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Play A Shift in Time A Shift in Time May. 26, 2015
The Past, Present and Future all walk into a game... It was tense.
Play A Shift in Time A Shift in Time May. 25, 2015
Finally a Puzzle platform game that isn't rehashing portal with 'tests' and snarky AIs.
Play Bionic Battle Mutants Bionic Battle Mutants Jan. 24, 2015
Couldn't get past the painfully hand-holdy tutorial.
Developer response from Dietwurst

That's a shame, because it's a very good game after that ;)

Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Oct. 02, 2014
You know you could have saved your self a lot of bother with the number key by just using scientific notation.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 19, 2014
His expression never changes, have you noticed that? That same rictus grin, the same dead stitched on stare as all about him wealth, fine cars, mansions, expensive suits are added. all held up about that fragile grin. Because he knows its all hollow, no family no great causes no joy, he spends all his wealth on acquiring more wealth thinking if he just keeps smiling the next addition to his empire will make him happy... the next... the next...
Developer response from HyperHippoGames

I needed to go stare at a blank wall for a while after reading this. You have a deep understanding of AdVenture Capitalist. I feel like I'm surrounded by lies... Oh! By the way: more stuff is coming soon!

Play Shape Fold 2 Shape Fold 2 Feb. 01, 2014
Way, way too easy. good concept, great execution, no challenge.
Play Idle Farmer Idle Farmer Dec. 23, 2013
as an idle game? Its only problem is it caps out too quickly. Get all 4 fields, get the best 4 crops, upgrade house twice, marry... and essentially the game stops, with no practical alterations.
Developer response from Junjo

Yes, you are right, I didn't calculate it very wel... anyway not so many "practical alterations" out there in other iddle games, didn't it?

Play Don't Fall! Don't Fall! Sep. 03, 2013
Pressing up makes your character decapitate itself. Left to own devices both figures fall to the right biasing things against player 2.
Developer response from Reflextions

I know, that's just the physics though. It's 2 players so it doesn't matter, up is supposed to do that, did you read the rules?

Play Tropical Farm Fun Tropical Farm Fun Mar. 11, 2013
There, is, no actual strategy no actual game play, it snot even the thinnest kind of time management game, because there is absolutely no need to manage time. All you do is plant as many of the most costly crop you can, as often as yu can and buy any upgrade that cash and level allow.
Play Human evolution Human evolution Jan. 07, 2013
Needs a creationist version where you stay exactly still, as a human, at the finish line while nothing changes.
Play From The Black From The Black Jan. 07, 2013
It feels, very cramped, shots and sprites are very large and the arena rather small, claustrophobic.
Play Lost Magic Lost Magic Nov. 12, 2012
Looks interesting, some nice notes, but its too hard to figure out where to go or where promising quests will be. Referencing "The south road" when there's no roads leading south or by that name is just confusing.
Play GARE GARE Jun. 19, 2012
Suggestion: In the upgrade menu, need to have how much cash you have available prominently displayed. Either its not there, or I can't find it.
Play Dragon Oath 2: Fog of War Dragon Oath 2: Fog of War Mar. 19, 2012
Got to love blatantly misleading icons. thats 60 seconds I won't be getting back. Less work scalping thumbnail art, more on coding.
Play Legacy of a Thousand Suns Legacy of a Thousand Suns Feb. 09, 2012
Bug: Constantly looses connection with servers, its not my connection as the rest of the tab, kong chat ect, are fine as are my other tabs and everything else.
Play Know your jewels Know your jewels Dec. 13, 2011
Very short, also the Emerald one is, slightly contraversal as there are several gems or gem quality stones that can hold such a colour.
Play Clash of the Dragons Clash of the Dragons Nov. 23, 2011
Can we loose confusion effects? loosing all control of ones play for big spans gets old and pulls the player clean out of the game.
Developer response from 5thPlanetGames

Thank you for your feedback on this mechanic, we're always looking for ways to make Clash of the Dragons a better game.

Play Doodle God 2 Doodle God 2 Oct. 28, 2011
Would like groups to stay selected after you make a combination, as trying to be methodical becomes cumbersome other wise.
Play Little Cave Hero Little Cave Hero Aug. 12, 2011
Needs an ability to scroll the screen when in mines and not full screening
Play My Flash Intro For  My Website My Flash Intro For My Website Apr. 07, 2011
Very pretty. Nice Music. But, ask your self this. When you go to a flash gaming site, do you want to watch an intro, or do you want to play a flash game? When playing a PC game, do you sit and watch the pregame 'made by whoever, pimping out these other guys' bits or do you want to Play The Game? Every mouse click between my hitting your site, and my playing a game that looked interesting is a second of my life I will not see again. Use this as a pre-loader, trim it down to 30s, but do not bog down the loading of your site by giving a chunk of flash I need to pull down just for visiting.