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Play Pixelo Pixelo May. 05, 2014
The tutorial is too long and I just don't understand the mouse controls. Too bad.
Play Pixelo Pixelo May. 05, 2014
The tutorial is much too long and I jst d'ont understand the mouse controls. Too bad.
Play Eye-Q Test Eye-Q Test Sep. 15, 2012
The game was fun until the colors became hidden... Having to constantly check them with the cursor sorts of ruins it. Too bad.
Play Photon Baby Photon Baby Jun. 26, 2012
Please allow us to play with the arrow keys. Not everybody has a Qwerty keyboard.
Play Critter Forge Critter Forge Mar. 26, 2011
The instructions at the beginning are waaaaay too long.
Play Choo Choo Puzzles Choo Choo Puzzles Mar. 18, 2011
Thanks for allowing to skip levels!
Play Aliens Kidnapped Betty Aliens Kidnapped Betty Feb. 09, 2011
Please change the music and choose one whose loop is longer than 10 seconds...
Play Harmony Keeper Harmony Keeper Aug. 31, 2010
Please change the font, my eyes hurt when i try to read the numbers and words.
Play Bubble Tanks TD 1.5 Bubble Tanks TD 1.5 Aug. 27, 2010
For Basilica level (hard mode) : try to get 5 sniper towers close to the path, and 2 max damage boosts behind them!
Play snowball construction snowball construction Jan. 15, 2009
301 pounds ! Funny :)
Play A.I A.I Jan. 15, 2009
Good game, I enjoyed it. Improve the graphics and it will be great !
Play Sonar v0.1 Sonar v0.1 Oct. 18, 2008
Moving is cool
Play Scene Designer Scene Designer Oct. 18, 2008
You should add a "save" option. Cool and cute :)
Play My First Maze My First Maze Oct. 18, 2008
It doesn't work.
Play Platformer Advanced 1/8 Platformer Advanced 1/8 Oct. 18, 2008
I've got azerty keyboard so please add arrow keys...
Play Save Poor Guys! Save Poor Guys! Oct. 11, 2008
Change music and add some goals... not bad anyway, 3/5
Play pop corn flicks pop corn flicks Oct. 11, 2008
Looooool, great idea !
Play Bounce Bounce BANG! Bounce Bounce BANG! Oct. 11, 2008
Nice idea and fun game, 4/5.
Play Journey To The Chaos: SanZang Run! Journey To The Chaos: SanZang Run! Sep. 22, 2008
Interesting and original, but quickly annoying because it's always the same thing... 3/5
Play Click Mania Click Mania Aug. 07, 2008
Quite hard, but I love it !