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Play Cyber Chaser Cyber Chaser Sep. 29, 2013
Best game by this developer, hands down.
Developer response from SilenGames

Many thanks!

Play Musaic Box Musaic Box Feb. 07, 2013
I love how the music starts out with simple children songs and then works its way to more fancy and complex music. Way to be awesome in the song ordering.
Play Were you a Nineties Gamer? Were you a Nineties Gamer? May. 09, 2012
16 bit legend of zelda theme...brings tears to the eyes!
Play Super Villainy Super Villainy Apr. 26, 2012
The main character is super adorable. Mine was christened "Evil Cruncher," which made me pretty in love with the game even before it started. Awesome game!
Play Rocket Santa Rocket Santa Dec. 23, 2011
Why does the rocket strapped to Santa's back look like a boob?
Play Badge Master Badge Master Aug. 25, 2011
It would be so sweet if you added a feature on this app so people could choose to pull badges from only certain types of games (SD, Puzzle, Shooter, etc).
Developer response from Senekis93

Ok, done. If you find a badge on a category where it shouldn't be, just post a comment an report it. Make sure to add the name of the badge.

Play BioGems BioGems Aug. 23, 2011
This is kind of like Elements of Arcandia but way lamer.