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Play Tiny Dice Dungeon Tiny Dice Dungeon Oct. 20, 2014
This game has ruined its own potential. 1. Premium Currency Dice parts.... annoying! They can be get ingame?...i play since hours and saw just the starter pack of 10. And premium everywhere... its just annoying. 2. Every Monster and the player have its own set of dices. They can not get the dices of others. 3. I would like to know, what i build. But there is no way to know, so i have to waste dice parts before i know about the dices, which i build. 4. Five slots for a monster collecting game?.... really poor! If player got one slot left and gets more than one monster, just the first one is cought, even if the first one is useless and the second is epic.... oh i forgot.. there is the opportunity to pay premium .. :-/ 5. Low amount of gold during battle. All or nothing. This game is too simple and the battles too long to make this game so grindy.... actually i like grinding and got lot of patience, but this is really boring.
Play Tiny Dice Dungeon Tiny Dice Dungeon Oct. 20, 2014
I found in one of the first areas a monster with 120 HP. It died during battle and after revive it had 15 HP..... GREAT! :-/
Play Pirateers 2 Pirateers 2 Oct. 14, 2014
Somehow the others tend to kill themselves on the coasts.... kills alot of the fun. Worst rount were, when i had no ship except some fisherboats on whole map for the last 2/3 of the day because all made somehow suicie or were abducted by aliens.
Play Loot Heroes Loot Heroes Oct. 08, 2014
Nice game, but one thing: Do you really expect, that we gonna like your sponsor more, when its logo annoys us every minute? I get only one emotion, when i see banner coming out of edges... hate!
Play Pocket Starships Pocket Starships Jun. 21, 2014
Forget the missions. They are wastage of time and valuable ressources. Canceling with solar is not worth it. You get allways the same reward for mission.
Play Pocket Starships Pocket Starships Jun. 19, 2014
Solars = Dollars ;-)
Play Pocket Starships Pocket Starships Jun. 19, 2014
@Captianpineapple: actually you can buy ressources. You can fill up up to 75 % rerquired ressources with solar (real money). But its (of course) not cheap. You pay for the actuall lacking ressources, which have diffrent costs.
Play Pocket Starships Pocket Starships May. 06, 2014
@Kamikaze: Actually the shards have also much extended dominance times. Probably you are the wrong times on. And of course there are at least two sectors, which could be defended easily... IF the people would actually come to defend, when someone calls!
Play Pocket Starships Pocket Starships Apr. 30, 2014
A very solid game. It has some "pay to win" but it is below average. Solar can actually be get in game in a decent amount. Fights are fun and flying is easy. Graphics are great. Translation is... uhm... a bit very poor ;-). Processor consumption is below average. Lag is below average, so that even greater fights are running smoothly (mostly, but other games, which i know, have much more lag). So the game is the best free 2d Spaceship games i ever saw.
Play Pocket Starships Pocket Starships Apr. 19, 2014
A nasty bug causes a loss of solar. I clicked once on buy sparepart, nothing happened. I clicked twice,.... nothing. I clicked a third time.... nothing. I left the menue and entered again and had suddenly 3 of the parts (i wanted one) and less solar. Such things should not happen.
Play Pocket Starships Pocket Starships Apr. 18, 2014
I sent you a ticket for some of the translation mistakes. But i still don't understand, why i can't choose the english version. I understand english almost as good as german.
Play Pocket Starships Pocket Starships Apr. 18, 2014
German translation is (as in most games) crappy. I would prefer an option to choose the english version.
Developer response from Spectaclegames

Hallo, wir wuerden uns freuen wenn du uns die stellen im spiel mitteilen koenntest. am besten als ticket an http://support.spectaclegames.com danke

Play Astrox Astrox Apr. 16, 2014
This game even improved greatly during the last days. I like, that you continue the work with such high motivation!
Play Astrox Astrox Apr. 11, 2014
Had an funny event. I was in the middle of system 17 on the way to station and suddenly the environment became dark and a overhelming fleet of pirates atacked me. I was suddenly in system 35, which was almost at the same place like system 17. Luckily i had already the biggest ship and was able to flee to station for some repairs to be able to kill the most of the fleet. Then i figured out what happened and how to get back to 17.
Play Astrox Astrox Apr. 11, 2014
Nice game. Playing feels good, weapons are good balanced, graphics and map design is great, many stuff and upgrades are available. This is definitly one of the best flashgames of this kind. I suggest to continue work on games like this!!!
Play Pillow City Pillow City Mar. 16, 2014
I dont like it, when suddenly the mission is completed and i have to leave loot behind.
Play Future Pursuit Future Pursuit Mar. 14, 2014
The aim of this game is to hit the other person. Then appears the word "cought" on the screen and the game restarts. Developer should have done some more work to make this game a bit more fun.
Play Bonfire Bonfire Mar. 09, 2014
The CO2 per click does not appear on the bank. I get now 150,000,000 per second and 50,000,000 per click and i can click about 2-3 times per second. But the speed of increasing of the bank is the same, whether i click or not.
Play Free Fred Free Fred Feb. 20, 2014
Reseting the savegames is one of the the most worse things, which developer can do to gamers!
Play Cosmic Clicks Cosmic Clicks Feb. 12, 2014
01:28:09, but i upgraded wrong parts first. Almost entertaining enough to be a full game.
Developer response from Dark_Timmy

Well that is very nice of you to say and thank you! I'm really glad you and others enjoyed the game. It was a blast to make and I had lots of fun. I appreciate the play! Best, -Tim