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    May. 18, 2012

n0aX: afraid that you will find yourself staring at your dick?
n0aX: then wonder about other dicks out there
UniversalDK: i mean i use mirrors to shave, etc, but i don’t spend time on it, stare myself down or anything
n0aX: brb breaking the mirrors in the houe
Jenster2010: is that what you do, T/
UniversalDK: so much bad luck >.<
lobakaze3: i do sometimes
n0aX: no jen ofc.
n0aX: I am broadcasting.
n0aX: mirror? pft. so 80s
Jenster2010: n0aX: afraid that you will find yourself staring at your dick?
Krazycat: eww you shave ur pubic hair?
Jenster2010: Jenster2010: is that what you do, T/
Jenster2010: lobakaze3: i do sometimes
UniversalDK: D:
Jenster2010: learned some things about loba today
UniversalDK: loba have dick to stare at
lobakaze3: ?
n0aX: is loba staring at my dick.
Jenster2010: and krazy: shaving is good
cappi7: for girls
Jenster2010: jenna much appreciates it when people groom themselves
n0aX: shaving is good krazy. what are u doing? using beads and doing a jack sparrow cosplay?
Jenster2010: oh god
lobakaze3: >.<
UniversalDK: neat trim for guys tho, don’t want the curlies getting stuck in your fly
Jenster2010: that mental image
cappi7: oh wow
Jenster2010: so many unpleasant images in my head
lobakaze3: boobies
cappi7: this whole thread is a spiral out of control
Jenster2010: ty loba
UniversalDK: speaking of
lobakaze3: grabs boobs
n0aX: some are born lucky
UniversalDK: drifts into daydreams
Jenster2010: and then the room fell silent
lobakaze3: born lucky how?
n0aX: if I were a girl, I would be groping myself all day ı think
Jenster2010: sticks face in cleavage
n0aX: that’s very 32e of you
UniversalDK: xD
Jenster2010: shit, I made that public?
lobakaze3: lol
n0aX: you placed the imagination in my mind already
Jenster2010: changes convo
lobakaze3: grabs booty
cappi7: Jenster2010: sticks face in cleavage
Jenster2010: swiggity swooty.gif
cappi7: haha

Jenster2010: boobs are squisht
Jenster2010: squishy

Jenster2010: aww i miss assoon

Courtesy of Time World chat room #7

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