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Play Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG Jun. 23, 2012
About done with this game. I haven't had a passion to urge for many years. Depression, boredom, hardly enjoyable. Sacred Seasons 1 & 2 is one of those titles is a dumb way to get yourself sucked in to MMO gaming, with their terrible customer service, lack of frequent updates, and their poorly conceived timely schedules. And more importantly, they have a lot of money they have but didn't spend that much on the contents on this game. Badges (achievements) is just for everything else. Updating and adding the contents is a usual way of making people wanted to enjoy the game a lot more; without it, many people (including myself) will quit the game and never come back. If you want to boost the badges (meaning you get these easily when playing with high level player), PM me; it's the only thing I'll be coming back from time to time, but I'm not going to attempt another grind. Take care, everyone!
Play Badge Master Badge Master Aug. 23, 2011
Very helpful application! I'm surprised I found something totally new here. :) 5/5
Play Castaway 2 Castaway 2 Jun. 02, 2011
Glitch found: If having a green Loomi as a pet, it causes to make a clone of it. Not only that, but having a Loomi clone causes the game to have an extreme amounts of lag, rendering the gameplay unplayable. Press (+) to let them the developers know and fix it.
Play Critter Forge Critter Forge Mar. 26, 2011
@chiller444 Chiller, you can adjust your game's speed by going options (click the wrench)>adjust battle speed>click the red X button. Once done it, you'll see the in-game battle speed go fast, meaning you don't watch it too slow.
Play Critter Forge Critter Forge Mar. 25, 2011
For beginners, it is recommend for you to travel to Safari and go to Savanna, so that you can level up your creature. You do not have to do coliseum all the time, but they give you credits, however.
Play Critter Forge Critter Forge Mar. 25, 2011
If you people are so impatient on battles and do not like watching, just speed the battle up by going to the options menu (click the wrench), adjust the battle speed, and then click the red X button to save the changes.
Play Fantasy University Fantasy University Mar. 15, 2011
Did you know? If you completed the quest, you can click the blue text above it to return to your quest giver a lot more easier.
Play Reactance Reactance Mar. 10, 2011
Having trouble trying to register the hard badge? Try reload the game after you beat the levels without taking any damage excluding level 15.
Play Sushi Cat 2 Sushi Cat 2 Mar. 05, 2011
OMG, my favorite game is now here on Kong! Yay!
Play FPA: Sneak Peek FPA: Sneak Peek Feb. 25, 2011
What's this!? The new FPA is coming to XBLA and PSN!? Yep, I like the series back then, but when I see this, it blows my mind. Brilliant, DrNeroCF, I'll be buying it when it's being released in spring.
Play Sierra 7 Sierra 7 Feb. 16, 2011
Want an easy way to win the Hostile Challenge's points? Just use your pistol and aim at your enemy's head and you'll get 100% accuracy (if you missed it, restart). When you have 100%, just die and you'll get 10k points scored.
Play Sierra 7 Sierra 7 Feb. 16, 2011
People, the reason why your sniper's bullet flies off when you aim because the wind blows it. The wind can be shown by looking at the flag above your ammunition. If the wind blows to the left, the bullet flows to the left; if the wind blows to the right, the bullet flows to the right. Not to mention, if there is no wind, your sniper bullet can go freely without being blown away. It takes practice to aim very well with your sniper. Those are the things you need to know about if you're attempting to do sniper mission and/or challenge.
Play Knightfall 2 Knightfall 2 Feb. 09, 2011
I have been waiting for this game to get badges for a long time, and I'm glad they finally got my favorite game! It's about time. :)
Play Path of Honor: Chapter 1 Path of Honor: Chapter 1 Jan. 09, 2011
Things that should be a bare minimum for this game: 1) Auto-Fire (less clicking) or allow us to hold the button to fire for all weapons (including pistols), 2) Flee from battle (in case you don't feel like fighting), 3) Save feature should allowed to be saved anywhere, and 4) Prices should be more balanced or less. Doing the grind (farm) on gold is way too tedious, and it should be minimized it to make the game more enjoyable.
Play Back to the Cubeture (1) Back to the Cubeture (1) Jan. 05, 2011
Walkthrough Pt. 9 :: (9) The final mini game is a little more complex. There are 3 obstacles: (1*) Rolling tumbleweed. Press space when it's right in front of you to jump over it. (2*) Bombs. You can only shoot when it's not above you, and not in Padrino's hand. Timing is essential - press space when Padrino's hand is at lowest point in his throwing motion. (3*) Bandits. Works the same as shootout mini game. Press space only when the signpost is green (draw). -- When you're in front of the train, disarm Padrino in round 1 & 2 by tapping space button. In round 3, if you choose four 'good' insults, Padrino's guard will be down, and the last space bash mini game starts - if you win, you won the game and the medium badge. (Press + if you find this helpful ; thanks for reading)
Play Back to the Cubeture (1) Back to the Cubeture (1) Jan. 05, 2011
Walkthrough Pt. 8 :: (8) Click the clocktower and the Legendary Horseman will appear. Talk to him and challenge him. The horse race mini game will begin. To win, you must tap space as fast as possible. If you lose, you can try again. If you win, you'll receive a horse and now you have the ability to chase Padrino. After winning the mini game, head south to the Station. Here, you'll face 3 bandits. Defeat them. Jump on your horse. The final mini game will begin. (Press + if you find this helpful ; continue to Pt. 9 (final).
Play Back to the Cubeture (1) Back to the Cubeture (1) Jan. 05, 2011
Walkthrough Pt. 7 :: (7) While you're back to Town 1, back to Saloon and give the sheets to the Pianist. He will start playing them. You can now jump on top of the piano by clicking on it, and go to a secret area - the Saloon first floor. Talk to Deliliah, and receive the bar-girl outfit (if chosen certain lines to say). Click on the hatch to return to the Saloon. Talk to the Bartender and ask him to kiss you. Talk to the Pianist again, and ask him about his other song. He will tell you about a local folklore. Exit out to Town 2. (Press + if you find this helpful ; continue to Pt. 8)
Play Back to the Cubeture (1) Back to the Cubeture (1) Jan. 05, 2011
Walkthrough Pt. 6 :: (6 cont.) Return to the Indian. Depending on whether you bullied the bear, the conversation continues. Choose "I'd like to be baptized into Indianity." If you helped the bear, you will receive an Indian outfit. In both cases, you will receive the Indian's bow and arrow. You can now either go east to return to the Desert Entrance directly. However, if you do not have the piano sheets yet, go back into the random desert to get them. (Press + if you find this helpful ; continue on to Pt. 7; I made this a lot don't I?)
Play Back to the Cubeture (1) Back to the Cubeture (1) Jan. 05, 2011
Walkthrough Pt. 5 :: (6) Here, you'll be attacked by 3 bandits. Defeat them. Talk to the Indian. Make sure you ask him about his bow and arrow, and about being baptized into Indianity. Talk to the totem pole. You can choose to help the totem bullies bully the bear, or you can help the bear by bullying the bullies. Your choice will have consequences. (1*) Bully the bear- if you bully the bear, you will be told the Indian's semi - correct name, and a Devil outfit. (2*) Bully the Bullies - if you help the bear, you will be told the Indian's fully correct name, and a Bear outfit. (Press + if you find this helpful ; continue on to Pt. 6)
Play Back to the Cubeture (1) Back to the Cubeture (1) Jan. 05, 2011
Walkthrough Pt. 4 :: (5 cont.) Proceed to the south exit. The desert areas are randomly generated. You can follow the route to the Indian camp - if you take one wrong turn, you're immediately lost, and you'll have to wait until Cuboy is dehydrated, and respawns in the Saloon. While you're in the desert, keep your eye out for a moving hay stack with music sheets in it. Take the sheets by clicking on it. Once you successfully followed the route, you'll find Indian camp. (Press + if you find this helpful; continue on to Pt. 5)