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    Lighting up the ways of campers?
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    Jan. 23, 2011
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Hey, and welcome to my profile. I am updating my profile a bit each day, so stay on the lookout. I have made some… “Renovations” so far.

I wish I could be like you. Spouting off derogatory phrases and misspelling words all while still continuing to watch a video you commented on 6 minutes earlier talking shit about. But alas, I just. I cannot. The world is a cruel mistress that way. Thanks for commenting, though. You know what they say “Even bad publicity is still publicity.”

- Lantern123

Lantern123 (Lan)
lotsofnumbers (Lon)
Lunar_Eclipse (Lun)
/7 (((
(o o) (o o)

A lot of things, but I will just say some.
Some trolls
And spammers/flamers.

Action games
Strategy Games
Short walks on the sidewalks
And again, Kongregate.
Also red.

My favorite people.
First on the list, NuclearNukes. Fun guy, but I advise not to take him seriously. <
Next, Bananasaurus_Rex. Really funny, and fun to be around. She thinks I am annoying (which is true) and Cafe Kong wouldn’t be the same without her.
TimeForHuggz/Xagerbarje is up next. The other Jared. My writing partner right now, we are writing something that I think most of you will like.
HolyFrax is next on the list. We sort of are friends, and he is a really…. I can’t describe it. Amazing? Yeah. Amazing person.
DimArtist is up. I just met him 2 months ago, seems pretty cool.
LillyWolf108 is next. SHE LIKES COOKIES. If you haven’t guessed, she is a wolf.
Finally, hola365. Really fun, random, and crazy. My first friend that I met here on Kongregate.

Lantern123: FRIDGEY
Lantern123: GIMME A HUG
FridgeMagnet: o/
FridgeMagnet: Sure

Lantern123: Tkk.
Lantern123: Can I have a hug?
tkkttony: You know what?
tkkttony: What this world needs is a group hug.

Lantern123: Also, Fratley
Lantern123: Can I have a hug
Sir_Fratley: Sure, hugs are good. That said, last time I hugged somebody it didn’t go so well.

Lantern123: Hoolo
Lantern123: Could I have a hug?
Hoolo: I’m sorry, I only have this reaction gif.
Hoolo: http://i.myniceprofile.com/585/58513.gif

Livzy: Still a bad chat, Lantern? 3:
Livzy: I thought nite came back, no?
Lantern123: No, I was just asking.
Lantern123: Can I have a hug?
Livzy: Oh, hug :3

Lantern123: Tsuppo, can I have a hug?
Tsuppo: Yeah, sure. Take all the hugs you need.

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