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Play Running Fred Running Fred Jul. 23, 2014
As fantastic as developers think their games are, when greed take over, a good game becomes average. stop grabbing for creds and put just a bit more work into the game. 1/5
Play Hut Take Control Hut Take Control Jul. 02, 2014
terrible game. sorry but it is! 1/5
Play Idle Thief v1.0 Idle Thief v1.0 Apr. 07, 2014
So many things to add..like ANYTHING. How about buying a friend on the roof to snipe cops, upgrade thieving levels. give the cops cars and swat vans to reduce cash you have gotten.. Buy upgrade to a bigger bank. if you go negative cash you lost the game. so many more...
Developer response from IdleIdeas

Thank you Lochrin, I like almost all of those ideas and I think I will add most of that. Gang members on the roof who can shoot down at cops and also speed up your money flow, police becoming more difficult over time (with cruisers, vans and helicopters), bank upgrades, etc. I wouldn't make it so that negative $$$ would make you lose, but maybe I can put in rival thieves who slowly drain your money if you don't take them out. Thanks for all of the suggestions, it's very helpful. I'm also adding little speech bubbles that randomly pop up above the police.

Play The last guardian The last guardian Apr. 03, 2014
Pushed the mob arc to much. Level 5 either needs slower mobs or less hp. Hardness jumped up to fast. played 6 times, couldn't get past, but on the positive.. no glitches noticed. Bit more balancing and its going to be a good game.
Play The last guardian The last guardian Apr. 03, 2014
Decent game idea but: The glitching enemies at top of screen needs a fix, the damage multiplier on the upgrades is WAAAY to high.. the character upgrades ( ice, fire and forest) need s some more tips on what each actually does, maybe have 2 mobs run down at once occasionally to add some challenge. Idea's good. Just a few hours of testing would have made it great..
Play MadBurger 2 MadBurger 2 Apr. 01, 2014
overcome 110 km/h (speed records are in mph...) ???
Play MadBurger 2 MadBurger 2 Apr. 01, 2014
Restart gets tedious, and quests need a popup to explain most of the do '3 things' are in one shot.
Play Wood Cutters Havoc Wood Cutters Havoc Mar. 26, 2014
Having worked in milling for all my life, this game is terrible. Why would a cow do damage to a grader/skidder? shame on the dev for making insinuations!
Play IdleCraft IdleCraft Mar. 18, 2014
Needs alot more content. With auto clicker 3.0 unlocked everything in 2 hrs.
Play IdleCraft IdleCraft Mar. 18, 2014
unlocked everything.. no point to it .. waste of 2 hrs..
Play Battle without End Battle without End Mar. 12, 2014
Told the dev no longer works on this game...
Play Daily Driver Daily Driver Mar. 11, 2014
wow .. terrible! the steering isn't intuitive, the 'quests' don't even provide a challenge. 0/5
Play Idle Fish Idle Fish Mar. 04, 2014
soallmy comments got tossed? /shrug
Play Idle Pro Gamer Idle Pro Gamer Feb. 21, 2014
Autoclicker 3.0 will get you there.
Play Idle Story Idle Story Feb. 13, 2014
Getting better, needs more levels the cemetery boss makes getting over lvl 200 SLOW
Developer response from trultz

cemetery is just a drops area, you should item there then head back to forest

Play Idle Story Idle Story Feb. 12, 2014
huh? ''your refiners have made a new item slot for you.'' .. where?
Play Idle Fish Idle Fish Feb. 10, 2014
add more rods ( lowers timer on fish appearing) River monster (mega cash) Bait (more chance to catch rare/monster) Reel quality (adds % to reel speed) Boats (to go offshore and hunt marlin,sail fish, etc) get all upgrades unlock to catch the Kraken (future badge)
Developer response from PoisonedKiwi

There already is an upgrade which increases the spawning of fish. River Monster: We don't want too many rare fish - I think one is enough for now. Boats: I'm thinking about adding different locations and the ability to travel to them at a cost.

Play Rectangle War Rectangle War Feb. 08, 2014
Game scales far to quickly. circles are unkillable and you end up grabbing single coins to buy upgrades that have no effect. 2/5 as it is.
Play Idle Story Idle Story Feb. 05, 2014
When you equip gear the stats text stays in the background.
Developer response from trultz

this version is a few days old, hopefully soon the new version starts loading for ppl

Play Idle Story Idle Story Feb. 05, 2014
Miners nub quest.. Nagotiating? Typo )