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Play Kick The Critter Kick The Critter Aug. 05, 2014
Don't go hating on the ponies, bro.
Play Legend of Kalevala Legend of Kalevala Dec. 20, 2012
This was a very good game. The story was compelling, and the good ending was worth it. The music, while not always fitting the mood, was always good. However, I can't give it a 5/5. I felt the controls were a little TOO fluid. I seemed to be sliding a lot, and missing jumps (although perhaps it's because of the lag I experience from my terrible computer). Nonetheless, I'd give it at least a 9/10 if I could.
Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 1 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 1 Dec. 02, 2012
A toast to the only series where I can be happy about accidentally erasing my save file!
Play Diamond Hollow II Diamond Hollow II Oct. 08, 2011
It's a good game, but I really didn't like the ending. I figured it would change if I got 100% completion. It didn't, and again I was dissappointed. Could you maybe make an unlockable better ending to motivate completionists?
Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 2 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 2 Jul. 03, 2011
Apocalis20, there is only one developer. FOR EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME. The music, the engine, the graphics, the plot, the dialouge. . .all from one person. Pseudolonewolf is my hero.
Play RPG Shooter: Starwish RPG Shooter: Starwish Jun. 17, 2011
I do not rate casually. In the past I have only found two games (from the same series) worth rating 5/5, and not many 4/5. Most games deserve 3/5. This game deserves 5/5. This is truly a masterpeice.
Play Raider: Episode 1 Raider: Episode 1 Jun. 15, 2011
Congratulations Pseudo! Raider has officially been rated "Platform Hell" by those folks on tvtropes! I believe this puts it above "Nintendo Hard", which is what many people are calling this. (sorry for the jargon, I'm fairly sure pseudo knows what I mean) Nonetheless I am a huge fan. I love your works, and I doubt I will ever find anyone ever worth 5 stars besides you.
Play Level Up! Level Up! May. 20, 2011
For those of you who do not know, there is a sequel in progress. It is working under the title "Gather Up". The creator says so on Newgrounds I think I fist found this on Newgrounds. I wish they'd kept the "heartbreaker" achievement. Something that definitely deserves an "impossible".