King_Mik's Comments

Game Comments
Play Red Dot Escape 2 Red Dot Escape 2 Nov. 19, 2012
U mad Brah?
Play mutate the labrat mutate the labrat Oct. 20, 2012
ohhh he's sleeping....Wait no.He is DEAD!
Play CS Portable CS Portable Oct. 01, 2012
I Rated My Comment Bad...But i wasn't! Wait...Owhhh It was Bad.
Play CS Portable Beta CS Portable Beta Aug. 08, 2012
There is a Minecart At minecraft it is not drivable but it moves.
Play Strike Force Heroes Strike Force Heroes Aug. 03, 2012
On Level 3.....Who the hell is driving the enemy plane? I was stading on ther miror
Play Zombotron 2 Zombotron 2 Jun. 30, 2012
This would be awsome if there was 2 player. P1 normal with guns P2 melle
Play Feudalism II Feudalism II Jun. 27, 2012
A bug Me and my Expensive Horsse Ran out of the war screen
Play Mutilate-a-doll Mutilate-a-doll Jun. 22, 2012
_ The Underscore button to shoot nailguns
Play Innkeeper Innkeeper Mar. 29, 2012
Why do they Need a Alarm clock When the only stay at morning?
Play Kill the Heroes Kill the Heroes Mar. 29, 2012
Oh looks like i also have a cash bonus when the drones are killed cool! Me:Not even Cool
Play Escape the escape the room game game Escape the escape the room game game Mar. 23, 2012
Behind Poster There is something.
Play Code Monkey Tycoon Code Monkey Tycoon Mar. 23, 2012
Make your character Right-Click and press play
Play Band RPG Band RPG Mar. 22, 2012
I drive around like a Drunk guy? Where are da other people and cops?
Play The Space Game The Space Game Mar. 21, 2012
Need Badgers!! Wait did i say badgers? I mean Badges.With a Badger sign at the middle :D
Play Stick War Stick War Mar. 19, 2012 There you can see the game in progress..Now stop pusing him too hard.
Play Monster Evolution Monster Evolution Mar. 18, 2012
Oh Guns shoot Rockets?
Play Days of Monsters Days of Monsters Mar. 18, 2012
When we die Who took a Photo of the monster?
Play War of the Web War of the Web Mar. 18, 2012
I didn't know ants was so big.
Play Extinct! Are you smarter than a plant? Extinct! Are you smarter than a plant? Mar. 16, 2012
I may not be smarter than a plant! But Im Stronger than it because i step on them everyday muhahaha!
Play Elephant Quest Elephant Quest Mar. 15, 2012
Oh look its a purple flying elephant! Cool! :D