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Play Wish Upon a Star Wish Upon a Star May. 26, 2014
The morale of this story is: Don't invest in necromancy, kids.
Play The irRegularGame of Life The irRegularGame of Life Mar. 06, 2014
Glider gun! eNozMCABGBpSV90ooAwYEhfQhlBMhDJiFBKrjlhFxLqPaP8Sa+/AxAaVY42kvDuaMQdV7h0OpSkA+lYsZA==
Play Flappy Bird Flash Flappy Bird Flash Feb. 17, 2014
This game not having a high score list is the biggest oversight on the planet. Of all games, Flappy Bird is the most perfect one to see the people who somehow get scores in the millions, if only to gawk in disbelief and then mutter that they hacked.
Play Sandbox Hero Sandbox Hero Jan. 28, 2014
I must say, I love the weekly Kongpanion thing. I've enjoyed so many great games because of it that I might have never play otherwise.
Play L.I.F.E. L.I.F.E. Dec. 05, 2013
First time through, I got an immortal doctor. Yay.
Play simian.interface simian.interface Nov. 22, 2013
The secret cube level is awesome! Thanks for the hint, SpectralFlame, or I never would have found it.
Play DuckLife 4 DuckLife 4 Nov. 20, 2013
Okay, so I refreshed the page, and now the final boss isn't glitching out anymore. Yay. I can actually finish the game.
Play DuckLife 4 DuckLife 4 Nov. 20, 2013
You know, it's pretty fricking annoying when the final race says "Use the arrow keys to control your duck!" and "Push the up arrow to jump!", then you do the race, you speed past the boss, but at the first jump, you push up and glitch through the floor. So, the final race is impossible. Why can't it just be "Watch your duck race" like every other race in the ENTIRE GAME?
Play DuckLife 4 DuckLife 4 Nov. 20, 2013
Hehe. Doing the Volcano races with level 150 everything is just funny to watch.
Play DuckLife 4 DuckLife 4 Nov. 20, 2013
Did anyone else find the glitch where you could train your stats above level 150? I did, and got most of my stats between level 170-180. The experience bars in the stat screen extended past the black boundaries, which was pretty funny to see. But when I came back to the game today, all of my stats had snapped back to level 150, and now training won't put them any higher. It was pretty funny to have level 200 run, though. :D
Play Bendy Spidey Bendy Spidey Nov. 06, 2013
In my mind, this game quickly went from me controlling Spider Man and swinging him down the streets to trying to stop a very drunk Spider Man from throwing himself off of the tallest building he could find. "Well, it's finally time to end my own miserable life. Here I go- Oh. Guess my webs decided to save my life. Ow. I just slammed into a building." This game should be called Don't Let Bendy Spidy Kill Himself.
Play Space is Key Space is Key Nov. 04, 2013
This was my 2nd time beating this game, but I only got 171 deaths!
Play Live Puzzle 2 Live Puzzle 2 Sep. 19, 2013
Let me take a break to stop the hemorrhaging in my eyes.
Play Live Puzzle 2 Live Puzzle 2 Sep. 19, 2013
Can you imagine how much more vomit and rage inducing this game would be if the pieces weren't oriented correctly and also had to be rotated?
Play A small talk at the back of beyond A small talk at the back of beyond Aug. 26, 2013
That's interesting. I'm not sure if it's intentional, but the name of the Should I Stay Or Should I Go badge is a line from the song Bad Apple. Probably coincidental.
Play Experimental Shooter 2 Experimental Shooter 2 Aug. 13, 2013
Man, that is an extremely well balanced unicycle.
Play Experimental Shooter 2 Experimental Shooter 2 Aug. 13, 2013
The only puzzle-shooter game I've ever seen with an emotional ending. In fact, probably the only puzzle-shooter game I've ever seen. Aside from the first one.
Play Z-Rox Z-Rox Aug. 12, 2013
First game I've ever played that's 1D :) My favorite puzzle game of all time. Fantastic game!
Play CycloManiacs 2 CycloManiacs 2 Aug. 09, 2013
Wait, there's no way to save? I have to beat the entire game in one sitting? I was half way through the game, and now I have to start over!
Play Fig. 8 Fig. 8 Aug. 09, 2013
Rides bike to the left. Oh, cool! Lots of open space to draw with the lines my wheels make! What? The lines disappear after a few seconds! Can't draw anything! Keeps going left. Whoa, a giant egg thing. I can't drive around it. Oh well. Wait, I can ride through these black lines! Awesome! Weeeee- Drives into black dot. Bike crashes. ....What?