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Play Earn to Die 2: Exodus Earn to Die 2: Exodus May. 27, 2015
Perhaps "shift" would be a better button than "ctrl" when you can use the "w" button to go forward. Accidentally closing tab while playing is bad times yo. ^_^;
Play Berzerk Ball 2 Berzerk Ball 2 Feb. 16, 2014
I can't help but feel that a game on Kongregate about beating up a geek seems a little tone deaf.
Play You Are Disabled You Are Disabled Dec. 22, 2013
Other than reset/mute buttons, this is a nice lil bleak slice o' pain. Brutally difficult, especially with the spastic.
Play You Are Disabled You Are Disabled Dec. 22, 2013
That reset button needs to be present all the time, not just on the first screen.
Play Guns n Puzzles Guns n Puzzles Aug. 17, 2013
Not bad, especially for 7 days work. It'd be nice if there was a more official end than just being stuck in a box, though.
Play GeomeTron!!! GeomeTron!!! Aug. 15, 2013
This is a currently a very basic game in the style of older games, but you could make it shine. Consider adding score multipliers for grappling multiple materials of the same shape in a row, or having levels require certain amounts of each shape. Also, completing a level is currently anticlimactic; you should put a neat little wooshy animation of some sort to show advancement between levels.
Play Connect The Stars Connect The Stars Aug. 15, 2013
Cute little game. Only minor complaint is that making the connections between nodes has a pretty small hitbox. Other than that, if you can whip up some more levels, this is a nice little puzzle game!
Play Match Cubed Match Cubed Aug. 15, 2013
I like the changes made since i saw the early build! Some more things to consider: since the cubes' "gravity" is fixed, perhaps some indicator to let you know which direction the cubes will fall towards. Alternatively, you could see if you could make the cubes always fall down the screen as you see it, as opposed to towards the cubes' bottom. Very nice development of a truly interesting concept either way.
Play The Rooms The Rooms Aug. 14, 2013
Not bad at all. The spooky kid thing is alarmingly effective at inspiring panicked running. Kinda made me think of a very stripped down version of Slender: The Eight Pages. I'd be interested in seeing how the game progresses.
Play Hyundai Racing Hyundai Racing Aug. 14, 2013
It'd be an average avoidance game, but having the camera fishtail as you move the car is a pretty bad move. And, of course, it's an advertisement masquerading as a game. So there's that too.
Play Inversa Naturans Inversa Naturans Aug. 14, 2013
I find the method of movement to be really odd. It also causes a hard shockwave crash with enough play.
Play Crazy Invaders 2 Crazy Invaders 2 Aug. 14, 2013
Unfortunately, this doesn't really bring anything interesting to the table. Minor quality of play improvements could be made (having the description of the power-up appear where you collect it, not at the top of the screen, for example) but without something new or a different spin on the classic arcade shooter formula, this is merely a personal exercise in coding.
Play COOOB COOOB Aug. 14, 2013
I'd say you need to either localize in other languages or make it clear what the goal is, and how to achieve it, without words. Physics-wise the orange block is *super* bouncy, which makes it increasingly impossible to protect it from the super invincible death blocks.
Play LAZR LAZR Apr. 03, 2013
This is how the video game industry started. Vaguely nostalgia-esque, but beyond that there's nothing of note here.
Play Match Cubed Match Cubed Apr. 03, 2013
It needs to detect when no further moves are possible for a game over condition. While the idea is kind of neat, having blocks fill in from behind means that combos can't be set up as with collapse from the top match 3's. Not an issues here, because combos don't exist, which is another problem. Work in progress here.
Developer response from GIB3D

Working on the game over detection. Funnily enough, I actually completely forgot that feature even though it's in basically any Match 3 game ever. You live and you learn.

Play Umbra Umbra Apr. 03, 2013
Not so much a game as a proof of concept. It could turn into more. Color shifting needs to do more than just affect the platforms you can fall through, though, if it's to become a really compelling game.
Play Arkanoid Clone Arkanoid Clone Apr. 03, 2013
Yeah, this isn't ready for primetime yet. It's typically not optimal to have it possible to have your paddle able to completely leave the field of play or for it to be possible to have an eternity bounce possible on the first hit.
Play Perfect Balance Perfect Balance Mar. 28, 2013
No time limit for success detection in a balance game with circles in it = rage no amount of schmaltzy new age tones will fix. 1/5
Play Bubble Sky Bubble Sky Mar. 04, 2013
This game is a hot mess. The strange delay before a match is finalized coupled with a seemingly arbitrary game over trigger sinks this poor attempt at the Snood/Bust-a-Move genre.
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Feb. 13, 2013
Either the threshold for a "Best of" game is *really* low or folks were absolutely *desperate* for a soccer game. That's the only way I can reconcile a game this bad being in the "Best of 2012" quest.