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Play Astrox Astrox Apr. 16, 2014
This game even improved greatly during the last days. I like, that you continue the work with such high motivation!
Play Astrox Astrox Apr. 11, 2014
Had an funny event. I was in the middle of system 17 on the way to station and suddenly the environment became dark and a overhelming fleet of pirates atacked me. I was suddenly in system 35, which was almost at the same place like system 17. Luckily i had already the biggest ship and was able to flee to station for some repairs to be able to kill the most of the fleet. Then i figured out what happened and how to get back to 17.
Play Astrox Astrox Apr. 11, 2014
Nice game. Playing feels good, weapons are good balanced, graphics and map design is great, many stuff and upgrades are available. This is definitly one of the best flashgames of this kind. I suggest to continue work on games like this!!!
Play Pillow City Pillow City Mar. 16, 2014
I dont like it, when suddenly the mission is completed and i have to leave loot behind.
Play Future Pursuit Future Pursuit Mar. 14, 2014
The aim of this game is to hit the other person. Then appears the word "cought" on the screen and the game restarts. Developer should have done some more work to make this game a bit more fun.
Play Bonfire Bonfire Mar. 09, 2014
The CO2 per click does not appear on the bank. I get now 150,000,000 per second and 50,000,000 per click and i can click about 2-3 times per second. But the speed of increasing of the bank is the same, whether i click or not.
Play Free Fred Free Fred Feb. 20, 2014
Reseting the savegames is one of the the most worse things, which developer can do to gamers!
Play Cosmic Clicks Cosmic Clicks Feb. 12, 2014
01:28:09, but i upgraded wrong parts first. Almost entertaining enough to be a full game.
Developer response from Dark_Timmy

Well that is very nice of you to say and thank you! I'm really glad you and others enjoyed the game. It was a blast to make and I had lots of fun. I appreciate the play! Best, -Tim

Play Sacred Heroes Sacred Heroes Feb. 09, 2014
Great... collecting coins.... again :-/ .... the fu**in coins became annoying since long time ago.
Play Space Flash Arena Space Flash Arena Feb. 05, 2014
Great simple game. Good graphics and control with mouse feels good. You could make more of this game if you add more content.
Play Andromeda5 Andromeda5 Jan. 31, 2014
A pay to win. The most worse thing is, that players cannot see during the beginning how worse it really is. More and more pay with nova options appear during continously gameplay. Hiding these during the beginning makes this not better.
Developer response from xssoftware

Hello, we are still working out the right balance between the options. It is nowhere in our intention for the game to be pay to win.

Play Virtual Defence Virtual Defence Jan. 29, 2014
The curve of hardness is way too steep. I got much free time in first battles, but one level later im in big trouble and just two levels later nothing helps. The towers are too expensive and almost useless. The description of your game and the weapons are very poor. It seems, that you saved some working time right at the finish line. But this is the most important part of game developement. A poor description and bad balance ruin the whole fun.
Play Pocket Fleet Pocket Fleet Nov. 09, 2013
@Odcaf: Oh,... you say im trolling?.... ok, i will make it easy for you. I dont discuss anymore, what i dont like and why i do it (comments are there for such...). And by the way... i dont play this anymore. Bye.... and thanks for "friendly" handling of critics....
Developer response from Odcaf

I'm sorry for the inconvenience that might be caused. We're just trying to understand the problem you've been referring to, but couldn't find it.

Play Pocket Fleet Pocket Fleet Nov. 09, 2013
You say expansion pack ships dont get obsolete. So i describe all facts of exp pack ships related to the Void: # Thunderer has a little bit better turn rate, while shield is much lower. Cannot outrun the void, and withstands enemy just half the time. # Juggernaut has a little more shield and enerrgy, but flies like a brick. Energy gets rarely empty, and a bit more shield is useless, when evading is not possible. Juggernaut can easily be outrunned by void. #Bolt and # Raptor are almost similar to void, but have much less shield. No noticable advantage at all. Less shield is not a reason to want ot have these.... or? I think you thought quite well about, while you made the first series of ships, but you didnt continue this thought while you made the last ships. Sad is, that you even are not able to see, that expansion ships are now obsolete.
Play The Scorpion Box The Scorpion Box Nov. 09, 2013
Nice funny game! 5 of 5 for great idea!
Play Human War Human War Nov. 08, 2013
Whats that? 0 of 5 and flagged!
Play Pocket Fleet Pocket Fleet Nov. 08, 2013
First and second expansion is useful for beginners to have not to wait so long for better ship and weapons. But these loose during later gameplay their value and become outdated. The new ships from last update made the exp pack ships obsolete and useless.
Developer response from Odcaf

All the ships in the expansion packs are rated slightly higher than unlockable ships. They don't get obsolete.

Play Diggy Diggy Nov. 07, 2013
A nice game with interesting rework of a known concept. Only one small flaw: The solar power is just lenghening the game. I dont like such extras, which are made just for this purpose.
Play Corn Pop Corn Pop Nov. 07, 2013
Strange but also a very unique game. 4 of 5 for unique and interesting ideas.
Play Pocket Fleet Pocket Fleet Nov. 07, 2013
A ship with all better stats than every other for just the players with highest score is broken balance. There are no disadvantages on the void/photon, which balance the advantages out. Every old ship had a balancing disadvantage, so that every ship had it place. Now the void/photon makes most other ships obsolete. The few % of higher stats of some other ships are balanced out by high disadvantages. The void/photon has no high disadvantage anymore. Only unexperienced players would choose any other ship. I suggest xou to try a game against hazimius or alladin while all other players have ships and weapons up to level 12. If these players play like they do allways, you will see, what i mean...
Developer response from Odcaf

I really don't understand what you're talking about. Void/Photon are medium armored ships. I really try to answer every question/concern, but in this case I really started to think youre trolling or something dude. :)