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    ♪French horning away♫/Writing/On the fone/ On facebook. :)
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    May. 05, 2009

Pieguy3: I’m an American and I can confidently say the average person here has the intelligence of a stoned baboon

L3xiiLuV: GAY
ghettohatty: I admit eing that

PoisonKumiho: I’ve been in mad fights
PoisonKumiho: I wonder what mad is in number form


L3xiiLuV: My dominance is all that matters.
THEDESTROYER999: at least there is some people who has common sense..

►♥soy la morena bonita :] y tengo una gata en mis pantalones, quieres to touch her? ;) me gusta hablar, cocinar, hablar por el telefono [[me gusta muchooo]]quiero ser una artista de comida. preguntarme para mi skype.plz dnt stalk me tho:\.

Simply_Trollz: hugs back

Dim_City_Urmom_: Sounds hot.
Dim_City_Urmom_: I like justin bieber.

Dim_The_Monster_: I just don’t like women.
L3xiiLuV: He likes men.
Dim_The_Monster_: Men are objectively more intelligent, so all of my friends are guys.

The best invention since sliced bread.
septic: What could be more fun than a toaster. It’s customary in Germany to rally the family on March 15th to “Das Große Toasten Fest” where everybody sit together and waits with the others for his own toast to come up!
Rockefelon: really?

If you ask what instrument I play, I will hang you by your nipples.

Reasons why Patrick is my best friend:

Reason 1) “no, the secret council of patricks eliminates the least beautiful of the tribe every 2 years”

Yenihime: If you’re really porn.

Anyways, this song is dedicated to bazinga27…. Every single fucking time.

Let it be known that Sewercop looks good with pussy on his head.

L3xiiLuV: I loved norwegians until now.
CockyLocky: aww
CockyLocky: want me to lie and say i look like a nordic god
L3xiiLuV: Yespls/
Yusei190: I’m wetter than a dish rag

EhseJaybie: It’s always good to play with a parent.

As of today. 5/21/2012, I am DONE with idiots. I absolutely mean it. I am not going to tolerate bullshit from people any longer. I just simply refuse to. So if you are an idiot, or know an idiot that may possibly try to talk to me, avoid me/tell them to avoid me at all cost. I am just seriously done. People really do need to learn how to grow the hell up and get educated. I’m just saying, yeah, I like to joke and kid around, but I also have a serious side that likes to talk about more important things in life. So if you can’t contribute to both parts, just go ahead and not talk to me. Getit?Gotit?Good.

Want your dick wet? Go to warrior’s house.

xdwarrior: I think Im better with my fists anyway.

Sí, hablo español. No me contestas. KayGracias.

If you ain’t come to party, get the fck out the club!

This is how I show my love, I made it in my mind because… I blame it on my ADD, baybehh.

Fuck it. Fuck it all.

I love that talk…. When you talk like that… ;D

Who woulda thought forever would be severed by the sharp knife of a short life?

You spin me right round yeah, right round like a record baby right round round round.

Look over heeeeere, lemme see that body rock.

I’m not paralyzed, buht i seem to be struck by you.

If you wanna get with me, there’s something you gotta know, I like my beats fast and my bass down low.

Tonite we’re goin har-har-har-ha-ha-hard just like the world is our-our-our-ou-ou-ours.

Newname: Lexil.

Quitate la ropa, TOMAAAAAA.!!!!!!! :)

Send me away with the words of a love song.

Mmmmbaby. You should definately wife this upp.

“If you watch Jaws backwards, its actually about a shark that spits out so many people that they had to make a beach.” – John :)



Asakuraboi001: i had to enlarge it :3

DeathPortal: Is it gonna fit?

Asakuraboi001: no

Who dem kool kidz be that you lookin at? Prolly me&yoko.! :)

Yoko_Suzuki: Well HUGS LEXI

L3xiiLuV: is hugged INCAPS

Yoko_Suzuki: ^^

L3xiiLuV: we’re a couple of coolkids, yo. B)

Yoko_Suzuki: Yes, we are.
iPraise: That’s what sex is.

iPraise: a pillow fight.

L3xiiLuV: i was doing so badly that i made him go backwards.

Tyki7125: ;p;

L3xiiLuV: the****? is that a face?

L3xiiLuV: it looks creepy.

kwatie: el oh el

Tyki7125: I as trying to say lol

Tyki7125: but my figgeres missed

Tyki7125: *fingers

L3xiiLuV: im going to start using ;p;

Howlingwolf214: So it isn’t someone with a massive nose crying?

Tyki7125: ;p;

L3xiiLuV: i dont know what emotion its going to cover

L3xiiLuV: so ill use it for everything :D

L3xiiLuV: i mean ;p;

NahTano: what about the sloth??? >>> ^


Tyki7125: I am adding ;p; to my profile

Briland: im a portal wh*re vie me portals

Tyki7125: and copyrighting it

L3xiiLuV: :) add it to mine too.

Briland: nom nom

L3xiiLuV: as in. send it in a shout.

L3xiiLuV: dont hack my account.
OHHHHHHH SNAP, YOU DON’T KNOW ME LIKE THAT? You knew me like that when you were eating $30 worth of snowcrablegs.!”
BlueWizzrobe: orgasms out of anger
L3xiiLuV: angers out of orgasm
BlueWizzrobe: ….
morshu76: haneous lee anus
BlueWizzrobe: ;D
LyteSpawn: You can’t say you didn’t like it
L3xiiLuV: i loved it.
I_am_a_Jelly: I once had a giant African snail though. He was a good pet, never once ran away.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
All dat ass.
simo2423: (‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)(‿ˠ‿)

DarthFunky: its a terrible epidemic. we’re having an intervention with atom, hoping he’ll ween himself off the cat ass for just a little while.
L3xiiLuV: Atom.
L3xiiLuV: Tisk.
th3atom: not my fault they are attracted to my nipples
ArchonusIx: Kinda gives new meaning to the brand Friskies.

Rehoboam: Yeah you right
Rehoboam: he sucked bacons ass for about a week for it
Rehoboam: i swear the butthole was raw by time he was done
LT_Wolf: mine were till i had a shower and drank drugs and water o-o

Bloodharbringer: and his face was all like afppfptf
EXCALIBER117: beats my meat
L3xiiLuV: …
L3xiiLuV: Lovely thing to enter on.
diabloein: never beat your meat. It might get mad and run away. Always treat your meat with kindness and love.


Nollykins: Giga, you are most obviously a ten year old.
Nollykins: Shut up and get out.
giga241: fuk u slut. i am 8 and get mur pussi then u

TheRealSlimSagey: I’ll lick your walls
TheRealSlimSagey: after I spread those lips.
Voxery: Ohoho, I suppose that DOES make me feel better! :)
Raluyen: Touch my booty cavern then pls

Nien1: If you even just poke it, you feel like you’re going to shit your own balls.

unkn0wns0ldier: Oh shit I zoned out on panties…

DazzleMaria24: heard you’re enganged

Uh. I don’t know how to feel about dubstep anymore…

aquahamzah: Bend over then. .-. Let the dubstep pulse like magical unicorn. (reply)
aquahamzah: unicorns*. (reply)

KieronIH: I just came >:(

amazingatall: whoever made this game needs to have a pogo stick shoved up their urethra

charlieboneguy12: I’ll swallow!
PoisonKumiho: ^
charlieboneguy12: Get’s on his knees

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