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Play Decision:Medieval

May. 09, 2014

Rating: -17

Terrible controls, I need to change everything back after each mission

Once Upon A Life

Play Once Upon A Life

Feb. 22, 2014

Rating: -19

First. I feel so dumb.


Play BattleCry

Oct. 17, 2013

Rating: 4

Known that I can get 2 rare items plus other things for 2660gp, and that I win 2000gp on the fourth day, the reward for the fifth day shouldn't be a rare item, but at least 3 :/

Yepi's Journey

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Jul. 17, 2013

Rating: 1

You should be able to control your thruster. 4/5

Giants and Dwarves TD

Play Giants and Dwarves TD

May. 07, 2013

Rating: 2

Archer are shooting homing arrows ? How impressive and skilled men have we got !

Wonder Rocket

Play Wonder Rocket

Apr. 25, 2013

Rating: -5

Completly bugged, cheap copy of other launch game without inovation, teleporting rocket launchers in space, no explaination for most upgrades : 1/5


Play Divide

Apr. 13, 2013

Rating: 3

Great game, should be a sort of "bonus" completion for all levels, with a certain number of orange pieces needed.

Battle without End

Play Battle without End

Feb. 23, 2013

Rating: 0

Just bought a 130 000 GP ring with not any effect. Really need to fix the shop.

Battle without End

Play Battle without End

Feb. 23, 2013

Rating: 0

Why not an inventory that growth in pair with the strengh ?

Ode To Pixel Days

Play Ode To Pixel Days

Feb. 22, 2013

Rating: 0

So the ethics of this game is that ugly people shall... drop themselves from a high ?

bit Dungeon

Play bit Dungeon

Oct. 14, 2012

Rating: 2

Really need a mute button for music but not for the SFX, the music is a bit annoying sometimes.

Agony: The Portal

Play Agony: The Portal

Oct. 13, 2012

Rating: -2

Sequel ?


Play Cloudstone

Sep. 06, 2012

Rating: -5

Red Remover

Play Red Remover

Aug. 14, 2012

Rating: 5

My dirty mind don't like the level 11's clouds.

The Duder Dilemma

Play The Duder Dilemma

Aug. 10, 2012

Rating: 2

The hitboxes stink


Play Surrender

Aug. 08, 2012

Rating: 2

The camera is a pain in the ass... Cool game but impossible to play with fun... 2/5


Play Stardrops

Aug. 06, 2012

Rating: 0

So I can buy a backpack for 10$... But the teddy bear cost me 2500 ?!

Developer response from Seirie

I think the weirder part is that you can buy the ability to freeze time at all.

Island Escape beta

Play Island Escape beta

Aug. 02, 2012

Rating: 548

Citizen - Yeah the turret works like that : Easy to disable, and won't target you again if you repair it. Me - So I can destroy it in 5/6 shots and then kill everyone and rob tha bank ? Citizen - Exactly.

Farm and Grow

Play Farm and Grow

Aug. 02, 2012

Rating: 8

I love how the dev try to respond to everyone =) That's developers like that who makes the greatest games.

Developer response from CuriousGaming

I can't keep up with all the comments anymore. But I do read them all, thanks everyone!

Attack of the Evil Bunny Empire

Play Attack of the Evil Bunny Empire

Jul. 12, 2012

Rating: 1

I can't wait for the "NO BUNNYHOPING ALLOWED" Achievement !