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Play Bear in Super Action Adventure Bear in Super Action Adventure Jun. 25, 2015
At least I didn't have to replay a lvl 50 times to earn cash for upgrades, so it was nice. And them sound bytes did cheer me up, nice addition in my opinion and it didn't get boring because the game was quick,
Play Papa's Freezeria Papa's Freezeria May. 01, 2015
I think they can see that we've spilled stuff because their sundaes are delivered to them on a belt ( like at the supermarket checkout or sushi bar) together with all the mess we've left. If you look closely... :)
Play Bubble Sky Bubble Sky Jan. 28, 2015
have waisted 45 minutes of my time. Still no badge though. terrible game.
Play My Pet Protector 2 My Pet Protector 2 Aug. 17, 2013
white skeleton is hilarious. He has a 'boner' and he runs funny.
Play CycloManiacs 2 CycloManiacs 2 Feb. 14, 2013
Dick Wastly, ha ha I have been..'dickrolled''
Play 400 Years 400 Years Feb. 13, 2013
too slow, too boring.
Play My Little Army My Little Army Feb. 11, 2013
now that's easy badge!
Play 300 miles to Pigsland 300 miles to Pigsland Feb. 11, 2013
save button? save option? no? I'm coming back to this game for the 3rd time and have to start from the very begining.
Play Clockwords: Prelude Clockwords: Prelude Feb. 08, 2013
English isn't my native language but this game is fun. I'm like cow-beef-milk-milkman-man-woman-sex.... From cow to sex haha that is a great game.
Play Level Up! Level Up! Jan. 30, 2013
why does she have to slide after jump? she always falls down...
Play My Pet Protector 2 My Pet Protector 2 Jan. 29, 2013
the way that skeleton runs back... ha ha hilarious,
Play Zombotron Zombotron Jan. 29, 2013
what is wrong I am on lvl 2 and the elevator breaks, there is no parts or dead zombies under it ,I have tried many times and I can't beat lvl 2 .... I am upset
Play Papa's Taco Mia! Papa's Taco Mia! Jan. 27, 2013
everything takes so long it is boooooring
Play Upgrade Complete 2 Upgrade Complete 2 Dec. 19, 2012
well thank a lot. my 3 years old daughter was sitting next to me enjoying that du du dum dum dudududm song when I bought heart rate upgrade. She shutted my laptop down, ran away and now she want to go to her grandpa for the rest of the week