Knite's Comments

Game Comments
Play The Great Siege The Great Siege Apr. 12, 2009
Stupid aming system, pointless to build stuff.
Play Microbe Kombat Microbe Kombat Sep. 25, 2008
its REALLY fun how they swim off screen the entire time so you cant do anything
Play The Last Stand 2 The Last Stand 2 Jul. 18, 2008
Play Ragdoll Cannon 1.5 Ragdoll Cannon 1.5 Jul. 15, 2008
Play Typing Ninja Hunter Typing Ninja Hunter Jul. 11, 2008
one of the most bugged games ever, when you kill the dropping enemies too fast, they will still stand up and run to the temple, taking a way a hand full of health. Also saw at least 6 cases in which CORPSES slided into the temple and took away hp.
Play GemCraft GemCraft Jun. 27, 2008
nice that almost all spells and amulets are blocked here, and you cant do achievements on armorgames
Play IndestructoTank! AE IndestructoTank! AE Jun. 25, 2008
I had a 120 combo and my tank just exploded in mid-air? Yeah GREAT
Play Hedgehog Launch Hedgehog Launch Jun. 24, 2008
A game about suffocating and torturing a hedgehog... oh yeah so fun !.......
Play - Music in Motion - - Music in Motion - Jun. 15, 2008
This has nothing to do with rhythm, just random block falling or forming.
Play Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Jun. 08, 2008
a badge will not make me play a game as bad as this.
Play Brute Wars Brute Wars May. 12, 2008
boring, very very repetative.
Play Chronotron Chronotron May. 09, 2008
unable to finish levels cus this is bugggggerd
Play Doeo Doeo Apr. 22, 2008
terrible. But lol at deus ex reference.
Play Fracture 2 : Infection Fracture 2 : Infection Apr. 09, 2008
MY EYES!!! Terrible ripoff.
Play Newgrounds Rumble Newgrounds Rumble Apr. 08, 2008
Challange 10 is freaking impossible...
Play You Have To Burn The Rope You Have To Burn The Rope Apr. 08, 2008
And why is the main character a mix of a jew and kirby?
Play You Have To Burn The Rope You Have To Burn The Rope Apr. 08, 2008
Complete fail, go be different somewhere else.
Play WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider Apr. 03, 2008
Boring, dull campaign, messy drawings. horrible, HORRIBLE controls.
Play The Fancy Pants Adventures The Fancy Pants Adventures Mar. 21, 2008
Oh why do you torture us with those terrible games.
Play Tactical Assassin Tactical Assassin Mar. 20, 2008
Slow, short, easy and boring.