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Play Dungeon Warfare Dungeon Warfare Feb. 25, 2015
It would be a great idea if you made the demon spawning automatic, but upon a designated point. Also, it would be interesting if you included some sort of protruding spike/rack of some sort, so that pushing/flinging a creature into the wall could do additional damage. Also, some levels in particular Arena are just simply unnecessarily difficult.
Play DPS Idle DPS Idle Aug. 18, 2014
Best stat in the game is Magic find and Damage. Make sure you Gem your gear to get around 200 or so Magic find. Then set the Filter to common/uncommon, and you will be set.
Play Monster Castle: Level Pack Monster Castle: Level Pack May. 09, 2013
i find that after the tutorial, the first level on wave one is balanced. Whilst the second wave i find enemies beyond my ability to defeat.
Play This is not a minimalist game This is not a minimalist game May. 09, 2013
I find this very interesting, by any chance have you read any of Locke's,Plato's,Rene Descartes works? Because it is immediately obvious that certain concepts appear, such as the perceiving of such qualities by people. Also the uncomprehending nature, as described within Plato's cave.
Play simian.interface simian.interface Mar. 03, 2013
took about 2-10 seconds for about all of the individual exercises. Maybe harder ones could be made?
Play Monster Legions Monster Legions Jan. 25, 2013
I find that this game is somewhat concerning, that through your wanting to strike off and create artistic games Nerdook, you have created a game that does not create interest, as much that it's purely on luck for the majority of the game, and that unlike Monsterhunters there is not visible way to check stats + upgrade + even use cards when you wish. So it's somewhat of an annoyance that the computer can easily defeat me with continuous elite units etc. I find that this game has replicated what most persons would define as a very boring game, as the random aspects are only there to spite the player into an infinite grind. i would give this game a 2/5 due to lack of creativity and was somewhat disappointing compared to your previous games.
Play Monster Legions Monster Legions Jan. 25, 2013
could you include some sort of way to see the stats of cards without replacing them, I'm truly not sure if my Veteran Swordsmen lvl 5 is stronger then my elite swordsmen lvl 3.
Play Deadly Neighbors 2 Deadly Neighbors 2 Jul. 27, 2012
I cant seem to get The Cat to have an ult. is this a bug, and will it be patched?
Play Deadly Neighbors 2 Deadly Neighbors 2 Jul. 27, 2012
If you have 3 tanks in your group they all look like they are holding hands !!! xD
Play Deadly Neighbors 2 Deadly Neighbors 2 Jul. 27, 2012
If you brought only cats , you are awesome !!!
Play Effing Worms 2 Effing Worms 2 Jul. 03, 2012
I finshed this just now. I found that if you jump then hold up you can hover just above the ground. For me this completly broke the game , making this a very easy game to finsh...
Play Paladog Paladog May. 13, 2012
Mabye this a bug or is part of the game. But on 2-12 when you defeat the base but leave the archers, as soon as the boss spawns he pushs back your troops. and while he is talking a wave of arrows flys at the paladog insantly killing/losing the match. Mabye have you paladog flyback as well.
Play Paladog Paladog May. 12, 2012
What is the counter for a million elite archers?
Play Paladog Paladog May. 12, 2012
Maybe a Slight nerf to the kangaroo, seems spamming them does the trick for most of the beginning maps
Play Relic Relic Apr. 23, 2012
Fire breath from the hand OMG!!!!
Play Turbo Kids Turbo Kids Apr. 23, 2012
Mabye a but but when you double jump after a purple boaster it stops all momentum
Play Boxhead: The Nightmare Boxhead: The Nightmare Apr. 14, 2012
Mabye those mass of teleporting zombies might be slightly broken... How do you survive?
Play The Farm The Farm Apr. 13, 2012
If i wanted a tutorial when i started i would have clicked on it.
Play Angry Bees Angry Bees Apr. 09, 2012
Seems like the fully upgraded uzi is better then the ak47... weird. xD
Play Chinese Vampire Year 1743 Chinese Vampire Year 1743 Feb. 17, 2012
Seems like after i completed the game all of the missions that have a 5 wave or 300sec challenge broke and instantly give me a completed when i join them. Im on 49k score. sigh.