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Play Artistic Differences Artistic Differences Apr. 03, 2013
If you've just lost your saved progress I'm sorry. Kongregate apparently does that when the game is modified in any way - even though I thought it wouldn't. I'll try not to do it again. If you really want to, you might be able to recover it by moving the flash-cookie files around.
Play Silver Lining Silver Lining Dec. 12, 2009
(2nd comment to fit within size limitation) I'd like to make that a general point actually. If you're a thinking gamer and you'd like a game to improve - rate it up! Once a game has tanked the developer is generally going to be disinclined from updating it - they might as well do something else. By all means comment that you'll take points away later, but if a game doesn't get a high average to start with, it gets buried; hardly any more plays occur. I've also noted the other points raised, and will try to incorporate them in future games.
Play Silver Lining Silver Lining Dec. 12, 2009
The reason for there being no setup time is that I made the game for a competition which had a 60-second limit on gameplay. Personally I don't think it's an issue - just build your initial setup downwards, ahead of the rain. I'm pretty sure on mac you can get the context menu somehow - a keyboard button may also be involved. I concede that an on-screen button would have been possible in this case though. Random ('auto-generated') maps and a level designer are nice ideas, but there just isn't enough support for the game to make it worthwhile. If the game was highly rated I'd spend more time on it.
Play Silver Lining Silver Lining Dec. 06, 2009
There you go Zerris - beat that ;-)
Play Silver Lining Silver Lining Dec. 05, 2009
Actually both of the music tracks are licenced - we probably got them from the same place.
Play Silver Lining Silver Lining Dec. 05, 2009
Mute button is on title page Marlonir.
Play Little Wheel Little Wheel Sep. 12, 2009
The Chosen One, I think that's a shockingly bad attitude. You like everything about the game and want more, so you rate it down? Way to disuade the developer from making an extended sequel! I gained the badge immediately after reporting it. I think it's probably just taking a long time for the server to process it, so you can try just waiting. Or report it and send a screenshot using the link in the Achievements tab while you're waiting.
Play Wooden Path Wooden Path Oct. 28, 2008
Level B-20 seems bugged - only one of the four grey curly squares disappears when the grey route is connected.
Play Hexiom Connect Hexiom Connect Sep. 24, 2008
Skip - there is a colourblind mode - there's a button hidden (it's grey so hard to spot) on the main menu - to the right of 'more games' -which looks a bit like an eye. Click on it once; nothing obvious happens, but you'll notice the difference when you start play.
Play Hexiom Connect Hexiom Connect Sep. 22, 2008
moriartias - you need to do a *random* size 3 level. On the main menu, mouse over the big hexagon with the question-mark, below the 40 designed levels.
Play light-Bot light-Bot Sep. 17, 2008
That link again, since textile didn't mark it:
Play light-Bot light-Bot Sep. 17, 2008
If you're interested in comparing level scores, could I draw your attention to "this thread": . Post your scores for each level, so others can identify the areas in which they have potential slack. I'm on 157, by the way.
Play Dog Eat Dog Dog Eat Dog Aug. 11, 2008
dexterspet, Greg wrote that not the programmer, it's challenge description text. Basically it's an excuse for the collision detection (if I can use the term loosely).
Play Crossing Bridges Crossing Bridges Jul. 10, 2008
7621345 should do it. Since you describe it as a river there must be a source somewhere offscreen, so you can walk around from one bank to the other. And you didn't say where to start, so starting on one of the islands is presumably acceptable.
Play FWG Bridge FWG Bridge Jul. 09, 2008
Bah, I was adding it the wrong way round. Wish I could delete those comments below, but I can't. 3rd time lucky? "Slightly non-standard walkthrough":
Play FWG Bridge FWG Bridge Jul. 09, 2008
Aw nuts, let me try that link again. "":Walkthrough
Play FWG Bridge FWG Bridge Jul. 09, 2008
How to build a bridge "walkthrough": (Actually not quite your standard walkthough...
Play FWG Bridge FWG Bridge Jul. 09, 2008
This game is definitely *NOT stolen*. Please, people, could you *try not to make baseless accusations*. I also had the problem with my apparently very sturdy bridge breaking as soon as the first guy touched it. I found the solution was to remove some links so the bridge could give a little. I'm not sure whether this is a physics issue or not, perhaps the beams are just a little bit too unrealistically rigid or something.
Play Rocket Racers Rocket Racers Jun. 07, 2008
Fatalxshot, I'm confused and a bit disturbed by your comment. I've submitted my games over the course of a year, and spent a good deal of time making this one.
Play TwoThree TwoThree Feb. 29, 2008
Not too bad - but it needs the issue with hitting the number behind (further back than) the one being shot at to be fixed.