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Play Reactance Reactance Mar. 11, 2011
I was so close to beating the final boss with acid spray, lol. Damn it.
Play Protector IV Protector IV Jun. 17, 2010
This game is incredibly easy. I had a hero w/ Trainee and Archwizard as their units... upped Hero's magic use stat to 30 and creatures rarely even make it 2 steps into the map.
Play Shopping Cart Hero 2 Shopping Cart Hero 2 Apr. 14, 2010
took me 111 jumps to get everything.
Play Ether Cannon Ether Cannon Mar. 17, 2010
Ok, after much frustration... engine 30, shield 100, weapon 80+, beat game. I went weapon to like 41 early, then shield to 100, then engine to 30, then all weapon until end. Good luck on the badge.
Play Ether Cannon Ether Cannon Mar. 17, 2010
Completely random, repetitive, boring, and overall sh***y game. 0/5.
Play Ether Cannon Ether Cannon Mar. 17, 2010
Sometimes a wave spawns and you live and you win, other times, you get instantly fragged. No skill whatsoever.
Play Ether Cannon Ether Cannon Mar. 17, 2010
this game is pure luck, lol
Play Chibi Knight Chibi Knight Mar. 17, 2010
hehe, sword level 8 and rising.
Play Robot Wants Kitty Robot Wants Kitty Mar. 15, 2010
Won't lemme get the last badge. I've beaten with and without killing the boss in under 8 mins :/
Play Battalion: Vengeance Battalion: Vengeance Jan. 25, 2010
Too easy? How the monkies do you beat level 4 easily besides bug the AI?
Play Enigmata Enigmata Jan. 15, 2010
Extremely easy w/ Darkness Energy Recharger and Ultra Bomb from legendary shop... sit there nuking and dodging constantly and then just recharging your energy in like 10 seconds... bosses can barely shoot through all the nuke push.
Play Obey the Game Obey the Game Dec. 16, 2009
I love the frenzy mini games you guys put out. Same makers of 5 second frenzy, right? Bitchin'.
Play Battalion: Ghosts Battalion: Ghosts Dec. 15, 2009
I won on 10 by just making a push for water control... I managed to get 2 cruisers out there and then just held then off w/ stealth tanks while my cruisers pounded their static defenses... needed planes too to defend cruisers from hindenbergs
Play This is the Only Level This is the Only Level Dec. 09, 2009
3:39:77, THANK YOU JEBUS!!!
Play Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 Dec. 02, 2009
FINALLY!!! Beat the 100! 17k+ easy, no time bonus though :(
Play Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 Dec. 02, 2009
So close to the impossible badge. I keep dying with like 11.8k on the 100 on wave 92. Erg.
Play Shoot that Balloon! Shoot that Balloon! Jun. 02, 2009
Not loading for me either.
Play Z-Rox Z-Rox Jun. 02, 2009
This game makes me want to shout horrible obscenities from it's random _&@_)$*(!@#)$(!@)(#@()3 so much hate!!
Play Closure Closure Jun. 02, 2009
After experiencing the game in it's entirety, it's a pretty neat game. Good story/concept. Only problem is the story/concept is not clear at all if you're not paying close attention or just futzing around with the game to start.
Play Closure Closure Jun. 02, 2009
No problem here Cody. Just finished the game.