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Hold it! You have stumbled into my profile and as a word of warning, the adventure of dwelling deeper will be very treacherous and filled with dangers. Enter at your own risk in the lair of a vicious predator, hunting for badges to adorn his walls with trophies of victory.


I am user number #1165984

Moderator in Dragon’s cave. Fellow dragons welcome

A review about me, made by MadJedi:

Maik50 will be at the center of today’s discussion, dear readers. Known by various users both in forums and chat rooms, helpfulness and friendliness are recognized as being synonyms to this individual. Showing courtesy when communicating with his fellow and willing to help when a newcomer requires indications, this personage does not appears to have a significant amount of antagonists. To conclude, his only presence often is an announcement of a pleasant conversation.



(Farewell, MJ. One of the best mods I knew decided to tackle the challenges of real life instead of hanging in the internet)

What makes me to come back to kongregate?
Badges, over fifty thousand games, forums, chat friends, pals, art, community, practically everything kongregate has to offer you for free on golden plate. Seriously, I suggest you to try them all

Errare humanum est: Making Mistakes is Humane. But you are doomed to repeat them infinitely unless you recognize them and strive to improve yourself. A personality and experiences of an individual are constantly shifting

Quote Keeper

“There’s plentiful of paper” said the ancestor of a last man of the globe where all rainforest’s had deceased. By Me

MadJedi: Shit is a good fertilizer.

adv0catus: So is urfaic
adv0catus: Oh wait, that’s redundant

Imprisoned Convict: "I haven’t got a proper bath in 10 years. Nearby guard: “Now you know why we keep you in an isolation cell”

MadJedi: Time heals all, except the need for grammar nazism :D (Said after a guy bumped 3 years old topic in OT after just correcting someone)

Maik50: Now I have enough comrades to make a spartan army [Me, after befriending my 300th friend]

Paulverizer11: My fourth nipple spontaneously combusted again…
(… I just bursted in laugh. It was so spontaneous)

The_RNG_of_AI: Who shall I curse today?
The_RNG_of_AI: Brb, I’ll think about it in the shower
(just full of win!)

“There might be some bumps and slopes on the road but the highest peak is only a small spot and beyond that there is the most steep downhill”

Maik50: Evolve and walk on land
Seigeengine: Walk?
Seigeengine: What are you? Euro-waiiiit.
Seigeengine: We live in North America
Seigeengine: we gave up walking long ago.

Froggis: I know a little German. He’s sitting over there. ~ points to a little person ~

LONGORANGEHAIR: I need to see your Hitlerstache

Frank101: When you get a bladder infection, urine trouble.

MyNameIsNothing: “I’ll castle your bishops honeybuns” (talking about chess)

[To be expanded]

Gaming Section
I reached maximum level at 31.1.2012
from Best of 2011 quest

I still occasionally hunt badges to the point of pointlessness only to earn points but never levels

Big League of Legends addict and fan of indie, strategy and FPS games

And some other useful links
Here’s the place where you can tell your own story and journey about ending up to kongregate and telling something about yourself

My YouTube channel. My favorite songs are there

Why Am I not a mod?. This guide consists 6 very useful tips for a journey of possible becoming trusted moderator

Please, behave Manual can be found from here (Conduct)

Techical Support Kongregate is all jammed up or games, chats, everything is screwing up to you? Check your answers from here in a first line

Tools what every modded person needs while having a journey in chat can be found from Here

I hope you enjoyed your tour to my lair. The backdoor is right above you.

╲┃╭╮╭╮┃╲╲ | = Feel free to add me .= |
┗┫┏━━┓┣┛╲ ╰┳━━━————-━-━-━━━╯

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