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Play Hyperhook Hyperhook Apr. 13, 2015
this is great, I even like the music. Only complaint is the colour scheme.
Developer response from horseflip

I originally wanted to include several color schemes as an option, but didn't have the time to implement it in the end. It could come as an update though, thanks for reminding me.

Play Psych Psych Jan. 26, 2015
Cool game. Some kind of bug I've encountered twice now where the music fades out, the screen goes black and I have to refresh—but other than that, really nice. I love the way things get weird very quickly.
Play Amazing Tomb Amazing Tomb Jan. 12, 2015
Pretty good. I liked it enough to find some things to complain about. 1: The horizontal movement feels slightly sluggish. If the old man was more sprightly, I'd have more fun, I think. 2: the jetpack item feels like more of a power-down than a power-up, I invariably die if I pick it up because the fuel runs out in the middle of what would have been an easy jump. 3: a keyboard shortcut for restarting on the game-over screen would be great. 4: add Kong api/high scores
Play LolliPoop LolliPoop Dec. 15, 2014
this should have been a relly shit game. But somehow you messed up and made something good. The graphics and general look & feel in particular are great
Developer response from MyPocketGames

The best comment!

Play Octagon Octagon Nov. 30, 2014
pretty good. But where's endless mode? Do I have to beat all, what 8? levels first or something
Developer response from FlowStudio

Hi LouWeed, drag the black octagon on the home screen down and turn it up side down to switch to endless. See here my simple "tutorial" :) http://cl.ly/image/3b2r2h34413Q

Play The RoguePuzzleGame The RoguePuzzleGame Oct. 01, 2014
Cool. But would be so much better if there was a score for how well I completed each level. Score should be based on health remaining, and number of moves. As it stands there's no real motivation to play the game well, and so no replay value.
Play The Wizard The Wizard Sep. 11, 2014
Fourth play-through, I got the 320k high score I was aiming for. Max score is probably somewhere around 322-3K. A level select would be a great addition because as fun as the game is, I'm not going to do another whole playthrough just to scrape a few measly points from a couple of levels. Probably the most fun I've had playing a game this year though 6/5
Play Extreme Winter Holidays Extreme Winter Holidays Sep. 10, 2014
Weirdest platformer I've played in a while. Didn't even know it was a platformer for a couple of levels. Needs a level timer for replayability
Play The Wizard The Wizard Aug. 31, 2014
Really good game. Love it. But why is the screen so damn big?
Play The Cave of Ātman The Cave of Ātman Jul. 02, 2014
Awesome. A level editor would be great, or just some more levels
Play Parallel 2 Parallel 2 Jul. 02, 2014
Not bad. Add a timer to the levels and you've got something with replayability
Play Mine Runner Mine Runner Feb. 09, 2014
My comment got butchered by Kong because of an angle bracket. Anyway, in a nutshell: I like the idea, but. Difficulty curve needs increasing. Kind of boring, needs findable items, or if the character could level up. Or something.
Developer response from Happy_G

i have been thinking about the difficulty, as it sits now bombs = level + 10 so it only adds 1 bomb per level, i have been thinking about making it increase in a different fashion maybe level * 2 + 10 or level * 3 +10 so it adds multiple bombs per level, just not sure how many bombs to add per level would be a good fit. i have gotten alot of comments from people about it being to easy for to long so you get bored before it gets challenging.

Play Mine Runner Mine Runner Feb. 09, 2014
minesweeper d like it if there was a bit more to the levels than just the gimmick. Maybe some items? Maybe if the character could level up? Not sure, but it needs something else...
Play Interruption Interruption Feb. 09, 2014
Like Spin the Black Circle, but dumber.
Play Rockocroco Rockocroco Jan. 13, 2014
Nice game, but the difficulty stops increasing after a certain point. Adding more varied enemies would add to the difficulty as well as the enjoyment. Personally I don't think adding upgrades would help
Developer response from AdventureIslands

Actually the game keeps speeding constantly and never gets easier, there will be a point when stuff starts to move so fast it's impossible to avoid them. But the game is about trying to get highest possible score before that happens.

Play Lime Rick Lime Rick Sep. 04, 2013
D: I was only 5 levels away from the end... Hopefully you get The Puzzle Game Of The Year working again before the rating drops below the threshold...while you're at it, add api and give those lazy badge makers something useful to do instead of giving unnecessary publicity to the latest generic td/shooter lagfest from Iriysoft/AG.
Play Clockwork Cat Clockwork Cat Aug. 26, 2013
Needs a restart, a mute, and high-scores. And the jump sometimes doesn't register, specifically just after I've finished a jump I have to wait a half-second or so before I can jump again. But other than that I love it 5/5
Play Mini Dash Mini Dash May. 01, 2013
Well, I kind of liked it. Shame it's only a demo for a mobile game, because I really can't see the control scheme working with touch screen controls on a (relatively) tiny screen.
Developer response from playcreek

You could be surprised how well it plays on mobile!

Play Bonsai Worlds Bonsai Worlds Apr. 23, 2013
I really like this as an idle-type game. So it would be great if it didn't auto-pause whenever the focus left the screen. I'd also like the ability to zoom out. And I don't know if there's anything you can do to fix the lag...my bonsai of size 2,000, pop. 200,000 is using 500MB of RAM, which seems excessive.
Play Magnetized Magnetized Apr. 19, 2013
That was awesome. I do have some suggestions though....a death counter is of course essential, but so is a time counter. Maybe a click counter too? It would also be nice to be able to use the space key as well as Z. And obviously you need to implement a "game completed" stat and a "number of levels completed" stat on the kong high scores so this game can get badges.
Developer response from rocky10529

thanks for advice:)