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Play Reincarnation:  LEET Reincarnation: LEET Jul. 13, 2014
...why was it so short? :(
Play Time to wake up Time to wake up Jul. 02, 2014
....i talked to the girl and ended the game before i even explored the rest of the rooms...i just assumed i was supposed to :(
Play Once Upon A Life Once Upon A Life Mar. 01, 2014
:'D such a simple game, yet had a beautiful story and nearly made me cry. And the end credits with that song andll the pics.. ;-;
Play Feesh. Feesh. Mar. 23, 2013 offspring just grew to a ginormous size and now all the feesh i should be eating is respawning underneath it and it wont stop...o-o so im basically stuck..
Developer response from Teejay5

Welp, looks like my update didn't work completely xD. Some have been reporting that but I've never seen it myself..time to go bug hunting! And ouch, sorry about the squashed highscore!

Play Feesh. Feesh. Mar. 23, 2013
omg?! over 400,000??? ;-; i feel dead inside...
Play Feesh. Feesh. Mar. 21, 2013
XD nice intro
Play Feesh. Feesh. Mar. 19, 2013
nooooooo ma highscore!!! ;-;
Developer response from Teejay5

I warned you about that friend, haha!

Play Feesh. Feesh. Mar. 09, 2013
i think im addicted to this game, i hope i dont overdose @-@
Developer response from Teejay5

Don't worry, we can schedule a Feesh intervention some time this month. Haha thanks, it makes me really happy to hear that someone's really enjoying this :D

Play Feesh. Feesh. Mar. 04, 2013
i have a feeling im gonna be keeping that high score for a while, hehe.. ;)
Developer response from Teejay5

i have a friend who will literally stop at nothing to keep that high score spot, so we'll just see >:D

Play Loved Loved Mar. 02, 2013
very interesting, even a little creepy..
Play Psychiatric Evaluation Psychiatric Evaluation Mar. 02, 2013
very interesting concept :D wish it was longer though ^-^
Play Feesh. Feesh. Mar. 01, 2013
happy birthday :D
Developer response from Teejay5

haha thanks! Glad someone noticed that update :D

Play Feesh. Feesh. Feb. 23, 2013 starting to think eating that fish is impossible...i stared at the screen for awhile before i replayed and it was still growing O__O there should be a limit as to how large an enemy fih grows or sumthin...or maybe it diesif it gets too large? idk..
Play Feesh. Feesh. Feb. 23, 2013
love the game and the concept... i even like the giant fish! but is there a way i can eat that too? XD at least if i know its possible then i might not go insane and throw my computer out the window...
Play The Pride of Taern The Pride of Taern Jul. 23, 2012
oh nevermind :D i gotta rest wish i woulve known that before...-.-
Play The Pride of Taern The Pride of Taern Jul. 23, 2012 come i have 200 hp but i only have 50 starting out? i cant kill the rats with only 50 hp...
Play Pathos Pathos Jul. 17, 2012
......this game made me feel like a terrible person... :'(
Play Closed In Closed In Jul. 17, 2012
i like this game but i died so many times it made me want to give up, i really wish there were checkpoints that when you reincarnate it send you back to the area rather than the beginning of the game, otherwise i would give you 5/5
Play The Torture Game The Torture Game Jun. 16, 2012
this guy is so skinny i wouldnt be surprised if his pants fell off
Play The Visitor Returns The Visitor Returns Jun. 16, 2012
i wonder who would win in a knife battle jason vorhees or that old guy with a fat wife