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Dec 14, 2009 7:23am

Just played you silver lining game. I like the cncept. I think you should make a sequel or an updated version if you get the chance. The presentation is very nice but I feel it needs more. Maybe bad drops that make you lose points and an action that lets you get rid of these drops. A count down at the start is a must or an “start wave” …

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Dec 5, 2009 8:29am

And a level builder would make this so much more fun, and should be super easy to build. Just let us place initial objects and set prices, then make the code copy-paste-able.

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Dec 5, 2009 7:45am

Also, I just beat all the top highscores by between 50% and 100% for you. :p

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Dec 5, 2009 7:20am

make that need

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Dec 5, 2009 7:20am

I like the concept. First note is if you want a speed game like this, you need hotkeys for the options. I suggest 1-2-3-…-0

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May 25, 2009 3:35am

I noticed you had some beta testers on a game recently…I also need some beta testers, but I don’t know how to let them test the game w/o actually releasing it. Please tell me how it works by whisper or at this forum:

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May 9, 2009 3:42pm

sup lysis long time no see ya wanna play the game of the towers xD were i loose i actully dont rmember the name, ohh and do u like my new avatar??

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Apr 29, 2009 12:31am

I exist too, not wait! I don’t :[

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Nov 5, 2008 2:57pm

hey i played rocket race and i like it dont take te comements ppl say, i think most of them dont know how to create games

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Nov 4, 2008 4:47pm

found ya!!

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Jul 4, 2008 6:10am

Достаточно интересные у Вас игры, с удовольствием сыграл

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Nov 21, 2007 2:20pm

Hey Lysis! I have a special place in your heart? YAY! Anyway, thanks for adding that. The second one Big Fish is better btw! :D

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Aug 31, 2007 1:38pm

your “about me” made me really :) funny