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Play Growth Growth Sep. 21, 2014
not very idle-ish. at all. mistagged
Play Royal Warfare Royal Warfare Aug. 12, 2014
1/5 for the lack of response to the black screen. sure maybe not an immediate fix but even a comment to the players would've been nice to know you were on the case. as always rates can be changed
Developer response from platon_skedow

Sorry man, it was a late night here, in Europe, when this error occur. I just uploaded a new version. Please try it now. If nothing changes and it still freezes at black screen, please try to wait a minute or two, and check whether it starts loading or no.

Play Auto-Attack! Auto-Attack! Aug. 09, 2014
crafting level? sure. craft bonus? wtf is that? lol you might add new content sure but do you plan on making this game just better? then the randomness on crafting is horrible, doubled by the fact that the new weapon ALWAYS replaces the old one which is just a terrible way to do business. is this the best I can craft? well maybe but I don't want to reroll 50+ times to get stats this high again if i'm wrong. good luck on your next game
Play Auto-Attack! Auto-Attack! Aug. 09, 2014
out of all songs this one had to be chosen?
Play Rebuild Rebuild Aug. 07, 2014
harder and up is just way too unbalanced. not worth the badge
Play Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Aug. 07, 2014
its a huge turn off that I get more wins just throwing cards out on a whim than actually being able to set up a strategy. not even worth the bagdes
Play Poop Clicker Poop Clicker Aug. 01, 2014
a game about crap = insta-1/5
Play IdleCraft IdleCraft Aug. 01, 2014
something with kong blizzed up a lot of flash games. this is like the 5th game like this back to back for me
Play Mine Clicker Mine Clicker Aug. 01, 2014
broken past your local side, test off a different computer or better yet have some people online test it, sloppy work
Play Idle-Tower Idle-Tower Jul. 31, 2014
the dev clearly has no interest in furthering the quality of this almost-game 1/5
Play BloxxClicker BloxxClicker Jul. 31, 2014
growth rate is way too stunted
Developer response from MePlayItOnline

Yes, we're testing new balancing in a LITE-Version and will make it better in Bloxx Clickers 2. This is our first try, so we need a lot of feedback. Thank you for your feedback!

Play Idle Fantasy Idle Fantasy Jul. 31, 2014
lol @goldstar1 hasn't played many idle games at all
Play Money 4 Honey - Idle Money 4 Honey - Idle Jul. 31, 2014
all im seeing is a bee hovering over a jar, not sure if theres a certain way to start this game but 1/5
Play Button Clicker Button Clicker Jul. 31, 2014
reeeeeaaallly liking this game and loving your attention to the community but the clicks don't add up if I switch tabs and that's a no-no. so 4/5. will check back in a week or so
Developer response from PulisProgramming

Hi menase, first of all thanks, and secondly, I can't control the tab thing. But and alternative is opening a new window instead of tab. So keep Button Clicker on a window and other tabs on another window. :)

Play Button Clicker Button Clicker Jul. 31, 2014
timing is off for some reason. im not getting x/s im getting x in about 1.2seconds instead. its weird lol
Play The Amazite The Amazite Jul. 31, 2014
lol the devs have no motivation for the game which motivates me to give it 1 star. if your going to put something out there and openly state that you have no interest in it don't expect anybody else to find interest in it either. no matter what it COULD be, as it is now, its trash
Play Helixteus Helixteus Jul. 31, 2014
way too much work for a halfway idle game that doesn't even have an ending. nothing makes me want to dump time into this. there is no reason too either since kongregate has a no achievements on idle policy. this game is just a no go
Developer response from Apple0726

I understand there is no purpose playing the game if you're playing alone and not competing on the leaderboards, but the main fun of the game is that the universe is infinite, and you try to progress as much as possible with no barrier, along with a bunch of bonus stuff to make the game even more fun to play.

Play Idle Chop Idle Chop Jul. 31, 2014
to Fangwolf2666 that's probably a local save problem. I have my browser auto delete history, cookies etc, so everytime I close and open the browser all my kong saves are gone
Play Kick The Critter Kick The Critter Jul. 29, 2014
2/5. theres no way the devs thought this game through. combine all the review comments and there's nothing I could add. the devs might've fixed a few problems but they definitely didn't try to fix the game. or build it properly in the first place
Play Feudalism III Feudalism III Nov. 08, 2013
the upgrades suck