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Play MARDEK RPG Walkthrough MARDEK RPG Walkthrough May. 23, 2015
For those wondering whether he'll finish any time soon: no he won't. Pseudo is now busy on a reboot of the series, in which he has pretty much changed everything. Sorry to let your hope down.
Play The Awakening RPG The Awakening RPG May. 14, 2015
Everything from the battles to the graphics, sound & music, npc's, story and quests is top notch. I especially love all the references you put into the game. R.I.P.: Aragorn, son of Arathorn lol!
Play Shape Shifter 2 Shape Shifter 2 Mar. 12, 2015
I just don't like it that you can't ignore the door. Why does the shape shifter absolutely have to go through the damn thing the moment they touch it?
Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Feb. 18, 2015
Next time some idiot in YT thinks he can debate me but commits one fallacy after the other, I'm going to send them a link to this game in the hope that they might learn something from it. I learned a lot as well and I thank you for that.
Play Age of Wonder - The Lost Scrolls Age of Wonder - The Lost Scrolls Feb. 14, 2015
Great game! would be awesome if there were keyboard shortcuts to change between stones and scrolls.
Developer response from danishgoel

Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed the game. You can change between stone & scroll with [Spacebar] also. It is mentioned in the hanging instructions scroll in level 2 :)

Play Raze 3 Raze 3 Feb. 12, 2015
Still no sound volume sliders :/
Play World War II: TCG World War II: TCG Jan. 10, 2015
I hate it that you take away my entire hand of cards instead of only filling the stuff I didn't use (or discard, if you would add that option).
Developer response from kramito

Hey Lttlemoi, Your propose is something that we discussed on the early stages of the game. We decided to go with the full recycle system because matched really well with our promoting system and opened different new strategies that you may not see in other card games. Cheers!

Play A Dance of Fire and Ice A Dance of Fire and Ice Dec. 21, 2014
the rotating thing gets me every time.
Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 2 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 2 Nov. 09, 2014
@Skullmonkeys44 You can press the [esc] button
Play TDP5 Arena TDP5 Arena Nov. 05, 2014
I strongly dislike the fact that you only get your silver after each round instead of with each kill as in previous games.
Play TDP5 Arena TDP5 Arena Oct. 31, 2014
@JDOGWIN You do realize that those kind of sites are scams, right?
Play Hook Hook Oct. 19, 2014
I really enjoyed this game. Loved the puzzles and the minimalism. 5/5
Play Dead Metal Dead Metal Sep. 28, 2014
Why are the logos playing at like 1fps? The main menu also seems to be broken.
Play Monsters & Dungeons Monsters & Dungeons Sep. 15, 2014
Dumb energy system, bad UI design in the menus, tutorial only covers the battle system and nowhere is it explained how hard the challenges really are.
Play Mark Of Darkness Mark Of Darkness Aug. 22, 2014
"Where would you be on the battlefield" Far away, so that I can snipe my enemies before they even know I'm there. *only allows me to see 5m in front of me* The archer is just useless in this game. very small view distance, incredibly long draw time and ridiculous range (about 25 m when shooting straight forward). At least there is no friendly fire.
Play Soccer Physics Soccer Physics Aug. 09, 2014
mute button?
Play My Friend Pedro My Friend Pedro Jul. 07, 2014
@gnongpom74 Get used to it, I did as well.
Play War of Omens War of Omens Jun. 26, 2014
@brazilman144: If you "miss" a daily reward, the counter isn't reset like they do in most games. It keeps your current reward and day count.
Play War of Omens War of Omens Jun. 20, 2014
I was quite surprised to see Kapitein Brögger in chapter 3 speak Dutch. Why is that actually? Brögger isn't a Dutch name.
Play OFFS3T game OFFS3T game Feb. 16, 2014
The hints are kind of pointless.The hardest part isn't finding out which piece you forgot. It's figuring out where it has to go.