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Play Chronicles of Blood Chronicles of Blood Feb. 27, 2013
I really wish that everything in this game that you cannot trade away was made disenchantable, even if only for very low amounts of rubies.
Play The Necropolis The Necropolis Dec. 18, 2011
Nice Idea, but the problem is that the game is too sensitive about the light radius. Even if a monster just entered the edge of your screen, it sometimes begins to drain your sanity. Also, if a monster is on the other side of a wall, but inside your light radius, it sometimes still drains your sanity. Possibly a bug since it doesn't happen all the time?
Play Burrito Bison Burrito Bison Mar. 25, 2011
Only one word: AWESOME!!!
Play Xeporad-V Xeporad-V Mar. 24, 2011
I have finally beaten this piece of ... I don't wanna say it. But obviously, for effed-up controls, a TOTAL BS level 29, and an ENTIRELY LUCK-BASED END-BOSS BATTLE, Where you have to coax 4 turrets that shoot RANDOMLY into shooting a rotating ball in the middle of the room 20 or so times, this game gets a 1 out of 5. It's UTTER CRAP and NO-ONE should EVER play this. FAIL!!! Oh and by the way: The Ending Sucks.
Play Sneak Thief : Triple Trouble Sneak Thief : Triple Trouble Mar. 24, 2011
@distracticus it even lagged my High-end-machine, so yeah. crappy coded, but it's just one scene, so it's ok...
Play High Tea High Tea Feb. 10, 2011
I want to see anyone get the hard Badge. The best Score I could muster was 38'426'400, and although I didn't finish the game - I came extremely close, but couldn't buy enough tea in time, due to the stupid cooldown - that's the best I could do. I got extremely lucky with Opium prices, and struck a lot of ~20 crates for 99$ deals, but I think 40 Million is BARELY manageable without cheats or EXTREME luck. If there was an endless mode, it would be possible, but as is... no way, José. 40M, yes, but not 80. that's just crazy. modify the badge, please!
Play Wizard's Run Wizard's Run Nov. 03, 2010
This game is great fun, but I must agree with the other posters that it is a tad too easy. Here's my upgrade path which allowed me to complete the game at level 11. I guess 10 is possible if you're good at evading stuff... level 2: 2 in Fireball level 3: 1 in fireball, 1 in icebolt. replace the ice aura shit with the ice bolt. Spam x+c. Level 4: 1 in Hot Air, 1 in Holy Grace (might not be needed) Level 5: 1 in Hot Air, 1 in Winter's Might. Level 6: 1 in winter's might, 1 in Holy Grace (might not be needed) Level 7: 2 in Hot Air Level 8: 1 in Rapid Fire, 1 in Winter's Might Level 9: 1 in Frostbite, 1 in Dual Fireball Level 10: 1 in Rapid Fire, 1 in Icebolt Frenzy. Level 11: 1 in Rapid Fire, 1 in Icebolt Frenzy. That's pretty much it, and it's all what is required to beat the game.
Play CellCraft CellCraft Jul. 13, 2010
I would never have thought you could make an educational game that was so much fun! This is AWESOME! 5/5
Play Necronator Necronator Jun. 29, 2010
I have a small complaint with this game, and that is the time limit given for the towns. Sure, it's only about getting a bonus if you can destroy the town within the time limit, BUT the town doesn't count as destroyed before you haven't killed all the people in the town as well. This is BAD, because 1. this makes it literally impossible to keep it in the time limit, people scurry around too much 2. there are always more people than you have to kill to complete the mission objective. It should be changed so that the town counts as destroyed - and the mission ends - when you destroy all the buildings and fulfill the minimum kill requirements for the mission. another possibility would of course be to raise the time limit, which is ridiculously short for most towns. the last town in the first part of the world is HUGE and STILL has a time limit of 2 minutes.
Play The Enchanted Cave The Enchanted Cave Jun. 29, 2010
This game is great. reminds me of Lufia 2 with its optional 99 level dungeon. hard as hell, but SO addicting... just like this game. definitely deserves badges.
Play Tropical Dragon Slaughter Tropical Dragon Slaughter May. 16, 2010
Nice little flash shooter, but I cannot rate this higher than 3/5 for following reasons: 1. The game moves a little too fast. Ok, it adds to the challenge, but there sometimes are too many enemies on screen to be able to dodge em, not at the speed this game's going. 2. Powerups move away from you and most of the time, they move too fast to catch em. considering that the powerups only last a short amount of time, this sucks. 3. Sprites, sounds and music are ripped off of Tyrian. I mean, okay, it's just a flash game, but please don't steal from tyrian. Tyrian is AWESOME. 4. If you have to mimic Tyrian, at least incorporate a Shop system like Tyrian's.
Play Heroin Hero! (Demo) Heroin Hero! (Demo) May. 15, 2010
Where is the damn dragon? where is it? I need to catch it! I know I can do it! just one more, just one more... come on, where's the DRAGON!! damnit! I just wanna play with him, he's so nice...
Play One Button Bob One Button Bob May. 15, 2010
Is there a minimum number of clicks? Oh and Lightfire18: Chuck Norris would just have to LOOK at the mouse button to win, so technically he beats this game in 0 clicks. everytime.
Play Star Trek : Nebula Star Trek : Nebula May. 14, 2010
4. shield is spelled wrong, it's spelled "sheild" in game. also, separate health system is kinda neat, but power-ups should reflect that (the game shouldn't spawn hull powerups when your hull is max, but spawn shield powerups instead). 5. collision detection is screwed up. sprites are too big anyways. 6. stage bosses are impossible to kill without quantum torpedoes (in their yet abusable form) since they have too much health and do tons of damage (one barrage nearly instakills you, and dodging it is nigh impossible.) therefore, 1/5 until fixed.
Play Star Trek : Nebula Star Trek : Nebula May. 14, 2010
just another Shootorial game, although spiced up nicely. things that need improvement are: 1. get rid of the whole ammunition system or add phasers with infinite ammo. since the upgrades are random, it can take forever to get more ammo. 2. Quantum torpedoes can be activated but not used if you have no ammo left, which is just stupid since the text still says that you have 10 Quantum Torpedoes left. also Quantum torpedoes are a) useless, there's always only one ship on screen, so the piercing effect does nothing and b) abusable, minibosses will die in one shot, Stage boss will need only 2 or 3 hits (no recovery time, therefore multiple hits in one). 3. If a soliton pulse works on a miniboss, why not on a stageboss? just remove the instakill, and do massive damage instead
Play Spiral Shooter Spiral Shooter May. 08, 2010
well... Ok I think the guy who did this could not work with flash very well so... here's something you absolutely HAVE to improve: 1. Handling Turning is flawed because you cannot turn 360, you will always turn by about 15°. You can also only turn by tapping the buttons again and again. only sometimes the game will recognize you holding the button down and then your ship goes apeshit and turns way too fast. also, speeding up seems to have the same issues. 2. Collision detection is just awkward. please make it so that you do not fire odd shapes at odd shapes. just a straight laser will do, no need for a parallelogram with beveled edges. also, you can't tell when you'll get hit by the... odd shapes... flying around.
Play Coptra Coptra May. 06, 2010
this game is absolutely AWESOME i must say. being able to stack powerups is really neat, and laser + spread is just PURE OWNAGE. 5/5, bring more of it! oh, and this game should have badges. Seriously.
Play Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! May. 06, 2010
things I would really like to see improved: 1. reduced camo time for Ninja bosses, OR less speed for them. otherwise it really is nigh impossible to beat them. Or give us a tower that can slow them for a while at least. 2. PLEASE include some priority system into the AI so that towers Prioritize Enemies that carry gems. it would be the most rational thing to do for those towers, anyways. 3. the timer for the spell that increases attack speed should be increased. Only 5 seconds is not that cost-efficient for 200 mana. perhaps make it 15 seconds, but reduce the speed boost a little.
Play Omega Crisis Omega Crisis May. 02, 2010
Good game, but I really have to say it is way to easy. Whoever played "Orbital Decay" even once will say that this is just too easy. also, it's a taad bit short. I agree with potatoEngineer that the Turret A.I. is retarded, they ALL select the same target AND they just pick it at RANDOM. oh, and ppl, don't bother with gatlings anymore as soon as you can build Missile turrets. do NOT research laser turrets, they do JACKSH*T. for all missions I found it easiest just to build the maximum number of Missile turrets ASAP; perhaps later sell some level 1 missile turrets and upgrade some others. always build on demand; meaning, build them in the general direction of the aliens next onslaught (just press space as soon as you hear the siren and look for the portal). upgrading main turret also is mandatory.
Play Dance of the Robots Dance of the Robots Apr. 25, 2010
OMFG I just cannot stop playing this the tune is too catchy I am addicted to that tune alone...