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Play You Find Yourself In A Room You Find Yourself In A Room Jan. 16, 2015
I found myself with an award already, but then I found myself playing it again anyway.
Play A Dance of Fire and Ice A Dance of Fire and Ice Dec. 10, 2014
To any newgrounder, these songs will bring back nightmares, to new players, prepare to hear 2-X and 3-X in your sleep. It's interesting to note that new symbols were added to the Kong ver. allowing me to see what's going on and anticipate it rather than memorize. In all honesty, that actually detracted from the fun. Made me feel like I was being hand-held past some of the levels and the game wasn't forcing me to use my memory.
Play Monster Clicker Monster Clicker Nov. 19, 2014
I saved and came back after an hour, my EXP is now stuck at 100% but the exp keeps increasing, but I can't up any stats =/
Play Inferno Legend Inferno Legend Nov. 19, 2014
Started off looking different, ended up being exactly the same as the other so called "MMO" games on here. Just a "Click and Watch" game
Play Hotspot Hotspot Nov. 02, 2014
Level 29.... So close to level 30 ;____;
Play ImmorTall ImmorTall Nov. 02, 2014
Lost the.. father? right away because the dude ran ahead of me and right in front of the guy with the gun. THANKS. YOU SO SMART. Friggin stay behind the giant! I'm trying to save you, you morons. =="
Play Idle Conquest Idle Conquest Nov. 02, 2014
Is our great and might ruler a tsundere?
Play 300 miles to Pigsland 300 miles to Pigsland Oct. 22, 2014
What the hell is wrong with the controls? It doesn't respond sometimes =="
Play Idling to Rule the Gods Idling to Rule the Gods Oct. 14, 2014
Need more cloooooones!!
Play Eien Eien Oct. 13, 2014
Aw man, that last puzzle. So happy I figured that one out.
Play Accelerator Accelerator Sep. 23, 2014
I actually physically ducked o.O that was an interesting experience
Play Ether War Ether War Sep. 08, 2014
This was a really fun game, it's fast paced and I curse whenever I see "the enemy has upgraded" or "the space station is receiving heavy damage". I don't curse unless I feel involved, and this game kept me involved. I also loved chasing down the gold orbs xD
Play Idle Planet Idle Planet Sep. 02, 2014
Can you add the ability to terraform as well? =D It'd be great to raise or lower the height of some areas. REALLY liking the game so far.. I feel like a semi-god, I can wipe population out by raising the humidity to 500% xD
Play The Idle RPG 2:Renicipation The Idle RPG 2:Renicipation Aug. 31, 2014
A telekinetic zombie? Don't they... need a brain for that?
Play The Valley Rule The Valley Rule Jul. 07, 2014
That moment when you've realized that you're missing one more piece even though you know you've already gotten them all and then realize you didn't save right after getting the piece after climbing that infuriating wall...
Play The Valley Rule The Valley Rule Jul. 07, 2014
"Obtained the will to climb" :: climbs wall :: Oh ew what the heck!? What am I!??? Why do I climb like a bug???
Play Decision:Medieval Decision:Medieval May. 21, 2014
Anybody else having sticky key problems?
Play Cerberus: Lord of the Underworld Cerberus: Lord of the Underworld Apr. 30, 2014
Whoooa.. if the stage goes on for too long and then I stare at the static upgrade screen my vision starts shifting up in order to recompensate for the stage shifting down all the time @_@
Play 5 Differences 5 Differences Feb. 25, 2014
Who says People shouldn't be put on leashes?
Play Sentry Knight Sentry Knight Jan. 15, 2014
There is currently no benefit for calling a wave early, nor is there any benefit for getting the medals, change that (even just a small gold bonus will do) and people will have more incentive to complete them all
Developer response from JWolfGames

Calling waves early results in gold the early you call it in. I'm also looking into making it tick your cooldowns down a bit. As for medal benefits, the game is getting Kong Badges tomorrow and one of them has to deal with Medal Completion!