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Play William the Conqueror William the Conqueror Jan. 15, 2015
Let there be a reason (and give us longer to claim) the save the princess achievement. Maybe instead of awarding gold, we could have a separate scrapbook to see the achievements we got across all games (especially the one(s) gotten after we no longer needed the reward money).
Play Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Nov. 24, 2014
When I leave the burning area, it says "One Year Later...", the guy tells me how to get seeds, sell stuff and not to worry about the debt-I can pay it when I can--I also see the little "quest" hint thing about getting 0/4 seeds. BUT, I can't leave the burning area (and still see the hand pointing in that direction)...when I try leaving through the right side again, I get shoved back to the left. This doesn't happen on the only other site I've seen this on but there, it runs like molasses.
Play Paws Paws Sep. 27, 2014
I wish there was a way to turn off the instructions after you've read them the first time.
Play Play Safe: Use Condoms Play Safe: Use Condoms Apr. 21, 2014
Very informative without being too graphic. Since things like this happen in real life (granted probably not in the middle of town!), I didn't find the idea so gross or shocking (hopefully it stays that tasteful the whole game through). It's nice to see someone trying to help people take responsibility instead of trying to sweep things under the carpet. Good active puzzle idea--took me awhile to get it but interesting gameplay when I figured it out.
Play Farragomate Farragomate Apr. 21, 2014
Like GameL0rd said, if you hit join or create game fast enough (don't click on the error message AT ALL) it will go through. If you wait too long, the error message won't go away even when it does go through.
Play Colors of a Feather Colors of a Feather Apr. 11, 2014
(May Contain Spoilers): @scribblefingers: If you mean Yohann, he is attainable--it's just that the way to get him is rather convoluted. Keep visiting the bookstore till the narrator gives you a choice of whether you'd rather have ice cream. After you make the "love" choice, find your way into the bookstore by walking around town--inside you'll notice something different. (hopefully that's enough clues without spoiling it too much.
Play Colors of a Feather Colors of a Feather Apr. 03, 2014
Some hints for the "outdoors man": after Grigori tells you all the feathers have been found, go to the woods in the morning but ~don't~ talk to Noah (he seems shy/introverted...he'll warm up after seeing you enjoying the outdoors on your own. Not sure if it's necessary to also make friends with his brother but there are some "cute" scenes with them fighting if you go to the park once and "walk around the town" (I think you have to find the fountain you throw coins in (I think it's at night but I could be mistaken--I don't think it's worked by "throwing coins" though)...keep going to the woods and sooner or later you should be able to get Noah's ending--keep going to the park for Ian's. There are quite a few; they're just kind of hidden. I think it's a terrific game if one takes the time to figure it out (which was half the fun!).
Play Gateway II Gateway II Mar. 23, 2014
Love this game but who is the "hero"? He's obviously not her boyfriend--a new shrink perhaps? @RustyDude09: You aren't dialing: look through the telescope twice; once before blinking the lamp and once after--you will see the girl robot calling ~you~. After you answer (pretty sure they make it clear that you answer--think you hear someone breathing), you type in the code.
Play Idle Farmer Idle Farmer Feb. 11, 2014
Instead of totally getting rid of the other girls, it would be nice if we could match-make. The chicken lady and the egg buyer might already be together and/or the chicken lady might be the mayor's wife while the egg buyer would be a bachelor. Depending on which girl we spoke with while dealing exclusively with him maybe would cause them to get married so she'd have something to do with eggs--maybe selling a mayonaise machine or perhaps selling an egg dish that you could give your wife for her to have temporary speed-up in her chores? Perhaps matchmaking one of the girls to the builder could open up a new house and/or she could sell things like curtains--especially if you do decide to let us see the inside of the house. Anyway just some ideas.
Play Idle Farmer Idle Farmer Jan. 30, 2014
Great game, I love it so much; I'm playing it on two sites! One tiny problem: the wheat feed bag amount covers the top left field's water bar; could it be moved under the bar or somewhere that's not in the way?
Play RPG Shooter: Starwish RPG Shooter: Starwish Jan. 23, 2014
I know it's a no brainer but I really rather vote on the ending the character would have, whether normal or special...I feel gypped playing it for the special and not getting to vote on it. *pouts at the developer* wonderful game but rotten non-choice for voting :P
Play Valthirian Arc 2 Valthirian Arc 2 Dec. 26, 2013
"Please read the instruction more carefully (especially the double click part). Its a change in game mechanic." I liked the old mechanic better; I double click as much as I can but the rest of the students won't stop attacking plus even if they do run, the enemies won't give up--especially on small maps. I like the building, seeing the students really interact instead of just looking like bookmarks in the academy, the new storyline quests--but the mechanic of battle was nice the way it was--if it has to be this way, please make the non-active students more responsive and the enemies less determined to chase them to the ends of the map.
Play The Everloom The Everloom Dec. 19, 2013
Poor kitty! I hope the sage's words about there being no endings were true for it as well :'(
Play Legend of the Void 2 Legend of the Void 2 Nov. 09, 2013
Kudos for not changing the classes too much based on gender (read skimpy outfits); very refreshing! I'll play before I rate but that right there nets the game a 4/5 before gameplay is even taken into account!
Play Cyclomaniacs Epic Cyclomaniacs Epic Sep. 30, 2013
Nevermind figured it out; I thought down was just for braking!
Play Cyclomaniacs Epic Cyclomaniacs Epic Sep. 30, 2013
Ho do you finish to the castle? I can't go backwards like they can!
Play Kitty Town Kitty Town Sep. 17, 2013
Good match game but would be better without so much help (matching tiles beginning to blink within seconds of your last match) and warnings (don't forget the timer!).
Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Sep. 11, 2013
For anyone curious, Kant's "curse" was pretty much this: "Not again, please!" Also, I figure "Bambi" wound up in goat heaven having to conclude why it was good to be a cloven hoofed animal with his fawn (we just didn't see her) helping him out. (or something like that :P)
Play Brother Brother Jun. 26, 2013
Loved this game; it's great when someone comes up with innovative puzzle games--it will be perfect once it gets at least one badge, 5/5! @rushingrebel: Since we couldn't hear what they were actually saying, some of the people may have said they'd help find the others but Brother saw how shaky they were after their ordeal and insisted that they go home and rest.
Play Tickle the Turtle Tickle the Turtle Jun. 20, 2013
Nice non-violent spin on the whack-a-mole/gator games. Good job!