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Play Cube Escape: Harvey's Box Cube Escape: Harvey's Box Jul. 14, 2015
Play Triangles Triangles Jul. 07, 2015
Warning: This game is very hard if you're forever alone.
Play Epic Boss Fighter Epic Boss Fighter Jul. 07, 2015
Here's a tip for the IMP. badge: Pause non-stop so you can see the bullets that are flying towards you, you can still see most of the things behind the pause screen, it will give you alot of time to think where will you move. After doing this I got the badge in my 3rd try!
Play LARRY and the GNOMES LARRY and the GNOMES Jul. 04, 2015
Anyone else thought about the insides of wall Sina from Attack on Titan when you saw the map?
Play Epic War 4 Epic War 4 Jul. 02, 2015
'Simon the Magician', NO! ITS GANDALF THE WIZARD!
Play Dead Metal Dead Metal Jul. 01, 2015
I died when I saw the mission called 'threesome'... Just imagine...... My brain hurts..
Play Love Love Jun. 11, 2015
Girlfriends in a nutshell...
Play Flight Flight Jun. 09, 2015
Was anyone else like: 'WTF?!' at the Egyptian cutscene?
Play Toss the Turtle Toss the Turtle Jun. 09, 2015
Hahaha did anyone else realize the hyperlink to a video on the hard badge's dot at the ending of '-You know he secretly likes it.'?
Play Road of the Dead Road of the Dead Jun. 07, 2015
So this is how it feels to be the guy from Earn to Die 2! I thought it was a lot easier...
Play 9 9 Jun. 07, 2015
Cirno was here...
Play Notebook Wars 2 Notebook Wars 2 Jun. 06, 2015
R.I.P. headphone users that shoot from the minigun for the first time..
Play Cover Orange 2 Cover Orange 2 Jun. 06, 2015
I love how they pray, then they die..
Play BoomsticK BoomsticK Jun. 05, 2015
Ohhhh that sound when you get crossed over by that purple ball/square.... *OOOORRGHGHHHH!!!*
Play Amorphous+ Amorphous+ Jun. 05, 2015
I got a golden award for getting killed 100 times.... I think that's the first and last golden award I have achieved in my life..
Play Dodge Dodge Jun. 03, 2015
'Kill 100 enemies without being hit', I didn't kill anyone, they killed each other! I was just minding my own business running around in a circle..
Play Arachnophilia Arachnophilia Jun. 02, 2015
It's so spooky when that stag beetle comes at your face... ugh.
Play Cube Escape: Seasons Cube Escape: Seasons May. 31, 2015
On the first level, I thought how nice this game is.. "Ah, so relaxing". When suddenly it turned to be a rather disturbing and scary storyline.....
Play Mushroom Madness 3 Mushroom Madness 3 Apr. 21, 2015
Kills animals with shotguns, machineguns, bombs, NUKES. With what does he kill humans then...?
Play The Peacekeeper The Peacekeeper Apr. 20, 2015
BRB gotta go to the toilet, I need to PEACE.