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Play Love Burger Love Burger Mar. 16, 2015
These games would be amazing if I had a reason for doing things other than spam clicking. Like, an indication that there might be something in the locked box, or bathroom, would have been nice for immersion sake.
Play Decision 3 Decision 3 Feb. 08, 2015
How to win the game in 4 easy steps: Step 1 - Capture Westside Area. Step 2 - Spam explore Westside Area 1. Step 3 - Build an army of engineers and soldiers. Step 4 - That's all, really. Fill your team with engineers for the money, then the only other use for people is buildings, which mostly requires soldiers and engineers. You'll find more materials randomly searching that you can ever use. The only thing that you really need efficiency generating is money. A team of twelve engineers, and I still barely make money fast enough to make a new building every other day.
Play Curl Up and Fly! Curl Up and Fly! Jan. 15, 2015
If you're suffering from the same bug as everyone else with this game, when you're in the upgrade screen, spam tab and enter. It'll activate all the buttons on screen so, as long as you have the cash, you can activate all the upgrades and get the achievement (will display as 150 not 152, but the achievement still pops). Upvote, if this helps you get your kongpanion!
Play Snail Bob 8: Island Story Snail Bob 8: Island Story Dec. 27, 2014
On level 25, you're able to push one of the buttons through a wall if you time your turns right, allowing you to skip the teleport sequence (yellow button, IIRC). It's a handy shortcut, but maybe an issue you should consider in design. =]
Play Idleplex Idleplex Apr. 01, 2014
I'm not a big fan of these kind of games, so for people like me who just want the achievement: Don't buy anything until you can afford Extreme Star Shooter. Buy one of these, and upgrade Release Rate, Bonus, Lives and Fire Rate until you're between 20-50 DPS. Now wait until you have enough for Extreme Gardening. Buy this, but don't bother upgrading it. Grab a lawnmower, and upgrade Speed and Bonus until you stop noticing a change in DPS. My computer is old, and maxed out at 1-2K DPS, mileage may vary. Expect to waste 30-60 mins on this.
Play Parking Super Skills Parking Super Skills Mar. 17, 2014
I absolutely love the concept of this game, but the controls really need some work. Really needs some better handling and a higher top speed. And a proper break. When precision is so key, it's important to have a break key, rather than just reversing to cancel forward momentum (and vice versa). Regardless, this is the first racing game I've enjoyed in a long time. Congratulations, and keep up the good work.
Play Fractured 2 Fractured 2 Feb. 07, 2014
This game begs for a "Replay" button, to let you watch the path you took without the fractures after the level is over. Loved the original, loved this too. 5/5.
Developer response from GroZZleR

I'm looking into how to make that happen. Thank you very much for playing the original as well!

Play The Everloom The Everloom Dec. 21, 2013
This is a really good game, but it makes the fatal flaw of not making the player the main character. As fun as it was being a side character in Lazarus' story, the player should always be the hero. Wandering around letting Lazarus do all the work and all the thinking is... well... kinda boring. Why did I even need to be there? Lazarus could have done everything without my help. Aside from that, it was really fun.
Play Heroes of the Realm Heroes of the Realm Dec. 11, 2013
Got the badges, never playing again, voting one star, because this game is just bad. The combat involves no interactive elements, and the planning stages are made redundant by a lot of hidden math. I found myself sitting on mounds of resources that I had no way of spending or storing, while the tutorial told me I needed to build farms to solve the resource shortage. Everything is restricted by arbitrary level barriers. This game is just bad.
Play Brawlin' Sailor Brawlin' Sailor Sep. 07, 2013
An interesting observation. As the original character, you can beat the game without killing anyone other than the doorman, the drunkard and the dog. As the second character, the exact opposite seems to be true.
Play Humanoid 47 Humanoid 47 Sep. 06, 2013
To people who are having difficulty with finding items: Hold tab. You're welcome.
Play Tic-Tac-Logic Light Vol 1 Tic-Tac-Logic Light Vol 1 Aug. 30, 2013
Oh awesome. Another one of these games that I have to grind through mindlessly for the easy badge. They just go on for too long for me, and it's painful.
Play Civilizations Wars Civilizations Wars Aug. 27, 2013
Yet another game where I'm forced to choose a character based on stats that are never explained. What does increasing my Attack do? Is it direct damage? Chance to hit? What does increasing my Defense do? Is it damage mitigation? Or chance to dodge? What's the difference between Speed and Agility? Why give me a choice if I'm not allowed to know what that choice means? All these questions and more are never answered in this game!
Play Symbiosis: Greenland Symbiosis: Greenland Jul. 27, 2013
The medium badge seems like a really weird numerical choice to me. Fifteen in game achievements can is really easy to achieve by completing the game, then completing the challenge for the first six levels. There's no overall completion badge, but it basically encourages you to play an arbitrary six levels after completing the game. Feels a lot like kong didn't pay much attention to the game when making the badges. Which is a shame. Because the thought that goes into the badges is usually so high.
Play The Bravest Hunter The Bravest Hunter Jul. 20, 2013
Yet another game that ignores the importance of explaining what stats mean. The sword has an X slash and triple strike? Awesome! I have no idea if it's worth getting, because I don't know what that does, mechanically speaking. +40 STR? Brilliant! But I have no idea if that's worth the gold, because nothing tells me how STR works. Is it a 1-1 ratio for damage? Probably not, but I have no way of telling. Give me some in game documentation rather than the obnoxious compulsory tutorial please.
Play Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent Jul. 13, 2013
Picking a background would be a reasonable game decision if you told me what some of the stat bonuses meant. At this point, I have no idea how the game plays. What does intrigue mean in game terms? Not knowing these things makes a choice at this point entirely arbitrary. Would it really be so difficult to add in a tooltip that says "Intrigue does stuff" when you mouse over it? There's pleanty of small indie developers that know how to do this, surely this project has enough funding to be better than that.
Play Incursion 2: The Artifact Incursion 2: The Artifact Jul. 12, 2013
After struggling with this challenge for a couple of hours (I am pretty bad at this game), I finally figured out you can just five star the first level over and over to get it. So much facepalm right now.
Play Vortex Point 2 Vortex Point 2 Jul. 04, 2013
This game suffers with the same problem most point and click adventures suffer from. It simultaneously prevents me from doing things I should be able to (such as entering the fair before I know I need to go there, despite knowing where it is), while not guiding me in the right direction and giving me reasons to do things. It's simultaneously stiflingly linear and directionless. I'd love to see this improved in the next game you make.
Play The Last Door - Chapter 1: The Letter The Last Door - Chapter 1: The Letter Jun. 28, 2013
This game has amazing atmosphere, and the story has me completely compelled. However, I do find myself annoyed by the fact that several times in the game I would be forced to do things not because I could see a way they would help my search, but rather because they were the only things I could do. For example, I never felt like there was any reason to try and find the cat. In fact, I had come to the conclusion that I should knock down the wall with the hammer before the cat was there. The cat gave me no motivation to do so. I had no reason to be chasing the damned cat! Still, can't wait to see how the game progresses.
Play Blob's Story Blob's Story Jun. 18, 2013
Man, so glad I didn't read the comments until after getting all the flowers and awards. The game has arrow keys?! ><