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Play Ultimate Tank Defender Ultimate Tank Defender Aug. 15, 2014
Not worth the time I wasted playing this...wheres the negative star least with an Idlegame you know what you are getting into when you go to play....this game could've been alot better (1) have tanks move to base they are taking over, not return to main base after every siege (2) After taking over base (have option to change this if you don't like it) tank creation menu and start building tanks. (3) would've been nice if there were neutral (black) tanks to have to defeat to take over bases
Play Auto-Attack! Auto-Attack! Aug. 10, 2014
probably need to change wording on upgrade section (more swords) to (second sword) or (2nd sword) if you arn't going to let us have more than 2 ...mad me mad when I had enough for it sitting there at 24 mill lvl it's taunting me to click it but nothing happens :(...yes I know I only have 2 arms but my buddies want to fight with me :P
Play Helixteus Helixteus Aug. 03, 2014
is there a way to increase (main) ore capacity that I'm just not is now most I can get is 1000/1000...
Developer response from Apple0726

Build ore tanks in the build menu, in the miscellaneous section.

Play Thrones of Fantasy Thrones of Fantasy Jul. 07, 2014
Nice have pretty much everything covered in my opinion....except (1) No AP bar so we know the amount of AP we have available (2) No floating or any other indication how much AP skills require or cool-down timer available. (3) would be nice to be able to toggle skills on/off after they've gone into cool-down setting. these few things would help when planning attacks in the early lvls
Play Rat Clicker Rat Clicker Jul. 03, 2014
would be nice if you could use (yellow) rare items to make mana pots and use them for Demonic items..same for Legendary items
Play Thrones of Fantasy Thrones of Fantasy Jun. 17, 2014
seriously would be nice if potions/skills were also activated by use of assigned # keys instead of just when ever.
Play Infectonator: Hot Chase Infectonator: Hot Chase Jun. 04, 2014
hate how the revive option keeps saying I don't have enough gold...when I'll have over 600 in the gold listing in the top right but will only have collected like 20 in the revive menu
Play Jumping Monster Beetle Jumping Monster Beetle May. 25, 2014
pure crap
Play Mountain Monster Mountain Monster May. 25, 2014
ok game but needs longer lvls...upgrades...and when you finish the final lvl you should get a game completion message or something not a return to lvl 1 track 2 stars
Play Atomic Zombie Motocross Atomic Zombie Motocross May. 25, 2014
needs a lot of work. Go to take an obstacle too fast and the bike falls apart like a rotten zombie.
Play Mr Harley Stuntster Mr Harley Stuntster May. 25, 2014
total crapolapalooza...crappy controls(slow unresponsive controls), slow play and needs more work as in a better detail... it's like a card board cut out of a bike that's gliding on the track. good concept but needs more work
Play BridgeCraft BridgeCraft May. 20, 2014
dead game...just a white screen
Play Heavy Truck Racing Heavy Truck Racing Feb. 04, 2014
Crapola!!!! It's Craptastic!!!!!!!!...All in all it's just plain Crap.Nitro should refill either over time or put in a jump button to reach extra points for back flips :(... and it's ridiculously hard to win.
Play Apocalypse Racer Apocalypse Racer Feb. 04, 2014
really needs an upgrade feature...played 1 have gold for no reason...(score)???..(who cares about score when you can't complete 1st race. The lower car speeds ahead of you ...Now if the games concept it to survive only...don't worry about placement then good try on it...I guess. :P I'll give ya 3 stars just on controls and reaction...but with a lil more work this game could've been a lot better.
Play Frantic Sky Frantic Sky Jan. 28, 2014
A few more areas to clear would have been nice along with more upgrades to choose from like extra types of guns,missiles,drones,shield,ultimate bomb (used to clear all enemies from screen) (except bosses of course ).
Play Road of the Dead 2 Road of the Dead 2 Nov. 04, 2013
Don't forget to lower your quality settings if the game lags too much for your taste. I'm currently playing on a P.O.S. comp that I built 8 years ago with an AMD Sempron CPU. with all the settings turned down it's still a very good game 5/5
Play Stunt Challenge Stunt Challenge Sep. 14, 2013
controls are crap....lean back to perform any kind of a wheelie and there's no getting away from it.Crash!!!! you are dead.
Play Beach Racing Beach Racing Aug. 06, 2013 gonogo said "THIS GAME SUCKS" more than a $2 least with the $2 ho you get something out it, unlike this BS.
Play WRC Championship WRC Championship Aug. 06, 2013
car has auto gas!?!? no brakes at all...controls are wonky
Play Pro BMX Challenge Pro BMX Challenge Aug. 06, 2013
super horrible, hardly non responsive controls. You go to pedal a bit and stop pedaling...and it acts like you are holding the front brake to perform a nose wheelie. tried it again and made 1st jump to perform a back flip and still no control in the air either, I performed the flip but even when trying to control the rotation it disregarded the key inputs and just had me continue really should test this kind of thing before releasing it.