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Play Solarmax 2 Solarmax 2 Jul. 10, 2014
How are you supposed to beat 34 and what is the trigger for the Black spawn?
Play Battalion Commander Battalion Commander Sep. 04, 2013
whats the strategy to get 800 vertical distance?
Play Into Space 2 Into Space 2 Oct. 13, 2012
i cant seem to get to the last speed goal. Im just stuck at 1089 and can not go any faster
Play Submachine4: the Lab Submachine4: the Lab Oct. 02, 2012
is it possible to be lock out of secret, i think i found one that needs a charged collie but i already lost that >_<
Play Nuclear Outrun Nuclear Outrun May. 04, 2012
Escape: He’s my favorite robot friend, the AI was o.k. but he wasn’t 50 feet tall
Play Papa's Pizzeria Papa's Pizzeria Mar. 17, 2012
Is there anyway to encourage the people I got gold on to stop by less often. Trying to get Papa and this is taking forever.
Play Zombie Minesweeper Zombie Minesweeper Dec. 23, 2011
Badge dont seem to work -_-
Play Elona Shooter Elona Shooter Nov. 10, 2011
this might seem like a odd question, but can anyone tell me how to erase all my data on this game, medals too?
Play Monster Arena Monster Arena Nov. 10, 2011
Um.. i just fell though the last platform on the Agi training.. and I still got a perfect score 0_o
Play Vampire Physics Vampire Physics May. 14, 2011
So after getting distracted for about 2 hours i come back and finish my level. Score: -49611 0_o
Play Diamond Hollow Diamond Hollow May. 12, 2011
1,000 Meters Climbed [Best so far: 994]
Play Castle Crashing "The Beard" Castle Crashing "The Beard" Apr. 30, 2011
Is there any way to check how many frames you took cause according to my "Best so far" I have never done better then 5003
Play Castle Crashing "The Beard" Castle Crashing "The Beard" Apr. 30, 2011
Im not getting the Speed Razor badge after i beat it in about 3 min.
Play The Legend of the Golden Robot The Legend of the Golden Robot Apr. 06, 2011
i died at the wizard and Excalibur diapered :(
Play Epic War 4 Epic War 4 Aug. 02, 2010
Baal can be hurt by his meteors even on epic 0_o
Play Spectrum TD Spectrum TD Aug. 01, 2010
I some how got a bug that gave me unlimited gold, might want to fix that.
Play Epic War 4 Epic War 4 Jul. 29, 2010