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Hi, I assume that while you are here you want to learn about the Banana Religion

Listen to the Banana Anthem!!!!!

So, to start off there was nothing but a small Banana, this Banana was to be known as GOLDENBANANA. GOLDEN was lonely as he drifted around in the void so he created the universe but he still felt alone so he created the Earth and filled it with living creatures. These creatures lived in peace and worshiped their mighty creator…For a time…

Soon the people, the animals and the world itself came to hate the Banana God and they rebelled, cutting off all ties to their worship and openly denouncing him. GOLDENBANANA was furious, in his rage he created the Banana Army and attempt to take over the Human realm. The leader of this army, known as The Mighty Banana, was created from the right hand of GOLDENBANANA and was living proof of the sacrifices that the God was prepared to make in order to have Revenge.

The army of Mortals and the army of Bananas clashed in bloody conflict in both realms, many fell on both sides and the soon the mortals were winning the battle. In his desperation, GOLDENBANANA split in two, forming GodlyBanana and a terrible entity known as Banarmagedon. GodlyBanana was kind and attempted to make peace with the Mortals but they could not be stopped, Banarmagedon took a more direct approach and flushed out all but a handful of each species of the Mortals.

After hearing of his deeds, GodlyBanana banished Banarmagedon from the universe and settled down to gently guide the Mortals so they did not die out. Eventually, PlatinumBanana was created so that GodlyBanana would have an heir to his title and so that there would never be a chance that another Banarmagedon was formed in a desperate move.

Then, one day, a young human man spoke for the Mortals and said, “We are beginning to live in fair of you, O Mighty One, we wish to have one of our own live under you and have a say in the decisions of the Gods.” There was no response for a time. Then, about a month later, the same young man saw that his skin was become softer and more yellow. This process lead to the creation of ButterBanana, the once mortal servant of the Gods.

The Gods now live in harmony with the Mortals but only time will tell if it will last…

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