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Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders May. 12, 2015
@sharpnova - click the little 'X' in the upper right of the book you want to remove. It's not that hard, we don't need a three comment rant about how stupid it is that you can't figure that out.
Play (BETA) AdVenture Capitalist (BETA) AdVenture Capitalist Mar. 21, 2015
@caccapupu3 - No, it's not a new game. It's the same game with the addition of a second area once you get far enough. And it's highly unlikely the spacebar is a bug. This is a beta version. Developers always add ways to get to the end game quickly in beta versions because they want people testing it. That's the whole point.
Play Legend Knight Legend Knight Feb. 28, 2015
"Idle", "Dress up"... Finally these stupid games are getting the tags they deserve.
Play Aviator Aviator Oct. 31, 2014
I like taking people from Miami who want to go to NYC over to Cheyenne and then kicking them off my plane.
Play Idle Village Idle Village Sep. 13, 2014
@Panda413 - You don't need to memorize the prices. You can do a pretty good job of figuring out which prices are high or low by comparing them to the products around them.
Play Strip the hot babe Strip the hot babe Aug. 18, 2014
This is a masterful piece of true gaming... dare I say, art. The developers behind Strip the Hot Babe clearly know what it takes to make not only a thrilling, complex, gameplay style easily manageable for all new players, but provide an intense, in-depth storyline, and back it up with some of the most challenging puzzles I've ever come across in all my years of gaming. While I did get frustrated at times, I kept coming back, and that is the mark of a truly great game. 10/10
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 29, 2014
@Athang - No, as near as I can tell they just haven't worked at all since the last update. My lemonade stands are showing as 352, but I had over 400 when I hard reset after the last update, have 400 right now, and it hasn't been updated yet. I have absolutely no idea how they're supposed to work right now.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 28, 2014
@arnakigiaxni - Do you really need a walkthrough for this game? Aside from the fact that the video shows a horribly inefficient order of spending.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 28, 2014
@Jadax - 2 things. First off: No. If you're talking about billions, you're still pretty early in the game. Trust me, it HAS to be shortened when we're talking nonillions. Secondly: Don't ever put "like if you agree" in a post unless you want downvotes.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 24, 2014
You didn't miss anything in that time Chammy, it rolled forward. So if something takes 10 minutes, and you get the 25th after 4 minutes (so there is 6 minutes left), since you've already been at it for 4 minutes, and the time is cut to 5 minutes now, it will roll to 1 minute remaining. If you get the 50th at the same time, the time is cut to 2.5 minutes, but you've still been at it for 4 minutes. What it does is pays you for the first 2.5 minutes, but your clock will still show 1 minute remaining (4 minutes in, 5 minutes total to the second payment), but it will be one minute remaining until the second payment instead of the first, which you got as you bought your 50th. Hopefully that makes sense.
Play Idleplex Idleplex Mar. 03, 2014
Weird... For the last 4 days I thought the button in the bottom right said "buy new radio", and I was like "screw that, this tune rocks!", but it's actually for a new board! FANCY!!!!
Play 99 Bricks 99 Bricks Dec. 26, 2013
I got 99 problems but a brick is ALL of them....
Play Downhill OMG 2 Downhill OMG 2 Nov. 25, 2013
I really appreciated the abominable snowman Ski Free reference. People complaining about the Yeti being too difficult have clearly never faced THAT Yeti ;)
Play Jim Loves Mary 2 Jim Loves Mary 2 Nov. 08, 2013
Why don't the wolves like Jim? He seems like a pretty stand up guy, just enjoying nature with his girlfriend, collecting wild hearts for transplant patients.
Play Factory Balls 3 Factory Balls 3 Oct. 23, 2013
@DOomKnight1905 - You're confusing 'game is broken' with 'my computer sucks'.
Play Wentworth Wentworth Oct. 20, 2013
More realistic than you would think. For example, no matter how much I knew I wasn't accomplishing anything, I couldn't help but keep talking to the troll.
Play The Fancy Pants Adventures The Fancy Pants Adventures Oct. 19, 2013
The controls work just fine, you guys need to get your keyboards checked.
Play Effing Worms 2 Effing Worms 2 Oct. 16, 2013
So.. I just helped create a flying piece of poop with a lot of sharp teeth... *feels... good?*
Play My Epic Fail Game My Epic Fail Game Oct. 09, 2013
So I found the blue key and went into the dungeon under the mound towards the beginning, but the Gorlob in the torture chamber kept glitching through the torture devices making it difficult to stay with him. Also, no problem mining tin or copper, but there is a Bluementium ore in the cave by the base of the mountain near the inn that is unmineable. I also think the Harlkin are stronger than the Harlords, which may be intended, but is weird considering the name. Overall great game though, kept me entertained for a few days and now I've missed a couple days of work, but I'll just show him this game and he'll understand. Hell, we probably won't see HIM for a few days either! :D 5/5 because that's the highest I can rate it!
Play Happy Wheels Happy Wheels Oct. 05, 2013
"Okay, lost the baby and both my arms, should I go back... nah, I'll just keep riding."