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Play Live Puzzle Live Puzzle May. 24, 2015
A superbly beautiful game with extremely thought out challenges and a nice fresh look for puzzle game. I can only go to 5 but just know this game deserves more than 5 stars.
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One May. 18, 2015
I know I cheated but the game itself and what it offers is beyond great. It offers a completely new look to "Puzzle" type games making the player go in and out of files just for clues/hints for the next password. Not only that but the story behind it seems pretty good. Everyone's dead but who are you... what are you? Sure it seems like an easy out choice for the dev but on the contrary. It's a 5 for me and a fav. Only problem I really see or feel like there's one; the mouse scroll doesn't scroll up or down the cmd. I feel like it should so players don't have to drag or click. (Maybe there's a hotkey for it?)
Play The Last Stand: Union City The Last Stand: Union City May. 16, 2015
I didn't think this was scary until the part they broke through the ceiling... never have I ever spammed a button so quickly in my life. It must be the headphones man. :c Any who, it's a pretty solid game.
Play StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns May. 11, 2015
Buys two "Radio Plasmid Gun" which the game tells me if I'm sure I want to buy the second one when the gun stats you can fire all at the same time. wut
Play Epic Boss Fighter 2 Epic Boss Fighter 2 May. 10, 2015
I love how the second boss if you have the right droids, you can just spawn and smack 'em in his right eye while he's laughing in a span of 2 seconds killing him before you fire.
Play Flood Runner 4 Flood Runner 4 May. 09, 2015
So many things are wrong for a game that takes so much time to get 1 badge. And it's really annoying to get some good speed to hit a jump-pad to only lose it because I wasn't holding up to kill them because I didn't want to use my glide.
Play The Adventures of Red The Adventures of Red May. 08, 2015
Pretty great game but it's so annoying that he walks in the direction when you click making it impossible to click anything behind him.
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game May. 01, 2015
*Checks back after being afk* "A monster killed you and took all your rings." "wtf who killed me..." "[Chuck Norris] encountered." "Oh..."
Play Snail Bob 8: Island Story Snail Bob 8: Island Story Apr. 26, 2015
Did it occur to you that the cursor almost never responds and unsyncs with it leading to rage clicks and muttered curse words? Also trying to press 1 or 2 doesn't in solving this problem. I can't rate this either because there's no satisfactory upon collecting all stars.
Play Jacksmith Jacksmith Apr. 17, 2015
Okay here's an actual rating on the game. Overall, it's great. The idea for making weapons for your small army and then fighting with them and using support is fantastic. There are some problems I feel should be adjusted; first, the gems, the amount you get for time, enemies, and chests are extremely laughable. You can hardly buy anything (I think I'm like mid game with no gems.)Second, the drops seem none existent really, even with 'Luck' (this includes Gem drops.) Third, the shop is kind of crap, the items he sells are almost never what I need for that level, in fact, it's like he sells the exact opposite of what I need. And fourth, you can't replay old levels. Though that's not REALLY a problem it would have been nice, given the option. I still enjoy the game, 5/5 and a fav. Making me work for those Hard badge, loving it.
Play Jacksmith Jacksmith Apr. 16, 2015
I absolutely hate the shop, not only are the items a hit and miss but the damn shop owner knows this to, with his smug little smirk. 5/5
Play Fear Less! Fear Less! Apr. 10, 2015
This game... it's remarkable, a solid 5. There's nothing that comes to mind on what's wrong with this game (except those damnable bunnies.) The game is fantastic to only be beaten by the music. The controls are extremely responsive and the 'graphics' are nicely done. The story is great and goes well with the cuteness the game gives off. It reminds me of Eversion except a nicer ending. Great job devs on such a jewel.
Play Enigmata 2: Genu's Revenge Enigmata 2: Genu's Revenge Apr. 06, 2015
The game itself is great but there are some problems. First, I don't like the bouncing when you collide with the edge, it's very annoying especially when you try and get a power up. Second, the enemy ships know when to get in my way when I hyper jump, it's really irritating. That being said the game is still a jewel, the music is fantastic, the controls are pretty smooth for my taste (wasd and mouse), and the shop is super. The game is pretty good so it's a 4/5 and a fav.
Play Magi: The Fallen World Magi: The Fallen World Apr. 05, 2015
5/5 for that pelvic thrust, also for smacking an enemy with the fat part of the sword.
Play Curl Up and Fly! Curl Up and Fly! Apr. 01, 2015
*flies out at 300+ mph* "Nothing will stop me now!" *rockets into two balloons*
Play Crush the Castle Crush the Castle Mar. 30, 2015
*shoots all 5 shoots and misses a target* *clicks 'Restart'* *game wants to finish to tell me I'm going to lose* *AGGRESSIVELY CLICKS RESTART* "You lost, do you want to restart?"
Play Curl Up and Fly! Curl Up and Fly! Mar. 30, 2015
*See its a Launch game* Alright, Ill give it a go. Nice graphics, smooth frames, lets check out the upgrades menu... 10/5 but I can only go 5.
Play SHIFT 4 SHIFT 4 Mar. 29, 2015
Achieve the good ending? Guess I won't be getting any points or reward this badge. :c
Play Bloons Tower Defense Bloons Tower Defense Mar. 26, 2015
Uh... it seems to can also do that glitch on the other upgrades also. That means you can have the Tack (or Monkey) have a very long range (usually covering the whole map) so it can continue to shoot even though there's no bloons.
Play Bloons Tower Defense Bloons Tower Defense Mar. 26, 2015
Uhm... Firestorm977' tip will create an op tack shoot that's unstoppable the longer you hold down Enter. GG BT1.