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Play Epic Boss Fighter Epic Boss Fighter Mar. 30, 2014
Pretty much all bosses are easy to defeat. Only the last boss has a difficulty curve of hitting a brick wall. All upgrades at max and still can't get him to 50%.
Play Dungeon Blitz Dungeon Blitz Mar. 28, 2014
Want to open this chest? Great, go buy a key. Want a key, buy some sigils. Want to buy sigels? Got to buy mammoth idols first. Want mammoth idols? Get Kreds, and you can buy those with real money... Really?! 4 steps of buying stuff to open a freaking chest?!
Play Dungeon Blitz Dungeon Blitz Mar. 24, 2014
Wth is Expertise??? It's never explaind properly. Increases healing and status effects... As in bleeding i do lasts longer? Does more DMG but same time? Bleeding on me is reduced? What?
Play Dungeon Blitz Dungeon Blitz Mar. 24, 2014
Wth is Expertise for??? It's never explaind :s
Play Loot Heroes Loot Heroes Mar. 21, 2014
Black cat + black bat do not negate the neg effect of the cursed weapon. I get stuned by things that never stuned me before now. **Also, it's never said that, you lose hp with the zombie knight if enemies die in the "land of the Dead" skill. Yet i seem to lose hp, and nothing is even near me. And i'ts not the items, cuz all neg effect should be gone thx to the black cat, black bat, dragon wing set items.**
Play Loot Heroes Loot Heroes Mar. 21, 2014
Black cat, cursed blade & black bat = effect: no negative effect? Yet i still get +20% incoming dmg :s
Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 19, 2014
Shouldn't bullets in space keep flying if they are far away from earth? The moon i can get. But the home planet? That big thing should even attract the bullets :p
Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 19, 2014
Question, whats the Research lvl cap? If there is any. I would recommend it tho if there isent one. Endless mode's arent really that fulfilling.
Developer response from light_bringer777

Normal research stops at level 10, then you can 'over-upgrade' to 100.

Play Parking Super Skills Parking Super Skills Mar. 17, 2014
It's like driving a brick.
Play The Solomon Circle The Solomon Circle Mar. 13, 2014
To short and the character move painfully slow.
Play Heroes of the Realm Heroes of the Realm Mar. 13, 2014
I ahte those daily mails quests! I don't want to sell a sword for 2 or 3 energy! But if i don't it will keep freaking flasshing on the bottom of my screen!!!
Play Rise of the Titans Rise of the Titans Mar. 05, 2014
The option to switch to "azerty" is a must here. Fun game but atm crap controles :(
Play Battery Disposal Unit Battery Disposal Unit Feb. 28, 2014
"We have some ideas reinvent the game play a bit..." Please don't reinvent the game play "a bit". Either reinvent it completely or don't bother. All developers do now is reinvent a old game "a bit". Nothing is new and innovating these days because of it.
Play Battery Disposal Unit Battery Disposal Unit Feb. 28, 2014
No Tay00, they can't. Thats why on general there are nearly no great games out on any platform. It's a sad time...
Developer response from EPICreationZ

Hey Tay00 and Lureahawk, these are just materials we've developed for our 2 days mobile app course. Thought we might as well load them up to see how many plays we can get and use this as a platform to showcase our works to clients. We have some ideas reinvent the game play a bit, but those will have to wait till we have some free time.

Play Lodge Escape Lodge Escape Feb. 28, 2014
My god this game is BAD
Play Death lab Death lab Feb. 27, 2014
It's a shame that getting all starts doesn't unlock something special. Like a bit more to the ending. Or even a overpowered weapon. Since you cleared everything already this seems like a fun thing to play with.
Play Dead Zed 2 Dead Zed 2 Feb. 24, 2014
Last house in the first map and 0 survivors left. And just to increas finding chanse i put them ALL on search. They died off like flys even tho the chanse of finding and surviving it all was high. it's a fun game but this survivors problem drags it from a 5/5 to a 2/5 It's VERY anoying.
Play noOS noOS Feb. 21, 2014
You can't reset the level? I got stuck in a glitch on lvl 9 right when it loaded. Doing it ALL over again is a pain at this point.
Developer response from Kouboooo

It's fixed (the reboot, about the bug I have no clue...) : you can restart the current screen with ESC. I'm sorry for the trouble... :/

For the love of god, a mute button!
Play Survival Idle Survival Idle Feb. 16, 2014
Wouldn't it make more sense that if something is full the auto gathering owl would have more time to gather more of the other stuff? Example. If the Wood, food, water gathering rate is 50,100,100 then when water is full wouldn't it make more sense the gather rate change to something like 50,150,0 or so?