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Play Treadmillasaurus Rex Treadmillasaurus Rex Apr. 03, 2014
24647, argh!
Play Idleplex Idleplex Apr. 01, 2014
Man, if there was ever a time for KongBot to step in, it's the gardening.
Play Shadow Era Shadow Era Mar. 28, 2014
Decent game. Though, I have to question the names of some of the cards... Dirk Saber, really?
Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 18, 2014
I have spent significantly more than the entire planet's GDP on snowball cannon upgrades :P.
Play Dude Quest Dude Quest Mar. 02, 2014
Loving the writing.
Play Dude Quest Dude Quest Mar. 02, 2014
Ah, nvm. Took a while, but it's going.
Play Dude Quest Dude Quest Mar. 02, 2014
Doesn't load for me.
Play Wooden Path Wooden Path Feb. 15, 2014, huh? Lucky for Remivision they didn't try to call this Wooden Candy Bridge Saga, that would have been awkward.
Play Phantom Imperial Phantom Imperial Dec. 12, 2013
Gameplay is reasonably fun, but the dialogue reads like it went through Google Translate one too many times :P.
Play Hyperpath Hyperpath Dec. 01, 2013
Tip: the "more ships after last planet" enemy scales with time. I got 2k of them one time!
Play Mobster Roadster Mobster Roadster Nov. 26, 2013
Fun, but in desperate need of proofreading.
Play Steampunk Tower Steampunk Tower Nov. 26, 2013
Fantastic game. 4/5 for lack of fast forward, but all together excellent.
Play Pause Ahead Pause Ahead Nov. 24, 2013
Is there anything more frustrating than missing a jump and ending up paused in a row of spikes? Fantastic game, 5/5
Play Dillo Hills 2 Dillo Hills 2 Sep. 08, 2013
Truly, astonishingly fun. It's like Mario Kart meets... something that would complete the simile.
Developer response from EpicGameAds

How about a little bit of Sonic, a little bit of Tiny Wings, and a little bit of Ecco? Glad you're enjoying it! [-fex]

Play Pre-Civilization: Stone Age Pre-Civilization: Stone Age Sep. 06, 2013
Gah... I got the 15k for the palace literally just as the clock struck done. Very good game!
Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Aug. 30, 2013
Fantastic game, but I keep getting stuck on the whole "how do I convey my argument" thing due to the interface. Still, pretty amazing.
Play Arcane Weapon Arcane Weapon Aug. 21, 2013
VERY fun, but it's also a bit short. The trick is figuring out how many specials your rage production can support. The first two Ancient skills from the top row go a long way.
Play Need Water! Need Water! Aug. 16, 2013
Pretty cool, but it requires a smidge too much precision for me.
Play Where is the Button for Love? Where is the Button for Love? Jul. 11, 2013
Truly odd- I love it! 5/5
Play BloodRealm BloodRealm Jul. 01, 2013
Excellent art and good backstory. The mechanics are pretty good from what I've seen so far, but really, energy? Also, what that guy said: having the art change as cards level up would be really cool.