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Aug. 02, 2014

Rating: 3

It would be nice if we could select a soldier by typing its number (1, 2, 3,...), right now soldier selection is very tedious and time consuming.

Legacy of a Thousand Suns

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Nov. 08, 2012

Rating: 7

An energy-based that times out after a few minutes of inactivity (meaning while you wait to recharge said energy)? Woa kudos for finding a new way to frustrate the players...

Backyard Monsters (removed)

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Dec. 26, 2011

Rating: -10

The session timeout is just plain stupid in a game where it's necessary to be online 24/7 to achieve anything.


Play Tyrant

Nov. 05, 2011

Rating: 25

Thanks a lot for the possibility to buy upgrades and increase the energy limit!

Dude and Zombies

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Jul. 21, 2011

Rating: 1

You got to appreciate the fact that when you shoot the zombies legs, they fall on the ground and crawl. Nice touch.

Papa's Taco Mia!

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May. 27, 2011

Rating: 5

Hate the fact that you have to shake stuff at the Build section, waste of time and frustration as it's so imprecise. IMO Papa's Burgueria was much better because it was focusing more on your organization skills.

Infinite Tower RPG

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May. 25, 2011

Rating: 5

Floor 411 with a balanced tactic: at first put points and attack, speed and defense (varies depending on your class) so they all have the same BASE value, once this is done, always add points to the "non-main" stats to match the main stat; extra points go to health, but no more than 3 points (because you can then add a point in the 3 other classes) buy weapon, shoes and armor according to the same principle: having the same bonus effect for the 3 stats. Doing so will give you balanced final stats. Obviously, the class then becomes irrelevant. This being said, the game is repetitive, and it would be nice to have groups of levels with the same kind of monsters, so you focus more on one stat at a time, and it becomes a bit more interesting.

My Little Army

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Apr. 21, 2011

Rating: 3

Tips:   (1) Don't waste money in the 2 first hero skills (strength and defense) as you will never need them; Mana is obviously a must though   (2) get the "cupid bow" and the game will become very easy thanks to it "stop" effect

Scope: First Blood

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Apr. 20, 2011

Rating: 12

Smoking kills. yeah!

Fantasy University

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Mar. 27, 2011

Rating: 4

To play "full screen", simply play directly from the game address:

Notebook Wars 2

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Mar. 23, 2011

Rating: 3

My advice: all you need to complete the game is the first Helicopter (for the 3 weapon slots and the speed) and the Minigun (fire rate * damages * speed = best DPS weapon), so once you get these, just spend your money upgrading the minigun.

Brute Wars

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Mar. 09, 2011

Rating: 179

Randomizer tips: 1) When starting a new game, all creatures are available (crappy and rare alike)  2) Once you have started the campaign, the creature obtained depend on the level of current creature (higher level = better random creature)


Play Cardian

Mar. 06, 2011

Rating: 4

Good game. I'd also like a better deck management, what I missed the most, beside cards stacking, it's the possibility to arrange the cards by drag and drop, so that I could group them the way I want.

My Pet Protector

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Mar. 06, 2010

Rating: 0

I have successfully explored 5 dungeons (Fortitude, Shimmering, Ancient Tunnels, Worn Caverns, Greer’s Ambition) and the 2 last ones (Firetop Mountain and Liar’s Lair according to the help) don't appear. I have 109 weeks left. Any idea anyone? Thx.