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Play Absentia - Episode 1 Absentia - Episode 1 Jun. 12, 2010
Awesome atmosphere, though I wish there was more variety in the puzzles.
Play Movie Trivia Quiz Movie Trivia Quiz May. 01, 2010
Fun little game, agree with pretty much all of jrs5's suggestions for expanding. And I really want to see "The Raven" now :P
Play Picma Picma Apr. 16, 2010
Love this game, it's so simple. I just mute the sound and listen to whatever music I'm in the mood for and play the puzzle to relax.
Play Help! It's the Unfinished Shadow Game Help! It's the Unfinished Shadow Game Apr. 13, 2010
Yay, badges :)
Play Neverland Neverland Apr. 11, 2010
Love difference games with the beautifully drawn graphics like this one, although I couldn't decipher the story. Would'a been nice to put in a little synopsis or something.
Play Dracula Palace Escape Dracula Palace Escape Apr. 09, 2010
You can open the box in the hallway by busting it open with the icepick (found behind the trunk after you open it with the blue key). No idea on the curtains, have opened chains around casket, taken candles, skulls, bone, mirror...not sure where to go.
Play Zombie, Go Home! Zombie, Go Home! Apr. 07, 2010
Uh, I can't get him to stop walking...
Play Extreme Crossword 2 Extreme Crossword 2 Apr. 07, 2010
Definitely needs more instructions on gameplay, but cool concept.
Play The Country Quiz The Country Quiz Apr. 03, 2010
Agreed, the extra trivia is cool. I didn't know chess was invented in India.
Play The Majesty of Colors The Majesty of Colors Apr. 03, 2010
Thanks killabox, I've been trying to figure out how to save the kid for a long time. Thought I had a glitch or something.
Play Genesis Genesis Apr. 01, 2010
Can't figure out how to save all the people in the archery practice...I know I have to move them out of the way at the last second, but I can't stop time fast enough...will there be a walkthrough coming?
Play Hidden Object-Luxury Bus Hidden Object-Luxury Bus Apr. 01, 2010
Lovely scenery, made me want to be there! But agreed, poor quality, and way too short.
Play Grinder Chapter : Beta Grinder Chapter : Beta Apr. 01, 2010
Cool style (of the bits you showed at least). Looks interesting, how long 'til it's out?
Play Shadowmon Shadowmon Apr. 01, 2010
Anyway, the game--cute character, but waay short. Maybe a test? And how do you get points?
Play Daymare Town 3 Daymare Town 3 Mar. 31, 2010
Okay, I can't figure out what's wrong...I can't get back out of the painting.
Play Daymare Town 3 Daymare Town 3 Mar. 31, 2010
Link to the walkthrough is on the main's not terribly thorough though.
Play 8 Ball Pool 8 Ball Pool Mar. 29, 2010
I like it. Got to brush up on my spanish playing someone from Mexico. Rules are a little strange, but physics student says physics of the game seems alright to me!
Play Ambiguity Plus Ambiguity Plus Mar. 27, 2010
Oh, I used to love these when I was a kid. 78053 :D
Play Cave Labyrinth Cave Labyrinth Mar. 27, 2010
I didn't think it was so bad. The movement was a little random, yeah, but I thought it was part of the game, like to make you feel lost in a cave, but I didn't have too much trouble moving around. The spider definitely uugged me out...*shudder*
Play Snooker Snooker Mar. 27, 2010
Might be fun if I didn't fail so badly :P