark it otherwise by technical mistake.
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight Apr. 29, 2014
While a game of great concept, I noticed a significant amount of bugs. There's this visual bug where a mob spawn but get stuck to the edge; probably because the maximum amount of enemies are reached. Doesn't affect game completion since it doesn't count to the total kill required but still an annoyance. Then there's this one time when a mob became invincible and I'm forced to restart the game. The worst offender tho, is how the game bugged and assumed I defeated the final boss even though he has more than 50% HP left. With that, the level is 'completed' and I earned the badge. It left a bitter aftertaste but I don't feel like challenging the boss anymore what with the lack of better upgrades and all the occasional bugs.
Play Dynetzzle Dynetzzle Jan. 29, 2014
Halfway through, it broke down into a simple matter of matching 'easy' opposite sides and then calculating the rest. For example: 3+4/5+x/6+1 for one cube will instantly tell you that x is 2 without complex spatial thinking, which is even easier when the said x is connected to other cubes and you go on an arithmetic spree. While the game has great art and design and probably works better on touchscreen, it'll be too draining for some to thoroughly enjoy the concept. Unless there's a way to make it less tiresome, it's pretty decent but definitely not a masterpiece.
Play Battalion Commander 2 Battalion Commander 2 Jan. 11, 2014
Lucked through the game and got the hard badge before maxing everything. If possible, never take [Ally] skills unless it's marksman and rocketeer. Same goes for [Fireteam] skills. Play through the game till you're max level, get drilling and keep trying survival till you get several marksman near the beginning of the round. Avoid non-marksman/rocketeer whenever possible, which should be easy with the high % of marksman/rocketeer. Take Napalm Wave for high cd which works well with Energy Shield and go for rocket launchers. As for perks, I did it with Uranium/Napalm/U.A.V/ES perks (haven't unlocked all yet).
Play Deeper Sleep Deeper Sleep Oct. 02, 2013
@Ace Blue Place the Tiger in Cody's bed and end the game. It's some sort of easter egg I think, seems like the clue goes all the way back to the first game.
Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Sep. 11, 2013
My greatest achievement is actually choosing the right option for the final answer; which makes me wonder whether will it actually be Game Over once I answered wrongly. On deeper scrutiny, isn't the Arbiter just being an ass at the end? He claims that Jones is wrong since Socrates found THE answer although he knew that it's false to begin with. Perhaps it's applicable given the circumstances of the argument but he's still an ass nonetheless.
Play One Step Back One Step Back Aug. 07, 2013
I particularly love how the second half of the game incorporates the game's message perfectly. Every 'mistake' you made end up causing you to go an extra mile to retrieve your past selves later on. There's this one level where I jump from a high place to get to the floor below; resulting in an epic coordination to catch my past selves midair twice perfectly. Then there's the music which I find highly appropriate to the theme.
Play Battalion: Ghosts Battalion: Ghosts Aug. 04, 2013
Ended the game with one warmachine and 3 infantry. Thank god I'm only going against an AI.
Play The Bravest Hunter The Bravest Hunter Jul. 19, 2013
In addition to xVindicatorx advice to rank up before getting Lar and Ling, I suggest that you go for Lulu during rank 0, then add in Ling when you're rank 1. Ling in front, MC middle and Lulu at behind. For bosses, either let Ling combo her hit or rest one turn before having Ling combo them. Resting one turn should net you 18 AP which is more than sufficient to down any 2~3k HP boss. All in all, just go for characters with high AP and one with high damage for overkill.
Play Amorphous+ Amorphous+ May. 28, 2013
Special Prize Winner Badge You acquired this badge on Mar. 15, 2010. Hall of Fame Badge You acquired this badge on May. 28, 2013. Finally. Bout time my efforts pay :D.
Play Giants and Dwarves TD Giants and Dwarves TD May. 24, 2013
Most difficult TD Hard Badge I'd ever gone through. I agree that the Hero's pathway and priority can have some tweaking, I lost once because the Hero's so obsessed with the Giants that it let the Minotaur Warlord/Parathief Captain through. Same goes for the towers; I wish I can order them to go for minions first and then only the Giants. If I set it to aim lowest HP, sometimes it'll attack the rear unit while the vanguard continue on unobstructed (particularly in minion-only wave). If I set it to aim the frontmost unit, it'll most probably aim the Giant while those minions under it, yet again, went unscathed. Ideally, I can juggle between lowest HP and frontmost unit but I doubt that's feasible in the heat of the battle. Hopefully the sequel will solve the problem. A fun game nonetheless. Especially the climbing units and unique Giants :D.
Play Exorbis 2 Exorbis 2 May. 04, 2013
Finished all 100 without referring to walkthrough... I've no idea how I did it.
Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash May. 04, 2013
Well, there's no control problem in my case. Perhaps you're rolling and you moved too quickly in the sideways? When you're moving sideways while rolling, it actually stop rolling for a moment so you'll crash into that zombie that require you to roll. A mediocre game though I must admit it is fun after crashing two or three gates and picking up speed. Though getting to that part is quite redundant.
Play Live Puzzle Live Puzzle May. 03, 2013
Tried to challenge myself by not using the preview. Level 9 with the ladybirds is totally brilliant. The fact that (most of the time) both bugs move in the exact same direction practically disrupt the 'system' of the player for a moment. I end up having to rely on the leaf pattern to distinguish between the ladybugs. Great game indeed.
Play Epic War 2 Epic War 2 May. 02, 2013
I can't believe it. I'm so lazy to grind that I download those keyboard/mouse repeater program thingy.
Play Ring Pass Not Ring Pass Not Apr. 29, 2013
Oh, and fk you to everyone who said this game is PURELY luck-based. I spent HOURS wrecking my brain figuring how to win the stage while combo and keeping my Joker. In case permanently losing Joker is unavoidable, TRY to do other combo that yield Blue Bomb. I managed to win the last level solely because I go for a blue bomb in level 29. Never EVER waste Extra Decks bonus when you can sacrifice a Joker and regain it. It's better to earn more extra deck than betting ALL your extra deck for a Joker. It's never going to work, convince yourself that.
Play Ring Pass Not Ring Pass Not Apr. 29, 2013
My advice: go for as many Joker as possible in your first few rounds. In earlier stages with few limiters, I suggest going for the 4 of each colour combo. In later levels with 3~4 limiters, ALWAYS go for limiters that stick together and specific first (e.g. Stella/Luna > Stella/Same Symbol). The trick is to settle the limiter early and place the rest with 4 of each colour/symbol in mind. In case you're stuck in the last piece, 'sacrifice' your joker to win and obtain it back (e.g. You have 3Red/3Blue/4Yellow/4Green. Maybe the last piece is limited to Stella/Lunar; don't bother to deal/extra deck until you get it. Just find a Red/Blue tile, Joker it, and win the game. You'll 'regain' the Joker from the combo and you won't waste extra decks.) In super late game, deal and extra decks until you can go for specific limiter. Keep your Joker/Bomb/Change Symbol/Colour for end game purpose (e.g. to combo or it's the last level). Hope you all understand and good luck in hunting the badge :D.
Play Ring Pass Not Ring Pass Not Apr. 29, 2013
Sand Sorcerer Badge ( easy - 5 points ) You acquired this badge on Jun. 10, 2009. Rings Not Passed Badge ( hard - 30 points ) You acquired this badge on Apr. 29, 2013. Finally! Once I understand how this is SUPPOSED to be played, it became an enjoyable and challenging game. You MUST planned for combo instead of simply winning. I recommend visiting this link to learn the combos: In the first few level, it is important to go for Joker combos, the easiest being 4 of each colour or 4 of each symbol. If by level 10 you don't have at least 2 Joker, redo the entire game. I managed to win by conserving my 2 Joker till the end; the first one lost at level 20+ while the second one lost at level 29.
Play Magnetized Magnetized Apr. 26, 2013
After finishing the game, I wonder as well. What is the 'correct' way to win Level 59? I can't get the block loosen as shown by the youtube guide and I was extremely lucky to have the block move in the correct direction once I release it. I hope Rocky10529 can clarify or at least drop some hint; it's too luck-based as it is now.
Developer response from rocky10529

StephenJM81 quotes: "Shoo, 59 took me a few hundred attempts on its own...finally realized I didn't have to trust luck, take a long circle around that magnet instead of pulling in close, it only takes one rotation for the block to pass and then you just sail on by"