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Play Prime World: Defenders Prime World: Defenders Jul. 25, 2014
Anyone else have the keyboard arrow control being, up is down, left goes right and vice verse? And possibly know how to fix this?
Play Royal Warfare Royal Warfare Jul. 21, 2014
In Mission.2 you can actually save the priest if you focus your 3 archers on the enemy archer and then send your right footsoldier to cover the priests retreat ;)
Developer response from platon_skedow

Ha, your message left him no chance at all )))

Play Royal Warfare Royal Warfare Jul. 21, 2014
@dveatch. Most Explores will let you zoom in/out if you use the "Ctrl + mouse-wheel)
Play Royal Warfare Royal Warfare Jul. 21, 2014
Screw the typos! Absolutely amazing game. Well balanced roles, easy to use controls, fantastic skill tree and a nice story. Overall I've been using combos with all the units (cept for the basic rouge) and they all can play their roles very well. 5/5, no doubt. And going to keep my eyes on this developer for any future relishes. Very nicely done.
Play Decision:Medieval Decision:Medieval May. 10, 2014
I would much rather HAVE to turn the Eagle Eye OFF (IF I wanted it off). Rather then this nonsense of having to turn it on every freaking round.. I know it's a minor detail. But it's annoying as hell >.<
Play Dream Car Racing Dream Car Racing May. 08, 2014
@Stomo. Yes. Raw horsepower. The engines to amount of wheels determines your acceleration (as well as modifying the 'Speed/Pow' on engine/engines)
Play Critter Conquest Critter Conquest May. 06, 2014
Entertaining game. But it needs some major rework on the energy system... 1 energy per 15 mins and it caps on 3 energy.. doesint really give you much gametime. I would suggest raise the energy cap to a minimum of 10 (Preferably higher).
Play Level Editor 3 Level Editor 3 Apr. 27, 2014
I like the game. But God damn it I hate how it's become a fashion in these kinda games to hide stars inside of walls. Resulting in players either needing to knock their head into every single wall until they find the star. Or like me, forget all about it and then have to replay the level >.<
Play Cover Orange: Journey. Pirates Cover Orange: Journey. Pirates Apr. 27, 2014
*Yiipee!!* - *Yay!!* - *Wuhuu!!*. I love these series :)
Play PuzzleNuts PuzzleNuts Apr. 24, 2014
Quite a nice game. But it does kinda bother me that in the later levels it seems to become to much of a luck factor if you 3* a map or not. The nuts get clogged or simple fall in between some cannons, ect
Play Puzzle Legends Puzzle Legends Apr. 23, 2014
"Crown of Wisdom. Wont work on you though" - That put a smile on my face. Thank you for a nice game:)
Developer response from NazoSystems

Not everyone noticed that. Glad you like it and thanks for playing our game!

Play Red Warrior Red Warrior Apr. 23, 2014
Nice game. Would deffenetly be an 5* from me if the 'switch' buttons were re-bindable or set to J-K-L. Kinda annoying to have them set to Z-X when you are used to play with W-A-S-D and now forced to hold hands with yourself O.o
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight Apr. 22, 2014
Started out as a lovely game (4/5'ish). But after reaching, and trying to fight, the final boss the game crashed. And after a refresh all progress was lost... Absolutely horrible error/bug for a game where a lot of grinding is necessary for upgrades.
Play Inferno Legend Inferno Legend Apr. 19, 2014
This is the Link for the Newbie reward. Currently there is only 1 server here on Kong (S.1 Diablo). Select that one and claim your gift code at:
Play Inferno Legend Inferno Legend Apr. 10, 2014
Love the voice acting! Like watching Van Damme in his prime early days :)
Play Lost Pirate Chests Lost Pirate Chests Apr. 04, 2014
I like it. Kinda wish there was a good *Yarr me timber!!* ending or somthing
Play OMG:Zombie OMG:Zombie Apr. 04, 2014
If you get stuck on the far wall (food window) in the cafeteria. Check if you have your key tab up. It blocks the highlighted circle that lets you go back. So all you have to do is close it and then you can go back ;)
Play Medieval Defenses Medieval Defenses Mar. 23, 2014
Not very challenging. Took it to max lvl on first attempt (and it's not lvl 60 :P)
Play Valthirian Arc 2 Valthirian Arc 2 Feb. 09, 2014
HUFFFFFF!!!! Just how the hell am I suppose to beat the Chancellor? It dosint matter how Good a group you send to fight him. Or how much HP they have. His purple ulti skill 1 hitts anyone in rang. And it's impossible to get your team out of rang because they all have an auto aggro so they will just run back into his rang even if you try to pull them away 1 by 1... This is total BS....
Play Valthirian Arc 2 Valthirian Arc 2 Feb. 09, 2014
If anyone else is wondering (as I was) if the Atk, Def, Hp Statues accumulate. The answer is no they dont. I just tested it with a 2nd Hp Statue and didint gain another 10% to Hp