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Play The Enchanted Cave 2 The Enchanted Cave 2 Apr. 07, 2015
Sounds like Banjo & Kazooie
Play Freeway Fury 3 Freeway Fury 3 Oct. 08, 2014
Oh what!? Was that a damn tank!? And I missed it!?
Play Ultimate Collision Ultimate Collision Feb. 07, 2012
The game screen in tiny.
Play Pixel White Pixel White Feb. 08, 2011
Awesome! I love the fact that you can Load your own Mp3 file! This be gettin' a 5 star :P
Play Ragdoll Fun Ragdoll Fun Feb. 05, 2011
Just have a go at Interactive Buddy and see if you want to implement anything from that or you can add completely new things. Sadly, I have no suggestions :P
Play Unity3D Simple Exploring Unity3D Simple Exploring Feb. 05, 2011
Brilliant! Make this game better by adding things to do or certain option would make this game epic win! :D
Play Aurora Aurora Feb. 05, 2011
Awesome game!! I got a collosel planet and It made my game go uber slow, like 2 fps. My stuff couldn't keep up with the population and mass change all at the same time at an ever increasing pace. Cool game but the Gravity could do with a bit of tweaking. 6 out of 5
Play Pixel Dodger Pixel Dodger Jan. 27, 2011
I've seen a tutorial somewhere that teaches you step by step how to make a slightly more simplified game than this so i'm a bit surprised it took you 3 years to do this, unless of course you lazed off and didn't work on this. But yeah, an okay game, although could totally be better in so much ways it's still a cool simple game.
Play Doeo Doeo Jan. 12, 2011
This game is strange yet completely awesome and I love that music ^_^
Play Ultimate Assassin 2 Ultimate Assassin 2 Oct. 30, 2010
"I swear boss i just had him!". "Well he's obviously not here anymore". I know, i was shooting him and he just disappeared in the exact spot i was shooting him in". "It doesn't matter let's split up and wander aimlessly for a while". "Sir, yes sir!"
Play Monster Slayers Monster Slayers Oct. 24, 2010
I love this game especially the multiplayer. I wish there was a search thing or a thing to check your own armies in multiplayer but other that it's great! This game also reminds me alot of patapon except without music u have to play to.
Play Monster Slayers Monster Slayers Oct. 15, 2010
This is an awesome game!! I love the fact is has a multiplayer feature and level up/upgrade system too. Although the storyline wasn't that long and the king randomly dies lol it still makes an awesome game due to the fact you can level up and challenge other players armies. I GIVE THIS A TOTAL 5/5 FOR EVERYTHING
Play Thousand Dollar Soul Thousand Dollar Soul Oct. 12, 2010
I got alot of the endings and all i know is that I hate that earpiece and "Future Todd" and you don't need his help for anything much except for the part where he tells you about the heart-attack but other than that u can geta good ending
Play Robot Wants Ice Cream Robot Wants Ice Cream Sep. 27, 2010
If you played the second game in the series you'd know that kitty eats fishy whom robot went to so much god damn trouble to get, so in my perspective the kitty deserves getting ejected into space for what he did to fishy
Play Frantic Frantic Sep. 17, 2010
Be a noob and cheat: At the menu press 'Insert' Key and type imanoob and then press ctrlW this gives you approximately enough money to buy the most expensive upgrades
Play Balloon in a Wasteland Balloon in a Wasteland Sep. 16, 2010
This was fun with all the stuff you can buy but once you buy the second last gun (which i brought third) it can hold the whole lot back without help. I kept the balloon repair thing on exactly 99.9% so that i could keep killing for fun. if you made it a bit harder or something it would be great and thank you Chieftain32 for that gitch it helps ;D
Play Robot Wants Fishy Robot Wants Fishy Sep. 15, 2010
@iblob The answer to your so called riddle is: 1. Take cat across leave there 2. go back retrieve dog and take to other side but get cat from other side also 3. back across and get fishy and leave cat, put fishy with dog on the other side 4. go back across last time and get cat and bring to other side AND THERE YOU HAVE YOUR RIDDLE SOLVED lol :P rate up if you understand this
Play GunBot GunBot Sep. 14, 2010
oh and here's an easy equation: Premium Gunz + Fire fury + Rushing = pwnage
Play GunBot GunBot Sep. 14, 2010
This game is awesome, for me it was mostly because you can get 'Gems' from doing achievements which can buy you crazy premium weapons (They're crazy awesomely cool by the way) This is a great game and I expected no less from Beserk Studios. Way to go and keep the games coming! ^.^
Play Sneak Thief - prime catch Sneak Thief - prime catch Sep. 14, 2010
Great! Now once I get a ridiculously bright orange costume and a mission from some guy that requires me to somehow sneak into a lab to random things that manages to come out as a time maching, I should totally do that.