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Play Elements Elements Apr. 10, 2014
@Hexic100000 - The only cause for that I can think of is PVP right now. The servers have decided to kick people from games resulting in a loss pretty much every time you try to PVP (or at least the games that I and others have played). Hopefully we'll get a fix soon.
Play Elements Elements Jun. 25, 2013
A good tip for the last quest - one PVP1 game can get you over 100 score.
Play Elements Elements May. 04, 2013
vinnvinn, that's probably a better question to ask in chat, you'll get an answer faster. You'll spawn a singularity. These have negative attack (so they heal the opponent), and do a number of nasty things, such as make themselves immaterial, give themselves adrenaline, make copies of themselves. One singularity at the start can make the rest of the game impossible for you.
Play Elements Elements Apr. 22, 2013
@ Limpan, press the 'your deck' button on the main screen. In the top right of the screen is your current mark. Click it, and select the new mark you want from the drop down list.
Play Elements Elements Apr. 06, 2013
@roroz press the new account button (center of the starting screen), type in the user name and password you want, and press done. I'm not sure how it can be made any less complex xD
Play Don't Look Back Don't Look Back Apr. 03, 2013
First thing I did when I got the gun? Went back and shot the snake that I failed to jump over three times.
Play Elements Elements Jan. 25, 2013
mauro, if you're having trouble then just ask in chat. There are lots of people around who would be willing to help.
Play Elements Elements Jan. 10, 2013
I'm told the new cards shall be added to the bazaar by sunday.
Play Elements Elements Jan. 05, 2013
You forgot SoFr edced :) One quanta is not a lot...
Play Elements Elements Jan. 03, 2013
Ahwen, have you tried looking in the settings? :)
Play Takeover Takeover Dec. 14, 2012
I'd love it if you could group units. Usually I have a couple of units that spend their whole time together, and it would save a lot of time if I could just press 1 and select the whole group.