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Play Sünnetten Kaçış Sünnetten Kaçış May. 31, 2013
I got 5500 points
Developer response from Aremis

I whish you will score again, when fully complete the game.

Play Cascata Cascata May. 30, 2013
Neat game! It got posted on
Play Father Jonah Saves the Day Father Jonah Saves the Day Feb. 13, 2013
That was pretty nice! Ended a little abruptly, but that's fine
Developer response from onehandclap

Thank you! The end is actually quite sudden, yes, but... I ran out of time. =P

What an interesting little demonstration.
Play Bridge Builder Bridge Builder Jan. 29, 2013
beep boop bop
Play Cargo Bridge 2 Cargo Bridge 2 Oct. 03, 2012
Won level 15 with a rope bridge, I was positive it was going to break on me but somehow it held.
Play Platform Journey 3 Platform Journey 3 Sep. 27, 2012
If you're getting a sound delay, you might need to download a new flash version. Anyways, have fun!
Play ChatChat ChatChat Jan. 27, 2012
meow meow meow meow
Play Ninja Platformer Ninja Platformer Sep. 30, 2011
I like how the ninja can run up hills. (also, message me when you're game is finished) (Also, there should be some kind of visible indication of where the exit is, like an arrow or something)
Developer response from bilbo311997

alright thanks. I am going to be releasing a few more levels soon, probebly tomarrow. School is in the way though

Play Ninja Platformer Demo Ninja Platformer Demo Sep. 27, 2011
The ninja can't run up the hills in this game (you have to jump up them!)
Developer response from bilbo311997

Yes you can. Hold X while wakling to easily run up the hill.

Play YUP YUP Sep. 27, 2011
I'm having trouble playing your game, is something supposed to happen at the black screen?
Play Space Physics Space Physics Sep. 27, 2011
It is time for a game of physics! Where? IN SPACEEEEEEE
Play Ninja Platformer Demo Ninja Platformer Demo Sep. 27, 2011
Ninjas can't run up hills?
Developer response from bilbo311997

What do you mean? They can run up hills

Play Awesome game 1/5 Awesome game 1/5 Sep. 04, 2011
terrible game!! 4/5
Play Maze of Weirdness Maze of Weirdness Jul. 26, 2011
This is a truly terrible game. Instead, try Platform Journey, which was made by me!!
Play Snailiad Snailiad Jul. 08, 2011
I really like the music in Mare Carelia.
Play Wish Upon a Star Wish Upon a Star Jun. 26, 2011
after playing for a while, everything seems to be moving upwards slowly...
Play What's out the box? What's out the box? May. 11, 2011
Nice ending.
Developer response from Darkscanner

Yeah, I try to give my games good/funny endings. Nothing like giving others the joy of laughter!

Play Farm of Souls Farm of Souls Feb. 12, 2011
The achievement "Forkbomb" says that it unlocks Apprentice, when it actually unlocks Mage.
Play Platform Journey 2 Platform Journey 2 Jan. 16, 2011
Doobz8: You can't, sorry.