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Play The King's League: Odyssey The King's League: Odyssey Apr. 10, 2013
After the learning curve it was enjoyable. Since it is late I will favorite it and play it tomorrow. This is a very well done game.
Developer response from kurechii

Thanks! Hope you'll enjoy it more :)

Play Stunt Ball Paul Stunt Ball Paul Mar. 04, 2013
I request that you remove this. I am the original creator and wish to have it on my account.
Play Super Killsgiving Super Killsgiving Nov. 23, 2012
Played it. Thought it was okay. There is a ridiculous amount of lag when you jump.
Play Generals Anti-Idle: The Game Generals Anti-Idle: The Game Oct. 25, 2012
What a great font. That in its self would make this wonderful, but you go above and beyond with that cat animation. Adorable... Controls are great, and I can see exactly what you are going for design wise. 5/5
Play Angry bots Angry bots Oct. 13, 2012
Isn't this the game that comes with Unity?
Play Hungry Brothers Hungry Brothers Oct. 13, 2012
Sorry beat ya to it
Play Hungry Brothers Hungry Brothers Oct. 13, 2012
Adorable graphics, and fun to play. This is probably as good as a basic coordination game can get. 4/5
Play Scordia (Alpha) Scordia (Alpha) Oct. 06, 2012
so basically race the sun?
Developer response from logty

I have much different plans for my game. I am planning on having enemies and multiplayer settings

Play Smashmuck Champions Smashmuck Champions Oct. 06, 2012
Great game once you get past the download. The only complaint so far is that I can't create a custom game yet, but apparently that feature is on the way. Also there is sometimes a long wait between games. 5/5
Play Smashmuck Champions Smashmuck Champions Oct. 06, 2012
Gah!!! This looks awesome! I will download right now.
Play Sputnik Sputnik Sep. 19, 2012
5/5 the most time I have spent on a flash game in awhile. Don't know why, but to me this is fun. If I were to give a suggestion I would say make it more obvious the rules of the game at the beginning. Took me awhile to realize that blue repelled, and orange pulled in. Still going to beat 40,000
Play Sputnik Sputnik Sep. 19, 2012
Going on 20,000 now. I have had a couple of ones get in the 30,000's but since they crashed into the center they didn't count. I am in the top 7, and my best finished score is 7,000
Play Sputnik Sputnik Sep. 19, 2012
I meant blue on the outside
Play Sputnik Sputnik Sep. 19, 2012
Perfect Strategy: Put Repelling blue planet behind the rocket launching thing. This will cause them to come out quickly, and keep the trajectory the same no matter how many planets you have. Then create a track with orange planets on the inside, and orange planets on the outside. If you do it right you get infinite score.
Play Color Ball Physics Color Ball Physics Sep. 15, 2012
Fun puzzle game. One thing that was annoying for me was having to press what color I wanted with the mouse, and then clicking the block. Some of the levels of that were based on timing were frustrating because of this especially since I am using a laptops mouse pad. I would make it so you could choose the colors the keyboard.
Play Mini Attack: Urban Combat Mini Attack: Urban Combat Sep. 15, 2012
Headshots are too easy to get. I got nearly 100% of my kills my headshots.
Play Falling Falling Aug. 07, 2012
Story is good, and so are the graphics, but the gameplay is really annoying. It is extremely hard to time your jumps between planets which makes even the first level very hard. 3/5
Play Crazy Fairies Crazy Fairies Jul. 31, 2012
This game is really addicting (in a good way). I love the art style, and the game play is fun. It reminds me of this old flash game I used to play with stick figures, and grenades. I am sure someone knows what I am talking about. I am also happy that this game is doing well because I was upset when Big Head Bash sorta failed even though it was truly a good game. Anyway I am giving a 5/5. Great Game.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Thank you for the awesome feedback. And don't worry about BigHead BASH... it's undergoing some MAJOR improvements right now and will be back on its feet again soon. Then you'll have two awesome games from Spicy Horse to occupy your time on Kong :)

Play Iron Felix find numbers Iron Felix find numbers Jul. 20, 2012
Hmmm...A find the numbers game with pictures of demons. Who are you trying to appeal to?
Play Two Tanks 3D Two Tanks 3D Jul. 20, 2012
Keep making this game. Even though it is not much now it has a lot of potential. With the addition of maybe a story, or an adventure mode this would be decent. This type of game though would work best as multiplayer.