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Play Cursed Dungeon Cursed Dungeon Apr. 20, 2014
Uhh.. Why is a dragon bipedal and almost humanoid? o_O
Play Hippolyta Hippolyta Apr. 18, 2014
hehe.. bewbs.
Play Escape From 26 Escape From 26 Apr. 16, 2014
Guys, the clock parts worked for me, so it might not be a bug. It could be though, I'm just saying that not everyone is affected.
Play Heir Heir Apr. 12, 2014
I think I understand the poem reference; He is killing all these baddass giants without fairy dust or anything - just his sword and his belief in himself. But I don't understand why you chose the specific part of the poem, and missed out the best bit, " And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!". I mean, I know it doesn't fit with him dying and all, but maybe if there was a different conclusion or more levels, you could squeze it in. But apart from that, good game. I enjoyed the free-running style game, even if it was awkward and slightly "ragey" t times. 4/5. :)
Play Questopia Questopia Feb. 07, 2014
ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! I've been playing this game for HOURS - I die ONCE, and I have to restart!
Play My Soccer Game My Soccer Game Oct. 27, 2013
I lost all my data when the game decided to crash :/ Where the F was that save buton?
Play Endless War: Defense Endless War: Defense Oct. 27, 2013
I like the beggining of the tutorial- Hi commander!
Play Pillage the Village Pillage the Village Oct. 13, 2013
LOL Superman runs onto to my screen for the first time and probably said something like "Stop, evil villain!". Before he's even finished talking, he's being lifted away by a cage. XD
Play Rebuild 2 Rebuild 2 Sep. 24, 2013
I got a guy called "King Wang" XD
Play Battalion Commander Battalion Commander Aug. 27, 2013
Just one problem. WHAT THE **** am I supposed to do when the WHOLE SCREEN is filled with one-hit-kill bombs?!!
Play My "Dear" Boss My "Dear" Boss May. 11, 2013
@kicferk: The achievement "Big Bucks" is done correctly, the required amount of cash IS 100K. I completed it after finishing the game, so it's not a time-related achievement. Don't know how to fix your problem, but I hope this helps. :)
Play The King's League: Odyssey The King's League: Odyssey May. 05, 2013
Didn't think it was possible, but it's actually better than the first one! You keep creatin and we'll keep loving! 5 Stars!
Play Shop Empire 2 Shop Empire 2 Feb. 22, 2013
lol Dustbin Bieber: "I want to buy a pacifier" wtf babyface prik
Play Monster Legions Monster Legions Feb. 22, 2013
You should really get a badge for completing all achievements.
Play Loved Loved Jan. 29, 2013
lol brilliant tutorial :)
Play Ace Gangster Ace Gangster Dec. 11, 2012
My character randomly fell over and lost half his health. WTF?
Play Arkandian Explorer Arkandian Explorer Nov. 08, 2012
I hate most games like this, but this one hits the spot for me. Well done, and keep 'em coming!
Play Mecha Arena Mecha Arena Oct. 23, 2012
It's like an obese Pokemon tournament!
Play Innkeeper Innkeeper Oct. 18, 2012
the way you get unlock the "hipster" cutomer is by getting 12 zero ratings. please + so others know.
Play Monster Saga Monster Saga Oct. 13, 2012
Now where's that Pokemart?.....