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Play Inferno Legend Inferno Legend Apr. 10, 2014
Love the voice acting! Like watching Van Damme in his prime early days :)
Play Lost Pirate Chests Lost Pirate Chests Apr. 04, 2014
I like it. Kinda wish there was a good *Yarr me timber!!* ending or somthing
Play OMG:Zombie OMG:Zombie Apr. 04, 2014
If you get stuck on the far wall (food window) in the cafeteria. Check if you have your key tab up. It blocks the highlighted circle that lets you go back. So all you have to do is close it and then you can go back ;)
Play Medieval Defenses Medieval Defenses Mar. 23, 2014
Not very challenging. Took it to max lvl on first attempt (and it's not lvl 60 :P)
Play Valthirian Arc 2 Valthirian Arc 2 Feb. 09, 2014
HUFFFFFF!!!! Just how the hell am I suppose to beat the Chancellor? It dosint matter how Good a group you send to fight him. Or how much HP they have. His purple ulti skill 1 hitts anyone in rang. And it's impossible to get your team out of rang because they all have an auto aggro so they will just run back into his rang even if you try to pull them away 1 by 1... This is total BS....
Play Valthirian Arc 2 Valthirian Arc 2 Feb. 09, 2014
If anyone else is wondering (as I was) if the Atk, Def, Hp Statues accumulate. The answer is no they dont. I just tested it with a 2nd Hp Statue and didint gain another 10% to Hp
Play Valthirian Arc 2 Valthirian Arc 2 Feb. 08, 2014
ok.. hmm... is this game suppose to be this hard? or am I completely missing something here...? Only got to academy level 3. And my students are already beginning to fail most quests... I've chose classes for them and equipped them with the best gear they can wear. But they still keep dieing in the quests...
Play Fantasy Kommander Fantasy Kommander Feb. 06, 2014
Random map generator + co-op/pvp = Win big time for this game!
Play Tesla: War Of Currents Tesla: War Of Currents Feb. 06, 2014
Best 60 minutes ever spent. EVER! :)
Play Get Off My Planet Get Off My Planet Feb. 05, 2014
Could really use 20-30 more seconds before first wave starts
Play Divine Generals Divine Generals Feb. 05, 2014
lol fail... I did a monster wall upgrade as my first defensive action. And then before I could train any noticeable army I got attacked.. And now I'm stuck in the battle screen because the enemy cant brake down my wall :) wait it out, which will prob take 30 mins or more. Or hitt refresh page and start over.. trolled!
Play Gravitee 2 Gravitee 2 Jan. 18, 2014
Way, way, way to many unnecessary 'pop-up' windows. And should also have award description. I mean... common... 90 awards without a clue to what/how to get them...
Play Shine Shine Jan. 09, 2014
Final level is just mean >.< (hehe)
Play Jacksmith Jacksmith Dec. 16, 2013
This game is good. But.... It would be so much more enjoyable if you didint have to use your mouse to pick up stuff with.. Makes for an absolutely terrible end game
Play Volcania Volcania Dec. 13, 2013
Very enjoyable game. Until you reach lvl 31 >.< And since the level selector goes all the way up to 99+, that 1 awful mistake totally ruins the game for people who would try to solve the 'puzzle' on their own... Instead of using walktrough option only to see that it's the end of the game right there. Really game.. Really??!! I was going for 4/5. But I'm sorry to have to demote it to a 2/5 because of the absolutely awful ending..
Play Lost Outpost Lost Outpost Dec. 06, 2013
I cant play further then lvl 3 for some reason... All the 1,2,3 swarm lvls work fine. But if I try to load mission 4 the game crashes :(
Play Pocket Ninja Pocket Ninja Dec. 06, 2013
A great way to defeat the 2nd boss without having to grind to get everything fully upgraded is the upgrade the archers (1+1). Use those combined with the speed boost to more easily beat that pesky Pirate bomber without grinding ;)
Play Wake Up the Box 5 Wake Up the Box 5 Nov. 23, 2013
The confusing look on the bear really made me laugh :)
Play Wigman Big Run Wigman Big Run Oct. 14, 2013
*sigh....* went from entertaining (levels 1-3) to just plain f'in stupid the rest of the game.. Dont even bother upgrading hp. the stuff that will mostly be hitting you will 1 hitt KO you anyway.. To many bugs in the boss fights. Lave bolder car: Wont leave until you let him hitt you. Refrigerator truck: On 2nd approach after 3rd 'slam-dunk' Top dual lasers hitting you even though you are clearly running on the ground. Not gently hovering over the ground. But littararly running on the GROUND!
Play Nuclear Outrun Nuclear Outrun Oct. 14, 2013
Worst auto pilot. EVER. Should say 'pick this option for extra challenge' on the Auto pilot. As soon as you get upto speed while having this option turned on the truck does back flips every 2-3 hedges...