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(First Hard badge in six months with Siege Knight lolol)

Yay 40,000 points!

FINALLY LEVEL 65. And all I had to do was escape a Black Hole in Fold. I also earned 5 Hard badges the same day, including the one below from Z-Rox.

I’m probably the latest-earner among my high-level friends to earn the President Madagascar Assassin badge from Pandemic 2, but oh well.

Wow, I am REALLY surprised I was able to earn the One Dimensional Harmony badge from Z-Rox, considering it is one of the least-earned badges on the site compared to how many plays the game has.

And I’m back on track here on Kongregate after earning the BAC on Track badge from oO!

I have put Vertigo: Gravity Llama to rest, ever since I first played it way back when it released in September of 2010 on Newgrounds. And I still love the game. Somehow. Okay, I’m off to file for legal insanity.

The Swarm! Swarm! badge from Outpost: Haven along with earning the Scared Stiff quest from completing it got me to Level 60.

17 Impossible badges out of 52, in order of when I achieved them (descending):
Slave of the Fireflies (Run 2);
Rhythm Prodigy (Streamline);
Band-Aid Fetish (Meat Boy);
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac (Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2);
Tunnel Vision (Vector Runner);
A Winner Is You! (Tower of Greed);
Up to 11 (Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3);
Behold a Pale Horse (Death vs Monstars 2);
Llama Lampooning (Vertigo: Gravity Llama);
BAC on Track (oO);
Line Flyer (Line Game);
Black Hole Escape Artist (Fold);
President Madagascar Assassin (Pandemic 2);
Fish Thankfulness (Dolphin Olympics 2);
Necronomiconquerer (The Necronomicon);
Get on Your High Horse (Hippolyta), and
Hexiompossible (Hexiom).

My favorite badge name has probably got to be “Unstoppable Flying Object” from GlueFO 2.0

I have officially been a Kongregate member for five years as of this post on August 25, 2015.

Wait, I’ve just received classified information that I have leveled up…again…NOOOOO

Everybody who has a PS3 needs LittleBigPlanet. Best platformers of this generation near without a doubt.

Finished the Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe series. Woohoo.

1500 total badges, and the one that got me there was the Forgive Me, Father badge from Bible Fight.

200 hard badges, and Dead on Time from Road of the Dead made the milestone.

150 hard badges, with the commemorative badge itself being Buffalo Wings Midnight Snack from Burrito Bison Revenge.

RIP Edd Gould aka Eddsworld 1988-2012
^By the way he was one of the best viral video creators out there. Edd was literally a pioneer for sites like Youtube and such.

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