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Play Idle Runner Idle Runner Jul. 26, 2015
Also a save function would be really great. xD Was only going at 300m/s, but browser froze and then rebooted on me.
Play Idle Runner Idle Runner Jul. 26, 2015
WARNING: The red octagon symbol pauses the game. The green flag symbol RESETS the game - it DOESN'T unpause. Please change this, dev! :)
Play Infinite Spreadsheets Infinite Spreadsheets Jul. 26, 2015
I'm curious, what's the formula for spreadsheets per xth employee? I'm guessing there is a formula, probably quadratic or cubic in nature? :)
Developer response from Moczan

The formula is being tweaked all the time but the first iteration was based on logarithmic function!

Play Infinite Spreadsheets Infinite Spreadsheets Jul. 24, 2015
Just wondering - Is there a stat anywhere that says how many companies you've had? :)
Play NeuroDriver NeuroDriver Jun. 12, 2015
This is great, but after 164 generations, my drivers are getting pretty good, and I want to start over because I used the track editor and created a piece of rubbish. Is there any way you could add an option to a) delete user-made tracks and/or b) delete everything and start over from Generation 0? I like to play some idle games over and over. :D
Play Business Business Jun. 07, 2015
Max Level: 100,000. Really? *obvious hacker is obvious*
Play Business Business Jun. 07, 2015
Interesting game, pretty good graphics. :) But I've so far spent hours buying a total of just 104 businesses, and yet it's still not saying that I'll have an active credit after reset? The problem with such games is, they always start off so incredibly slowly, but this is not your fault at all. :)
Play JumpingLine JumpingLine Jun. 05, 2015
Well if you want to be really pedantic, Vaatula, this is not a Jumping Line OR a Jumping Ray. A "Line" in geometry is completely infinite in extent, and a "Ray" is a "Half-line", that is, it starts at an endpoint and goes to infinity. This game should be technically called "Jumping Line Segment". (Not so catchy though, eh? :P)
Play Gun Tycoon 2 Gun Tycoon 2 May. 23, 2015
For those who want to know how the mood relates to your selling price: If your maximum possible selling price (without making people angry) is $X, then the maximum selling price for the 4 happier moods are $X/1.5, $X/3, $X/5 and $X/10. The buying speeds are similarly x1, x1.5, x3, x5, and x10. And every advertiser you hire will increase the maximum selling price for each mood by (respectively) $30, $20, $10, $6, and $3. Please +1 if you'd like to help this information be seen. :)
Play Take a Walk Take a Walk Apr. 06, 2015
I've played this again and again, and I can now chill out and pass all three scenes perfectly...but I still can't unlock that 4th special on the bottom row, that requires "passing all 3 scenes without a break". What gives?
Play Time Clickers Time Clickers Apr. 02, 2015
@Dknng28 - try an autoclicker at 100clicks/s. You don't even hear the click pistol firing, it just becomes a steady drone... ;D
Play Swarm Simulator Swarm Simulator Mar. 07, 2015
Once you get past the early game (and the first few ascensions) upgrades come too thick and fast for the mass-buy feature to keep up with. As soon as I click "Buy all 16 upgrades", it does that...and 20 more show up in no seconds flat. I want to get all the upgrades (so I don't turn off notifications at all), but I can't mass-buy them fast enough. Would it be possible for you to include an optional "auto-buy upgrades" function that will automatically buy each upgrade as soon as it becomes available? It would make micromanaging and buying endless tons of upgrades slightly less tedious. :)
Play Swarm Simulator Swarm Simulator Mar. 06, 2015
Could you please add an auto-buy function for upgrades? The mass-upgrade option is great 'n all, but after a certain point, there's just upgrades popping up faster than I can mass-buy them. An option to autobuy all upgrades with the cheapest first would make micromanaging between Swarmwarps *much* easier. :)
Play Star Trek: The Incremental Game Star Trek: The Incremental Game Jan. 19, 2015
I've upgraded functions that I now wish I hadn't wasted money on yet...please add a Hard Reset button. :)
Play Just Click Just Click Jan. 02, 2015
I sem to have a bug...as long as I have at least as many clicks earned as the next upgrade costs, the button to buy a sponsorship will appear as normal but it only ever costs me 50 clicks to buy the sponsorship, not whatever the price actually is. Therefore, I can purchase sponsorships far, far faster than I should be able to.
Play Galactic Clicker Galactic Clicker Dec. 22, 2014
@Soldier825 - nope not yet, even though I've been cheating by moving my computer clock several times, I have yet to reach stage 2 (and if I move it back again at the wrong moment, I lose all my progress to a calculation error producing NaN values). Currently just under 21m PPI gained.
Play Idling to Rule the Gods Idling to Rule the Gods Dec. 18, 2014
You know what I think would be great? If players has the option to turn off the mouseover tooltips. Everytime I try to click a button, a mouseover tooltip pops up and gets in the flippin' way (and they slow down my CPU, too)! Otherwise though, a great little idle game. :)
Developer response from Ryu82

The setting is already there if you go to Other - Settings -> Hide all Tooltips. You can also show them on top instead of near the mouse.

Play My Piggy Bank My Piggy Bank Dec. 07, 2014
At the moment, I have $2.20 deposited and I can deposit $0.20 between each rebirth with a little bit of grinding. Doing lots of maths in Excel, I figured out that to be able to afford to deposit just $0.30 each rebirth, I would have to have already deposited about $1000 in the bank AND then get all coins to level 50 (and the cent to level 75) AND then grind away for about 112 days to afford to deposit all 30 cents in my account. What this shows is that the cost of depositing is way too steep at present!
Play Beyond The Universe Beyond The Universe Dec. 06, 2014
250 yottametre target? Please. I'm now coming up on 1.7 million yottametres...this is officially beyond the universe, and also BEYOND EFFIN' POINTLESS.
Play My Piggy Bank My Piggy Bank Dec. 06, 2014
I'd like to add a comment to the "needs balancing" issue. The problem is, adding a cent to each coin's value rapidly increases the value of a cent, but not anything else. Adding, say, a dollar, increases the cent 101x, but only doubles the dollar's power. Instead, perhaps we should buy "savings bonds" that increase all the coins by a proportion of their own values, say 5%. Then a 1 cent -> 1.05 cents, 1 nickel -> 5.25 cents, 1 dime -> 10.5 cents, 1 quarter -> 26.25 cents, half dollar -> 52.5 cents, $1 -> $1.05. Using simple interest ($1->$1.05->$1.10->$1.15, not compounding the % rate). Then, all the coins would go up proportionately and the 1 cent coin wouldn't come to dominate the gameplay.