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Mar 21, 2015 9:31pm

wow island escape is awesome i have one thing where can i get coal ores pls reply thx

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NoodleOverlord Apr 10, 2016 8:04pm

in the caves/dungeons they are the off colored black rocks. You need a pick first, but just one click to mine.

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Sep 25, 2015 5:30am

hey i know that i might be really annoying, but can you add a 4 player multiplayer ? thanks !

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BlackwolfXD Nov 7, 2015 5:00pm

Srsly why!?!?!

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FarelQuesada Dec 27, 2015 3:57am

multiplayer request a server,server needs money,so,of course he cannot make a4 player multiplayer,it will cost him many MONEYS

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BlackwolfXD Mar 15, 2016 1:39pm

Yea, he needs to instead spend money to help us tems go to cool leg

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Dec 22, 2015 8:13pm

Is Island Escape going to have a sequal?

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Sep 17, 2015 10:59pm

hey i love you game island escape demo, island escape and island escape beta!

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BlackwolfXD Nov 7, 2015 5:01pm

YEAH! I give Island Escape Texas Prototype Game of November 2015!

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Oct 17, 2015 2:58pm

hey i would like if you could add a turiale

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BlackwolfXD Nov 7, 2015 5:00pm

It doesnt need one bruh

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Oct 17, 2015 2:59pm

hey lille it be nice if you could make a tutorial to island escape

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BlackwolfXD Nov 7, 2015 5:00pm

NO! It doesnt need one bruh!

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Aug 14, 2015 2:33am

add an items that can tame a monster,add a portal of world which can travel other islands,add a new type npcs,which is looks weird,but ally,add a big city which forgotten….

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Jul 16, 2015 8:12pm

You are amazing. I’m absolutely and completely addicted to Island Escape. I find the enemies pretty creepy and a nice challenge to fight, the quests are really QUESTS. You really have to walk a million miles to complete it and I like the challenge of everything. I’d say that the prices are a bit high but it adds more combat and adds to …

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Jul 3, 2015 2:04am

Hi, guys! I just released my first android game! Try it out and let me know what you think

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Jun 20, 2015 9:49am

HEY lil john/josh still dont know its me coolguy but with a new account

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Jun 13, 2015 5:45pm

You are the best

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Apr 26, 2015 8:01am

Your game is incredible when i get more money i will help on the development of your game. So see ya soon.

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Dec 29, 2014 4:27pm

much menu, very save, wow. anyways thanks. also I like that interactive game you made.

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MrHotdogman Mar 2, 2015 2:14pm

I play island 3d escape evry day

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coolguy_2000 Apr 18, 2015 12:33pm


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Mar 15, 2014 8:12am

john aint you getting sick of these comment place island escape 2 on kongregate now! because you said so many times its on desura and you need to pay

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xXDarkLordusXx Apr 23, 2014 3:51pm

yeah he right luisenriquec4

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jumpy08705 Feb 9, 2015 3:14pm


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FatnessV6 Feb 10, 2015 3:28pm

he cant,

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May 11, 2014 12:26am

hey johs/john (say what your name is please) i want a answer on that big monster on the road thats close to the shotgun in island escape 1 what is that and why is there only one of him

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michael080523 Jan 16, 2015 11:42am


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coolguy_2000 Jan 24, 2015 7:54am

seriously what do you mean

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jumpy08705 Feb 9, 2015 3:13pm


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Dec 26, 2014 1:42pm

and created the two island escape?

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Nov 15, 2014 6:28am


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Jul 25, 2014 2:19pm

Hey LilleJohn. Island escape was an amazing game. can you release Island escape 2 on Kongregate? I know it is on Desura but im a really lazy guy and dont like downloading things. Hopw you can get IE2 on Kongregate. :)

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ParkourBC Oct 12, 2014 5:18pm

He said that file size is too big.

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Sep 13, 2014 2:22pm

Will the full Island Escape 2 ever be free? Id love to support you, but I don’t really have the money.

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twerpus Sep 16, 2014 1:51pm

lol i was going to ask the same so is it going to be free?

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coolguy_2000 Sep 27, 2014 10:38am


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coolguy_2000 Sep 27, 2014 10:38am


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Jul 28, 2014 6:47am

Hey LilleJohn last time is said “by the way congratz on 391 fans!” now it has been a while and your still going up! so congratz on 406 fans!!! + remmember when i said that you could and a base for the guys who has guns and shoot you? (it was a reaaaaally long time ago hopefully you remember with 406 fans….) Well that did not turn …

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LilleJohn Jul 28, 2014 12:23pm

Hello, I can’t add the demo to Kongregate unfortunately, because the file size is too big. But it’s still free on Desura for anyone to try. By the way, I’m from Norway ;)

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Vilmerj Aug 7, 2014 7:34am

well you didnt answer my a base for the guys who has guns and shoot you question but i guess its okay

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LilleJohn Aug 10, 2014 2:59am

At the moment, I don’t know, but that adding a base for the shooting enemies would be fun.

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Aug 8, 2014 2:03pm

Stahp asking for free Island Escape 2 .

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Jul 31, 2014 3:38pm

hey man you can add multiplayer to island escape? please but on multiplayer players cant kill players ok? and make teams or servers is cool no? please make the multiplayer game

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LilleJohn Aug 1, 2014 1:13am

The sequel has the multiplayer you want :)

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Emanuelryan1201 Aug 1, 2014 7:57am

i use my money to buy food to my family please put free to alpha please :(

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Jul 25, 2014 2:23pm

Also you have to pay :(

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Jun 29, 2014 2:48pm

k thx lille john :P

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Jun 28, 2014 6:21pm

lil john i know your busy with the sequel and you dont have much entention of coming back to island escape1 but you think you could make minor updtes? im not trying to beg so srry if i sound like it but maybe slightly improved things about the browser adition?i know you couldnt do to much cause your busy and you working on a version you…

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LilleJohn Jun 29, 2014 12:24pm

I think that I one day will go back to 1 and make some bug fixes and optimizations, because I know there are a couple of issues with the game. When that will be, I don’t know. I don’t thin…

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