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Play Space Race Space Race Dec. 14, 2012
It took me a while to figure out what was going on; I thought the car was supposed to move. It's hard to tell it's supposed to represent a car driving through a tunnel.
Play Space Runner 2 Space Runner 2 Jul. 08, 2011
The enemies didn't add anything to the game. Just shoot them first, then solve the puzzle. Also, a real ending would have been nice. It was fun to play through once.
Play Marvin The Hat Explorificamator 2 Marvin The Hat Explorificamator 2 Mar. 05, 2011
"Me and Nick are old friends, I can get him to back off." LOL!
Play Marvin The Hat Explorerer Marvin The Hat Explorerer Mar. 05, 2011
I love quirky stuff like this.
Play I am Not a Witch I am Not a Witch Oct. 31, 2010
Not bad, but with only one level, it's a bit repetitive.
Play You Won Life You Won Life Oct. 31, 2010
I agree with Spencak.
Play The Clock Chat The Clock Chat Sep. 24, 2010
Unless this clock is based on measuring the energy levels of the Caesium-133 atom, not sure this is worth it...
Play T123 is Better Than You T123 is Better Than You Sep. 24, 2010
MrSalvador must tickled pink at being associated with this game.
Play Ultimate Maze Game Ultimate Maze Game Sep. 18, 2010
Mouse drag cheat works.
Play Metal Slug Crazy Defense Metal Slug Crazy Defense Sep. 18, 2010
It feels like the game didn't get the TLC it needed to make it good. Almost like they had to release it before they were finished. Love those "Vies Scores" and "submitSocre" buttons.
Play Tetris Tetris Sep. 18, 2010
Correct, there is not much to explain. It's Tetris with no changes, nothing unique. Looks nice, though.
Play Tower Defence Tower Defence Sep. 18, 2010
Straight from a TD tutorial. 1/5.
Play Combat (Not done at all) Combat (Not done at all) Sep. 18, 2010
Stop uploading incomplete games, people. You're wasting everyone's time. 1/5.
Play The Platform Game The Platform Game Sep. 18, 2010
You wrote in the game "DO NOT RATE UNTIL THE FULL ONE COMES OUT". And you state that it sucks and is incomplete. Then why the heck did you upload it??? (And, yes, I gave it a 1.)
Play Beginner Space Shooter Beginner Space Shooter Sep. 16, 2010
I forget which tutorial this is from. The graphics are different, but that's it.
Play My first flash game that failed My first flash game that failed Sep. 16, 2010
At least the title's accurate.
Play Alex's Puzzle Ball Alex's Puzzle Ball Sep. 15, 2010
@alex: The instructions are not clear enough. Some people will not even be able to figure out how to read the instructions. They will be frustrated and not be able to even play your game.
Play Evasion: Survival Evasion: Survival Sep. 15, 2010
Awesome job. Simple and compelling.
Play Afraid of the Dark? Afraid of the Dark? Sep. 15, 2010
The concept is interesting. But some of the shadows had zero resemblance to the objects that were supposedly casting the shadow. That took out some of the feeling the game could have had.
Play Pixel Surgical Strike Pixel Surgical Strike Sep. 15, 2010
Keep on practicing and adding to your skills. Like your first game, this is too basic to remain entertaining for very long.